The Deep Pathology of Hero-Worship

by nielskunze on February 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.27.29 AM

The hero’s paradigm is fraught with paradox. As a society, collectively, we are ever in search of the latest-greatest hero who might soothe our societal ills, and yet the very structure of our societal institutions serve the function of ensuring that extraordinary heroes cannot arise. Our fostering systems, whether educational or political– or any other– operate on a conformity of thought, action and behaviour. At every turn, individuals are rewarded for ‘playing along,’ for following the rules, and only if you are exceptionally good at obeying the contrived system, might you eventually excel within it. Conversely, those who choose to operate outside of the system’s checks and balances, those who might wish to bring much-needed overhaul to those very systems– through conceiving a better way– are dutifully marginalized and ultimately outcast, their radical ideas tossed to the scrap heap. It is a situation of malaise, stagnation and impasse.

We are stuck searching for heroes within a matrix which promises to crucify him as soon as he raises his voice… leaving us utterly dependent upon the one thing we can never have.

Hero-worship has been sold to us relentlessly. In politics, religion, entertainment, even in the love quests of our personal lives, only the appropriate hero can fill our pathological need. Hero-worship is borne out of polarity. Heroes are needed to balance the inevitable rise of villains. The hero-villain dichotomy is the basis for our societal morality. Good must oppose bad; there is simply no other way– or so we are told again and again. As such, a foundational belief underpins our entire societal structure: that all action in a civilized world is rooted in conflict and attempted conflict resolution.

We consequently imagine that the very best in each of us is drawn out only through competition and hardship. After all, the hero can only become a hero through impossible struggle, right? We see fighting as a necessary aspect of character-building. Our tacit acceptance of such a doctrine causes us to view the world through tinted glasses, where wild animals are seen as ferocious beasts in endless pitched battles with one another. And yet, that’s not what our (updated) sciences tell us at all; it is in fact co-operation and nurturance that are the primary driving forces of natural evolution. Our experience too consistently contradicts this notion of nature waging perpetual war. When we go for a walk in the woods, or go camping, or fishing– we do so generally because we appreciate the deep balance and peace nature provides. Certainly, conflict arises in the cycle of predation, but its incidence is minuscule compared to the deep harmony of nature’s community. The forest’s critters do not live in a general state of fear; they do not have chronically elevated cortisol levels!

Nature has no heroes. Can you imagine if nature’s sublime balance relied upon the actions of heroic individuals? Evolution would not have occurred. Evolution is a product of community, but real community has always stood apart from the Hero’s Quest.

As individuals continually seeking out the heroic, we ever fail to recognize any need to fully take responsibility for our lives and their circumstances. In a world searching out heroes, victimization is an inevitability. The very search for heroes requires victims.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.28.22 AM

And the other side of the coin, when the hero is found, if he be truly worthy of the designation ‘hero,’ he then spends considerable energy battling the appellation. He insists that “Indeed, I am no hero. It’s not about me at all. It is my message and my behaviour which seem so praiseworthy; the man before you is irrelevant.” But as a society we are deaf to this brand of sanity; we place heroes upon pedestals… from which they must eventually fall, for they were indeed correct in pointing away from themselves, in telling us that we mustn’t invest our hopes in fictitious characters. We are fools.

And there is none more foolish than the one in love; experience bears this out. Could it be that our insistence on the quest for Hero has distorted our very conception of love, that we know not what it truly is nor where to find its everlastingness? Here, I know, I stand on dangerous ground. The ideas of soul-mates, twin-flames, and the exclusionary nature of romantic love have been sold to us at every turn. Marriage vows typically contain the phrase “to the exclusion of all others.” Is this truly love? Truly? Is it a rare and precious thing which can only seldom occur between two extraordinarily lucky individuals, and must be defended by any means necessary from the infiltration of the unloving? Really? Do you see? Our very conception of the supposed highest love is itself undeniably unloving! We wrap our arms around our sacred beloved and declare “This is mine and mine alone; everyone else fuck off! And I mean it!” This is our typical view of our most passionate, romantic love. Does anyone else see a flaw in this?

And how do we view it when our sacred beloved leaves us for the love of another? They have made the ‘difficult’ decision to pursue their own happiness with someone else… and we are left crushed, devastated, betrayed and utterly stripped bare of any love we might have thought we once had. Let me reiterate: this is the inevitable result of our former lover pursuing their continued happiness, further exploring love– a very positive thing by any objective reckoning– and yet it destroys us! Something is very wrong here.

The social engineers of domination and control are quite content to let us battle it out with each other for an eternity, scrapping over this misconception of love’s true nature. We imagine that if we were to learn to extend our highest love– that which we feel for our special beloved– to include all others, then we are betraying and diminishing the ‘specialness’ we share. Of course, such an action can be no diminishment at all, primarily because the exclusivity of our ‘love’ is not love at all; it lies squarely within the realms of relative truth… Whereas love the transcendent, the Absolute, can only be actualized through just such an indiscriminatory application of universal acceptance and being. When we fall in love with that special someone, that is a taste and an invitation to learn how to properly apply that feeling, that state of being, to everyone we encounter, to allow it to become the full flowering of love. It is our deep-seated need for hero-worship which distorts our greatest opportunity for learning into a self-destructive fortress of preferential treatment and regard. And it’s pathological.

We cannot be complete in ourselves. None of us is ever good enough. We endlessly seek out the other to fulfill all that we refuse to acknowledge and develop in ourselves. We must rely upon the special knowledge of experts in every aspect of our lives. We refuse to take responsibility for our own health and eventually we must seek out the heroic doctor who can save us from our own foolishness. We get into trouble with the law and only a heroic lawyer can save us from the ruination of our lives. The invocation of the necessity for heroes finds endless examples in our current society. Is it any wonder that we’ve become so unskilled at building community? Virtually everything we think and do stands in opposition to the very idea of loving community.

And finally, to answer the inevitable question: Yes, indeed, I have fallen in love before. It was undeniably the most profound experience of my life. It was a very long time ago however. And in the meantime, I have created the space in consciousness to revisit that tumultuous episode. What is undeniable now is that when I was in love I was completely insane. I was literally incapable of making rational decisions consistently. I had lost any semblance of a balanced view of reality… And at the time, I was sure that it was the most wonderful experience a human being can have! And now I see it as the basis for the mess we’re in.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding lying at the heart of civilization in its current incarnation. Perhaps it’s time we got past our petty jealousies and the need for someone to repair the inevitable wounds which result, hm? We are community; we already have everything we need; no heroes required. Who’s with me?

The Daily Forest Report January 30, 2015 Stinky!

by nielskunze on January 30, 2015

Strange days in the Forest!

Standing Out in the Fog

Standing Out in the Fog

(Stinky by Opposite Day from their 2005 album Fictional Biology)

We’ve had a couple of days now that the fog won’t lift at all. Very odd! But it does make for some unique photo opportunities.

Pluck the Sun

Pluck the Sun

But the real state of things these last couple of days has been all about the smell… and all the scattered pieces of death.

Stinky Meat 1

Stinky Meat 1

Stinky Meat 2

Stinky Meat 2


Stinky Meat 3

Stinky Meat 3


Spots of Blood

Spots of Blood





These delectable morsels were scattered over a very wide territory. Each one was surrounded by an aggressive aura of death-stench… which of course had Sitka wanting to eat them all… which is actually preferable than having her roll in them. Sitka is undeniably stinky today!

I’m sending a shout-out to all my friends of the Turkey Vulture persuasion. “Where are you guys!” It’s not that cold; we could use your excellent housekeeping skills; the Forest is a mess!

If it wasn’t the middle of winter, Turkey Vulture would be all over the scene, gobbling up all the nasties before the dogs can get to them. Turkey Vulture can smell even the tiniest fraction of the hint of death from… well, Jupiter. But alas, their bald little heads which look like an elbow with road rash would get too frosty… so I guess we’re left with the stink.

At this point you may have realized that there’s very little spiritual philosophy coming through this post. Sometimes it’s just mundane Forest life.



And here’s some niceties from when the fog finally lifted…



Peeking… Peaking…?

Peeking… Peaking…?

Ski Hill… Tucked

Ski Hill… Tucked

Here’s to a breath of fresh air!

The Daily Forest Report January 28, 2015 Exploded Rainbows!

by nielskunze on January 28, 2015



(Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe, title track from his 1979 album… on vinyl)

Have you noticed lately the spectacular sky phenomena heralding the new tricks of the Light? In recent weeks the internet has been abuzz with folks around the world capturing strange lighting effects which up until recently have been rather rare. Now, it seems, they’re happening all the time.



These nacreous displays among the clouds have presented themselves a few times during my walks in the last couple of months. Often, they don’t last long, so it’s been difficult getting the camera out in time to capture the full spectacle.

The message here is pretty simple: eyes to the skies. I was very happy as I returned from my last excursion knowing that I’d finally captured with my camera what I’d been seeing with my own eyes. The cloud formations themselves have also presented interesting anomalies. I’ve been making a concerted effort as a result to keep my gaze upward, as there seems to be a promise of revelation written there.

Then, as I checked the mail immediately after my walk, as I was just returning home I spotted a magnificent bald eagle– a truly huge one– circling above the local grocery store. (I look out onto the roof of the grocery store from my deck.) As soon as I acknowledged the eagle and gave it an enthusiastic wave, it stopped circling and flew off south down the highway.

He said “Yes, indeed, keep watching the skies. There is much to be revealed in the coming days.”

Yoga for the Eyes

Yoga for the Eyes

So whenever you’re outside, remember to stretch your eyes to the horizon… and beyond. Delicious revelations await… or, at least, some pretty lights!

Message To/From the TOURS #28 Implications and Strategies

by nielskunze on January 27, 2015

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

Exiting the Matrix

Exiting the Matrix

By now we’ve all felt it. There was a huge, dramatic shift in our energy reality which occurred around the New Year. It was not merely a singular event however. It was the beginning of a process, one which begins with a number of us being energetically released from the ‘Matrix reality’… but then the process continues as the separation or stratification of the densities, as our ‘Earth mess’ gets pulled apart for proper discernment.

Before I proceed with an explanation of the implications of such a development and the ensuing strategies we might want to employ, I need to report that the entire membership of the TOURS are fully self-identified within the collective mind now (at the level of deepest dreaming). There are, however, approximately 14,000 of our Team who are still fast asleep in their waking lives; they are fully immersed in the Matrix with no inkling that any alternative exists. This is normal and exactly how it should be. (They will play important future roles.)

In mid-December, in the TOURS Message #23, I described the formation of a New Neural Net that took shape within the deepest dreaming of the collective mind. This ‘sub-mind’ formed spontaneously as a precursor or foreshadowing of this latest energetic release/development. It consists of approximately 236,000 TOURS members and quite a few other (200,000) high-frequency humans who have nothing to do with our group. This whole development is way ahead of schedule! And that’s great!

Now, rather than break down this analysis into the various questions I’ve received in the last few days, I think I can cover all the bases with a few explanations. If I miss anything important, you can always ask questions after and I will address them soon. (We are likely to be in an active TOURS phase right now with frequent Messages being published.)

Who exactly was released from the Matrix? And why? What does it mean to be energetically freed in such a manner? How will this play out on the world stage? What do we need to do now as individuals? These, among others, are the main questions I’m attempting to address.

The Matrix reality has been historically superimposed upon the natural organic Ley Line grid of the planet. It is primarily based in sacred geometry structures within urban centres throughout the world. Its function is to keep everyone on the planet within a certain frequency range for the continued maintenance and direct sustenance of the ‘civilization’ hologram (the Matrix). It could handle a small number of individuals occasionally raising their consciousness (frequency) for short periods of time, at which time the Matrix would then specifically target those individuals in order to bring them back in line. That’s why there has never been a high-consciousness individual in recent times who was not eventually surrounded in controversy. That’s what the Matrix and its agents do… they muddy the waters around everything.

Recently however, there were simply too many individuals all at once who were finally stepping out of all the useless drama, clearly seeing the fruitlessness of polarized thinking, and honestly beginning to inhabit a higher state of consciousness. The Matrix couldn’t handle it; we were threatening to break down the whole system all at once… and very soon. Such an occurrence wouldn’t actually be such a good thing. The shock to the deepest sleepers– including our own 14,000 recalcitrant TOURS members– would literally be a sanity-shattering event. Contrary to what you might think, a planet suddenly peopled by billions of babbling, drooling idiots completely incapable of taking care of themselves any longer is not a favourable scenario. That’s why we were released; it’s best for everyone involved.

The Matrix will endure for a time longer… until it can safely come down.

The Matrix is all about polarity. But paradoxically, rather than depicting everything within the Matrix– especially people– in stark black-and-white terms, it functions to keep us all very much within the grey, the middle, where discernment is most difficult. (Notice all the recent conflict among lightworkers; further polarization will sort it all out.) Everything and everybody in the Matrix is a unique mixture of light and dark (dense), good and bad, black and white. Within ‘the grey’ it is virtually impossible to assign reliable labels based in polarity upon anything… and nor should we seek to do so. Being in the middle of the polarity soup is in no way equivalent to occupying the Sacred Neutral perspective. And that is the key to all of this.

To answer exactly who has been energetically released from the Matrix, it is those who value the Sacred Neutral and consequently spend most of their time occupying that aspect of consciousness. The Sacred Neutral does not get drawn into polarity– by definition. It does not choose sides. It acknowledges that all that exists has every right to exist; it seeks ‘right relationship’ to everything; it seeks remedy and resolve.

Within the Sacred Neutral perspective, we still have individual opinions; we still have to make judgments about what is right and correct for ourselves in the moment, but we do not project our opinions, our judgments, our relative truths upon others. To do so is a usurpation of the free will of another, and is actually the very basis for all evil… and that surely lands us right back in polarity. “My way is the correct way, and all other ways are incorrect” is polarity thinking. “My way is correct for me in this moment and doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else or even myself in the future” is an articulation of the Sacred Neutral perspective. If this type of thinking has been your predominant habit of consciousness lately, then you’ve undoubtedly felt the release from the Matrix’s stifling influence. The subtle relentless pressure to conform has finally abated.

If, philosophically, you don’t quite understand the Sacred Neutral perspective yet, but you nevertheless feel that you are of high consciousness, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to determine the veracity of your high moral fibre. How much of your day is typically spent in joy, contentment, fulfilment, peace? Or conversely, how much time to you spend being angry, frustrated, worried, sad? Here you have to be honest with yourself, and likely need some experience (meditation) in accurately observing yourself. Wherever you are on the consciousness spectrum, you will eventually find that it is the Sacred Neutral perspective which leads directly to joy, contentment, fulfilment and peace– because it keeps you from being drawn into polarity where you have to defend your turf, your relative truths– the source of all drama (conflict). Outside of the Matrix there’s nothing to defend; the truth is lived through the totality of one’s being; it is no longer a finite relative truth changing every moment; outside the Matrix stands the living Truth… as you (and me), the One.

There are an awful lot of self-proclaimed lightworkers who are convinced that raising consciousness involves little more than choosing the ‘correct’ sides in every conflict. Choose light over dark; support nice over nasty; reward the good and punish the bad. You get the idea. But consider this: when two people are are in a heated argument, yelling, getting angry… do you really think that one side of the argument is exhibiting high consciousness because it has aligned itself with the ‘correct’ perspective? Really? Higher consciousness, raised frequency is about stuffing our pockets with all the ‘correct’ relative truths? Really? You can’t be serious! C’mon, you know that’s not right!

As this separation of the densities continues, what will happen on the world stage is that everyone and everything still mired within the Matrix reality will move ever deeper into polarity, moving toward the extremes. Everything will eventually become very black-and-white. And what will become plain is that those who fight for the light are essentially no different from those who fight to maintain the status quo. We will not reach collective remedy and resolution through continued fighting. Our consciousness will rather transcend the need for fighting altogether. (And right now I know I’m ruffling more than a few feathers!)

But what if you strongly feel that it is absolutely correct for you to fight the agents of darkness (density)? Then do so! That is your relative truth in this moment, and you should honour it. You see, you can’t get to the Sacred Neutral perspective when you’ve honestly still got the fight within you. The Sacred Neutral only becomes consistently accessible once you’re honestly done with all the drama, once you’ve seen clearly, undeniably, that continuing the fight, perpetuating the conflict, solves nothing. You have to truly be done with all of the relative truths– and their endless need for defence– before you can embody the actual Truth of Oneness… outside the Matrix. So, bottom-line: if there’s still fight within you, go ahead and fight the good fight… until you’re honestly done with it… and then simply step out of that level of existence (ascension).

We will all still have to deal with the Matrix and its minions, even if we’ve been released. The Matrix is still everywhere, and most of the people we know are still firmly entrenched within it. But if we wish to avoid being recaptured and re-dumbed down, then we will have to maintain the Sacred Neutral perspective. And we will have to actively engage our creative abilities in order to construct a viable reality as an alternative to all the drama we’ve known. That viable alternative will have to be rooted in neutrality– the kind of neutrality which honestly values our profound diversity, our countless differences. Do you see? This is done quite simply by refraining from projecting our own relative truths upon others. We rather live our truth, stand fully in our truth, even proclaim our truth, but never do we assume that our truth has merit with others. I know I’m belabouring a point here, but it is one that is crucial to understand. This is a frequency war indeed, but the war is not won by engaging in the same old tired battles we’ve pitched for eons. This is our first real chance to wise up en masse.

From the Sacred Neutral perspective we can properly align ourselves with the planetary consciousness, with Mother Nature and all of her denizens… without our connection being polluted or corrupted by the relentless machinations of the Matrix frequency fence. We are invited to step fully into magic and wonder; we are supported like never before! In order to do that, we must now practice energy hygiene. Energetic cleanliness through the use of things like sage, salt, baking soda, ceremony and ritual will deliver the most potent allies imaginable into our conscious intent. Through our energetic cleanliness and consciously-chosen connections among ourselves and Earth Mother we will discover that nothing is impossible.

The Matrix still has its hooks in us. Our emotional scars can be triggers to bring us down if we don’t tend to them. The toxic debris, a buildup from lifetimes spent in the Matrix, can still undermine our immaculate bodies. Now would be a great time to initiate a thorough cleanse on every level, in any way you know how, according to what makes sense to you. I’m currently in the midst of the full hydrogen peroxide internal cleansing protocol… for the first time ever. I started on an impulse from within, before I even knew about this latest energetic shift. I just felt that I had to get all the gunk out once and for all. Other substances, devices and procedures dealing with superlative health are enumerated and explained in Independently Healthy: A Quick Reference Guide.

In short, this is the chance we’ve been waiting for. It is our time to envision and imagine what an enlightened society would look like. It’s time to begin to actively co-create it in dominion with Earth Mother. We’ve never had an opportunity like this before… or, at least, not for millions of years!

Let’s get to it!

The Daily Forest Report January 26, 2015 Hitting Our Stride

by nielskunze on January 26, 2015

Treacherous Islands

Treacherous Islands

We have all been born and raised upon treacherous islands of belief. But beneath the water’s surface (our propensity for emotional storms), everything is connected, in unity, One.



Virtual mountains have been built upon our fundamental errors, rendering a landscape fraught with intellectual danger. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever think our way safely through these encrustations. No, we will live our way and feel our way through instead.

The Forest has come alive again! As my attention firmly rested within the Matrix, the Forest had nothing more to say; it had fallen silent for weeks. But now, as I consciously turn away from the spectacle of disintegration among all the unsustainable systems our civilization has wrought, the Forest re-engages with me, a mutual embrace of our common native state.

Rabbit Kill

Rabbit Kill

The signs of Life’s material demands are written in the snow. Here, Sitka inspects the stains and remains of a very recent rabbit feast. In the impossible jumble of tracks I think I see the signs of Lynx– the one who came weeks ago to instruct us to remember that along with all the dark secrets now coming to light, all of the good and positive which has been secretly guarded comes to light now too.



And more commotions writ large upon the snow lie in store. Not much is clear in these tracks, droppings and stains… except that a large elk is involved. Small predators, perhaps foxes or coyotes, show signs of harassment, but there’s not much overt sign of a kill, except this…

Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat

It’s a hunk of mystery meat I persuaded Sitka to refrain from eating. She preferred rolling in it anyway; it stank! Sometimes I honestly don’t know exactly what’s going on out there.

Then, as we were heading back home– not along the river, that magnificent lone elk crossed my path right in front of me. Sitka was already in pursuit, and as soon as Toby saw what was going on, she immediately joined the chase. I really wish the elk would’ve just stood his ground and told the dogs to “Fuck off!” but that’s not Elk’s typical way.

Being such a large animal, Elk moves rather effortlessly through the deep snow at a very comfortable trotting pace. It is his primary strategy to out-distance pursuing predators. He can run at that pace for hours if need be. Fortunately for me, the dogs ended their pursuit within 15 minutes– still way too long, if you ask me though!

Elk’s message to us is one of hitting our stride as we turn away from the spectacle of disintegration and head in the opposite direction– toward integration. There’s no chance that the predatory systems we leave behind will ever catch us again.

Tiny Details

Tiny Details

The pace at which we move now in order to create the New Earth must be swift enough to provide viable alternatives as our civilized institutions begin to fail, but not so fast as we miss the pertinent details we need to gather along the way. Mouse gave his life as a reminder for just this.

I’m so glad the Forest and I are on amicable speaking terms again!

Mystical Masters Collaboration for the Week of January 21 to 27

by nielskunze on January 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.21.09 AM

On Astral Travel and Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs)…

I’ve written about years spent using my own sensory deprivation tank to explore short dream sequences (realities– while you’re in them), but that’s more a loss of body awareness than an OBE. Suspended in the saline of the tank, it’s as though the body actually dissolves as it fades from awareness. I’ve already told you about my friend Jake who flew out through the top of his head one spring day, and couldn’t find his way back in, as his body had fallen into the river… all during an ayahuasca trip. We collected his body a few hours later, downstream. And there’s wild tales on my blog of adventures with DMT, the ‘spirit molecule.’ But those instances had me in two places at once: bi-located. I could ping-pong my awareness between myself up in the sky and myself lying on the ground… and somehow I could even be in both locations simultaneously. But these all kind of skirt the topic.

I’ve long had an odd relationship with the astral.

I’ve decided to share a song this week. It’s about the astral. It’s imagery came from a dream depicting my odd relationship to the astral realms. Oh, and it stars one of the characters from my Muse Trilogy, Little Sparrow.

The song is called Collapsing Paper Mansion. The astral is a house of cards built upon unused human consciousness potential. The astral lies in the outward direction, beyond the physical. This contrasts with the etheric which lies in the inward direction, and is the energetic underpinning of the physical. The astral is accessed through the pineal gland in the brain; the etheric is accessed by the dream body, which is a complete body emanating from the gut.

This was all given to me in dreaming as a group of metaphors; those metaphors became this song. When the song first came to me– and they always come as complete, self-coherent, finished things– I figured out the chords straight away, but you should have seen me trying to work out that rhythm! It took days of struggle; I remember a few times exclaiming “Yeah, that’s it!” and then muttering to myself “Now what the hell did I just play?” Anyway, this is generally how it goes…

Please click HERE for the link to the video on Facebook. (Currently, this video is only published on Facebook, and so is not embeddable.)

(Lyrics included in the video.)

As always, you are invited to join our Mystical Masters Group on Facebook to explore the other perspectives and discussion associated with our weekly topics.

The Daily Forest Report January 23, 2015 A Corner Turned

by nielskunze on January 23, 2015



You may have recently noticed that the Forest Reports have been somewhat sporadic. Since I began them– almost two years ago– this is the lowest posting frequency we’ve encountered. The main reason for that is because, quite honestly, there hasn’t really been much happening out there.

A Flurry of Activity

A Flurry of Activity

Oh sure, there’s plenty of footprints in the snow, but nothing that feels particularly noteworthy. The deer, the elk and the rabbits have their little flurries of activity behind the scenes, but the overall dialogue has changed.

I only recently figured this change out myself, as I explained in this TOURS Message from yesterday. What this means out in the Forest is that Mother Nature is no longer communicating about conditions within the Matrix reality. For the first time in thousands of years, the natural, organic Ley Line grid of the Earth has been freed from the dominance and interference of the sacred geometry/freemason Matrix grid of domination and control. They are now operating as two separate energy/manifestation grids on the planet simultaneously.

Naturally, there has been an adjustment period. But what is already clear is that the nature personalities with which I interact are determined to remain silent on the ‘civilized news.’ Their only interest now, after millennia of outright suppression, is to rebuild the natural world according to the principles of diversity, tolerance and co-operation.

Yesterday was the first day that I had ventured out with this new understanding. Raven cheered this new insight for most of the journey, croaking and cawing as he followed along among the treetops.

The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He was excited for the natural snowball effect that will occur now that the main form of interference has decided to remove itself. He and I are both confident that the New Earth will rapidly take shape from this moment forward.

Enjoy the journey; enjoy the view!



Message To/From the TOURS #27 Released from the Matrix! (Or, the ‘Splitting of the Worlds’ Explained)

by nielskunze on January 22, 2015

Well, the other shoe finally dropped…

I ‘get it’ now!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 7.24.58 AM

Sometimes we’re just messin’ around… and something profoundly true is revealed in our play.

You may recall that a couple months back I was rather confused by the reawakened prospect of the ‘splitting of the world.’ Energetically, I knew that that’s what was going on, or about to transpire, but I couldn’t fathom how such a split was to actually manifest in the ‘real’ world.

Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian, has called it the separating of the densities. It seems that most people who are attuned to unseen energetic fluctuations universally felt a dramatic shift right around the end of the holidays and the start of the new year. Something big had happened just outside of our direct awareness, but we couldn’t quite put our fingers on exactly what had occurred.

The Lightworkers, the Starseeds, the Crystal Kids, the Indigos, the crack-pots and nut-jobs were all released from the Matrix. All those who could no longer abide by the insane ‘rules’ of ‘civilized’ life, all the peaceful warriors and rebels were proving to be too disruptive to the hierarchical slave Matrix… so they cut us loose. We’ve been released!

We were kicked out because our unwavering persistence was threatening to shatter the entire illusion. By energetically removing us from the ensnaring net, the game could be salvaged and continue on for at least a little longer. The hope for the controllers and manipulators is to consolidate their efforts upon only those with whom the illusion still holds dominant sway. Every effort now is being made to show those who are comfortable with the hierarchy that they are indeed making the right choice in aligning themselves with the old patterns upon which this modern civilization was built.

So where does this leave the rest of us? Fair question!

Intent is a universal force in Creation. In the externalized reality, the manifestation of our intentions has to come through an energetic grid. That grid can be thought of as the collective planetary dream. The grid (or collective dream) gives specific shape and definition to all that we manifest so that it can all exist coherently as a singular, seamless reality. Except now, there’s two collective dreams running simultaneously on the planet.

The old Matrix, the energy grid we’ve known all our lives, is anchored in sacred geometry, especially through the layout of major urban centres throughout the world– as designed by Freemasons throughout history. It is further augmented by EMF pollution, chemtrails, covert scalar weaponry, etheric psionic devices and all of the visible systems of control. It has been overlaid upon the natural planetary grid known as the Ley Lines.

All our lives we were denied direct and clear access to the Ley Line grid. The Matrix always interfered energetically keeping all of us ensnared in limitation and lack. And now we’ve been released! Or at least, some of us have.

What this means moving forward has several important repercussions. The natural Ley Line grid is Mother Earth’s own dreaming. It is the natural, organic, planetary timeline– it’s energetic support system. Now is the time for us to really connect with nature, with the planet, with the Earth Mother. We have direct access to her aspirations of abundance for all; all we need to do is to actively choose to work in partnership with her. She is wise, powerful and protective. By aligning with the Earth we will have our first real opportunity to build the New world, to establish the second renaissance.

But this will also require us to turn away from the Matrix, to engage it less and less. For myself, for example, I will have to make a deliberate effort to pay far less attention (energy) to the endless news about the collapse of the old world. It literally is no longer any concern of mine. Earth Mother humbly requests that I withdraw my energy fully from the Matrix.

Our energy is needed now for the full-on creation of the New. This is how the Ascension will unfold. Those who are still comfortably snug in their place in the Matrix will NOT be persuaded by our arguments. There is simply nothing we can say anymore that has any hope of extricating them. But this is not an abandonment. We must actively seek to provide an alternative when conditions within the Matrix become so unbearable that the sleepers begin to question and wake up– from the circumstances they find themselves within, not from any of our ‘clever’ arguments.

Trust that the Matrix is fundamentally unsustainable. It WILL fall, without any further provocation from us. We are now literally occupying two different worlds here on Earth. Right now it is still possible for some to straddle both collective dreamspaces, but with each passing moment it becomes harder as the densities continue to separate.

As we align with the natural Earth grid, we will evolve, raising our collective frequency. Yes, we will effectively be pulling away from our beloved sleepers as they either stay mired where they are or slip further down the frequency ladder. Please accept that there’s nothing more that we can do about that– directly. Conditions within the Matrix will quickly become so bad for most who are mired therein that they will have no choice but to seriously question the reality they inhabit (something many of us have taken for granted all of our lives). When they finally lift their noses from the hierarchical grindstone, they will be ready to see for the very first time that there is, indeed, an alternative– and it’s more than viable. It is our task now to make the alternative thrive.

Everyone can only come to the New Earth through their own sovereign choice to participate. No one can be forced or dragged here. You weren’t. Trust the process. Reclaim your full mantle as creator in participatory co-creation with Earth Mother and all her awakened children. It is the way forward… and it’s beautiful!

(Just a reminder, the Treed Earth Network– TEN– is a direct access to the Ley Line grid I’m talking about. The easiest way to consistently access it is through hugging a tree. Seriously. The trees are the trustworthy guardians and gatekeepers to the Shining World. They have already established a living global grid which is directly tied into the planetary Ley Lines. Tell your intentions to the trees; give them your love and energy; they will not disappoint. Or connect to the natural Earth energy in whatever way feels right to you.)

It’s time to build!

Mystical Masters Collaboration for the Week of January 14 to 20

by nielskunze on January 21, 2015

This week’s topic: Grief and Loss

The Story of Jazz

D’oh – Ray – Me – Fah! – So? – La – Tee – Rrrroooo!

“Rrrrooo!” was the only note she could sing. She’d tip her head back until her ears flopped open. She sang the note often… and always at the most appropriate times.
But this isn’t really about singing; it’s about Jazz… my dog.

Portrait of Jazz

Portrait of Jazz by Wolfgang Kunze


Although we lived in the same house together all of Jazz’s life, she only became ‘my dog’ after the divorce… not mine, my housemates’. I lived in the basement, and Ian, the bass player in my band, lived upstairs with his first wife. Ian and I had purchased the house– and detached garage– together, so that Missing Peace would have a place to jam. The wife was a later addition. Ian already had a dog by then, a big, beautiful golden retriever named Randy– a name corresponding to the perfect adjective to describe him. Oh, he was a randy devil… and subsequently Jazz’s father!

Jazz’s mother was a husky-lab mix, named Kokanee– the local big-name beer out here. She was a good dog, and her owner had done such a diligent job of keeping her out of the reach of the male dogs during her heat. He’d only left her tied up for a few minutes outside of the local general store, at the very end of her fertile period. And that’s all Randy needed; he sniffed her out in an instant. Right in front of the store? That was Randy’s turf, so yeah.

Months later we received the fateful phone call from Kokanee’s owner; he was on his way to take the puppies to the Invermere pet store for adoption and wondered if he should stop by on his way. Sure… no harm in seeing a few puppies. Ian and I had discussed that we were both agreed that we had enough to manage already in our household without adding a new puppy to the mix. When Ian reminded his wife, as the puppy-mobile drove up, of the agreement for “No new dogs!” I backed him up.

And then, alas, it was I who cracked. As I turned to walk back into the house after viewing the litter of adorable pups– especially the mostly black one with the cool white markings in her face nestled in her new mommy’s arms– as I turned away, I said, to no one in particular, in a modest– almost quiet– voice “I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was a puppy around here.” Ian loathed me for a moment, and of course good-naturedly berated me for it ever after.

So it was my fault that Jazz was admitted into our household.

And it was I who came up with her name too. I suggested Jazz, which was adjusted to Jasmine by Ian’s wife, but everyone called her Jazzy. And once she was mine, she was just Jazz again.

Jazz was three when the divorce finalized. Ian was not prepared to take on the responsibility for another dog when the first wife split. Randy was already more than enough, and he asked if I would take Jazzy; otherwise, he would have to find her a new home.

It was the only home Jazz had known. She’d lived nearly her whole life in the constant company of her father, Randy. He taught her how to lift her leg when she peed; as a result, most of the people in the neighbourhood mistakenly thought Jazz was a boy. I couldn’t fathom Jazz having to disentangle herself from such an idyllic circumstance, so despite my fierce reputation for being very selfish with my time, it was only natural that I agreed to be Jazz’s new dad. (I usually go for the least disruptive solution.)

Jazz was a good dog and a very wise soul, and like every wise soul I’ve known, she could really piss you off too. She was an odd mix of polarity. Due to her abandonment issues as a result of the first wife exiting her life suddenly, Jazz appeared to be the most loyal dog ever when I brought her to parties and other social engagements. In crowds of dozens of strangers, she stuck to me like glue, always waiting right outside the bathroom door for me whenever I had to pee. This earned her the reputation of a ‘daddy’s girl’ among the Fairmont socialites. But this contrasted markedly with the other side of her nature which featured a fiercely independent aspect.

All her life Jazz had the run of the neighbourhood. Our community bylaws don’t allow for fences and we didn’t ever tie our dogs up, so they were left to roam. Everyone knew Randy and Jazz as they daily patrolled the community. Jazz eventually established a routine circuit wherein she’d visit certain local businesses whose owners and employees were in the habit of giving her treats whenever she came by. The corner gas station, the local pub and the Greek takeout place were consistent haunts. Jazz visited them all every day; I barely had to feed her any food at home.

And then out in the woods, Jazz didn’t think anything of it to just go off chasing deer or elk, yelping excitedly as I’d hear her from miles away. Unfortunately, she could be gone for an hour or more. I never worried much about her in the woods after the time I saw her chase a big black bear, only to come running back a few minutes later with the bear chasing her. No worries; Jazz was very fast! She learned the forest’s dangers, even having been stalked by a very large cougar one winter while we were living in the bush. I had to persuade the cougar not to eat my dog; it was a tense conversation, face-to-face, only a few meters apart. (That complete story can be found HERE.)

Throughout our relationship, Jazz and I communicated very effectively with each other. I always told her exactly what I was up to throughout the day. If I had to go somewhere without her, I always told her exactly where I was going and when I intended to come back. Friends who witnessed this thought it odd at first, saying “She can’t understand what you’re saying, you know.” I never argued, but eventually those same friends after witnessing the whole routine several more times would invariably say “Holy shit! She understands exactly what you’re saying!” Like most dogs, Jazz only understood a few key words in my speech, but she always understood the overall tone or the gist of what I was telling her. She honestly appreciated my forthrightness with her.

And it was Jazz who first got me into researching nutrition. Her first suggestion to me was that I should try cutting down on my wheat consumption and reducing my grain intake in general. How did she communicate this to me? By playing hide-the-bread over the span of a few weeks. It happened several times in quick succession that I’d go to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich only to find that there was no bread. “I could have sworn I still had bread,” I would mutter to myself. Finally, during a rare thorough housecleaning, I located all the partial loaves of bread craftily hidden throughout my basement suite. She had taken them off the counter when I wasn’t looking, never eating any of it herself, and stashed them in hiding places I would never think to look. Once I took Jazz’s advice on the overconsumption of grains, my health and weight really improved. Smart dog! And satisfied with the adjustment to my diet, she never stole and hid my food again.

Being single and having no kids of my own, as you might imagine, Jazz and I became extremely close. I’ve likened it to a non-sexual spousal relationship– a constant companion for life. She lived to the age of thirteen– not bad considering her steady diet of sausage rolls, donairs and leftover pub food, or whatever else the neighbourhood was feeding her. Nevertheless, her end came unexpectedly, and yet she dragged it out, for my sake, so I could get used to the idea of being without her.

The first indication of Jazzy’s distress came one day when we were out on a Sunday walk in the woods near my parents’. As we were climbing up a short steep hill, she suddenly let out a distinct yelp. I quickly scanned her for any signs of injury, but found nothing. For the rest of that walk however, she stayed right on my heels the whole time– a very uncharacteristic behaviour for my Jazz.

I had nearly forgotten that incident when a couple of months later we were out on a forest walk again with the other dogs and the next indications came rapidly and undeniably. The two-hour walk had proceeded normally enough, but when it was time to jump into the back of the truck, Jazz couldn’t do it. She insisted that I lift her up. And then as we got home, on the way from the truck to the door, Jazzy wavered in her walk– stumbling– until she suddenly collapsed in the grass. She couldn’t get up; I had to carry her to her bed downstairs.

Of course I didn’t want to admit to myself that anything could seriously be wrong, but after a couple more times of her stumbling like a drunk and collapsing defeated and exhausted to the ground, I knew I had to make an appointment with the vet. The diagnosis was made through deduction and a few inexpensive tests. Her symptoms were mimicking severe anemia. The doctor explained that he was reasonably sure that she had a cancerous tumor and during certain strenuous maneuvers it would cause ruptures which would bleed internally. It was a condition that she’d probably had already for quite some time. Only now, that she was getting older, her body was unable to produce new blood cells at the same rate at which the internal bleeding depleted them. Furthermore, it was surmised that the cancer was somewhere within or alongside her digestive tract, as eating her regular food often gave her discomfort.

I pulled out all the stops. When she wouldn’t eat for days, I would feed her with an eyedropper filled with liquid spirulina and chlorella. I went to a local farm to procure for her raw goat’s milk too. It kept her going for another month, but there really wasn’t much overall improvement. She was slowly withering away.

Jazz already knew that she would soon be gone… and she also knew that I was still in denial, hoping for a full recovery. She co-operated with my efforts for my sake, not hers. Every morning I got out of bed and immediately went to Jazz’s bed to see if she was still with me. I laid down beside her a while each morning, always asking her for a kiss. She would look me in the eye to acknowledge the request, but she could scarcely lift her head. I didn’t get any kisses those last two weeks… until the day she died.

It was the Thanksgiving weekend. That morning, before I had to go to work, I routinely asked her for my kiss… and this time she complied! I didn’t know until later that she was saying her final goodbye. Throughout the day, I made arrangements to come home from work periodically to check on her. She was standing up and moaning in distress each time. After work I tried to lie with her to see if she might get some rest– she was exhausted from standing most of the day– but it pained her too much to lie down. She was most comfortable standing, but she was utterly depleted. I could finally see the writing on the wall.

“Do you want me to call the vet?” I asked with tears spilling from my eyes. We both knew what the question really meant. She answered me with her eyes. It was an unequivocal “Yes!” It was then that I realized that this morning’s kiss was a farewell.

Being the Sunday of a long weekend, I had to make some phone calls to wake up a vet, not in my hometown though. I had to take her to the nearest city; our local clinic was closed for the holiday. That was a long journey through the darkness, knowing that my best friend and near constant companion would not be making the return trip home. I kept one hand on her the whole time as I drove. I carried her into the clinic where the vet was waiting alone. We briefly went over the medical options, but when the question was posed as to how to proceed, there was only one answer I could give. “That’s not my dog anymore. That’s not Jazz,” I answered, looking at her frail form on the clinic floor. The vet nodded and assured me that I was making the right decision.

The vet gave us a moment alone. I curled up with her on the floor and kissed her goodbye. Through the obvious pain, she understood. Moments later I watched as the animating life that I’d known as Jazz slipped quietly out of her body and into the infinite night.

The drive home, alone, with my already terrible night vision, and now with tears crowding my sight every moment, was probably pretty dangerous. But now there was a special angel watching over me; I made it.

In the weeks which followed, I reminded myself perhaps a million times to not focus on the loss and instead to celebrate the life she’d lived. Jazz had lived the most spectacular life a dog could ever hope for… and where’s the sadness in that?

Me & Jazz at the Lake of the Hanging Glacier

Me & Jazz at the Lake of the Hanging Glacier

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Message To/From the TOURS #26 More Q & A

by nielskunze on January 19, 2015

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.31.15 PM

Most of this will fall into the category of ‘Review.’ That’s alright; as I’m fond of telling others, my writing is generally just me finding thousands of different ways of imparting the very same message.

Q: Did anything significant happen on December 21, 2012, or was that all just empty hype?

A: Certainly there was a lot of empty hype. Things like this– positive occurrences– tend to get blown all out of proportion. That way, when the event doesn’t live up to the hyped expectation, there’s a great deal of disappointment and frustration, even to the extent that years later some will question whether anything at all actually occurred. *wink*

It WAS a significant milestone. It was the moment we changed the basic agreement for how reality is to manifest within the Earth experience from that point forward. Before the 2012 milestone, humanity’s collective consciousness was in agreement to explore disunity consciousness. For many thousands of years we agreed to live the experience of being separate entities, fundamentally disconnected from each other and our Source, existing in an ‘objective’ realm of distinct objects couched in infinite space and time. That was the collective dream we collectively agreed to dream.

From the beginning, we knew that the dream would have to come to an end; the exploration would inevitably come to completion. Humanity’s collective has experienced the full range of disunity consciousness and all of its implications; we’re done with that. The 2012 milestone was like an alarm clock, set to wake us up. In the deepest subconscious, where our souls naturally entangle, we said “Oh yeah, that was just a temporary condition we placed upon ourselves… and it’s over; now what?” And we then agreed to return to unity consciousness… but from a uniquely informed perspective now.

Unity consciousness is our natural inclination, but we still have to each, individually, overcome the relentless programing of the previous cycle. In disunity consciousness we became reactionary and very conservative; we became creatures of routine and habit. In order to become conscious creators again, we have to break all of our personal and collective addictions– the ones we used to assuage our fears… throughout the nightmare. Approximately a third of the Earth’s human population has pretty much broken and cleared those personal habits and addictions now.

Q: Is what you’re talking about the same as Ascension? I resonated with the TOURS messages early on, but now I feel as lost as ever. Where is this all supposed to be going?

A: First, there is no ‘supposed to be.’ We will go in the direction of our choosing, as we choose it. Right now, this is mainly about reclaiming our free will and discovering what sovereignty really means… but eventually, this will bring us face-to-face with certain paradoxes. (More about those in the near future.)

Until a few years ago, the word ‘ascension’ was pretty much unknown to me. The term I was familiar with was ‘enlightenment.’ I don’t care much for the term ‘ascension.’ Beginning around the 2012 marker, ascension got caught up with some strange notions. Many envisioned ascension to be something like the christian rapture, where those who made the cut would be taken to some other spiritualized realm, while the failures would be left on Earth to perish in a horrible cataclysm. The spaceships aren’t coming to collect us; we’re not going anywhere. The planet is not splitting into two distinct versions– although that one was sold to us rather insistently!

We are learning to embody a new reality, to embody a new/ancient consciousness– right here on Earth, all of us, together.

First, a third of the Earth’s population will begin to have– consistently– an enlightened experience of the Earth reality. Another way of saying this is that the cutting-edge fruit-loops, those who live and breathe outside of the proverbial box– the progressives, those who’ve done their inner work– will begin to anchor 5th-dimensional consciousness. They/we will consistently and easily stay out of reactionary consciousness; no one will be able to push those newly-enlightened buttons any longer.

As this initial third of the world gets comfortable anchoring the new consciousness, the other two thirds will be ‘forced’ to interact in a higher-consciousness manner in their dealings with 5th-dimensional consciousness. When you hold the higher consciousness– the raised frequency– and learn to never abandon it during potential stress and conflict, all those with whom you interact MUST adhere to 5th-dimensional principles in their dealings with you. In this manner, all will eventually raise their consciousness to 5th or better. It is entrainment at play.

Q: Can you talk about karma? Some say that karma is all just a load of crap, while others say it’s universal law. And then others say that karma has fundamentally changed in recent times. What’s the deal with karma?

A: Like all things, there is truth to karma… and there is manipulative embellishment as well. I’ll try to keep this really simple.

Simply put, karma is the consistent universal response to our actions. What we put out we EVENTUALLY get back. Karma is time-based in the old-world arrangement. The lower the collective vibration or frequency of the collective mind, the longer it takes for karma to manifest, due to density. In a world characterized by exploitation, manipulation, greed, etc., there is a considerable time-drag before karmic repercussions become discernible. This is why it often seems that karma doesn’t work in the most deplorable conditions. Criminals appear to prosper, while good people seem to suffer endlessly.

As the collective consciousness raises its aggregate frequency, however, the manifestation of karmic repercussions accelerates. The higher the consciousness, the faster the karmic response appears. At 5th-dimensional consciousness, karma is basically instantaneous– because we have embodied our reality-creating nature in pure understanding. At that point, karma ceases to exist because it has been replaced by our own intentional creations. Our experience at that point is that we know exactly how we create our reality, and therefore karma is no longer needed in order to maintain balance. Reality becomes our complicated child– an extension of ourselves, without the obscuring filter of time. We only use the word karma when there’s a time lag.

Q: How can all the mainstream media outlets be under the thumb of their respective governments the world over? A conspiracy of that scope would be impossible to hide for very long!

A: The easiest way to understand how the media can be consistently complicit in government shenanigans is to realize that the very same people who own all of the western corporate governments also own all of the mainstream media outlets. The media and the government work for the same people, and it’s not you and me! It’s a tight arrangement that doesn’t allow for much freedom and/or investigation. If you’re a really good investigative reporter who’s got the goods on certain bought-and-paid-for politicians, who are you going to sell your story to? The folks who ‘own’ those government officials also ‘own’ your mainstream content editors. As a reporter who wants to remain employed, you learn very quickly what sorts of stories see the light of day and which ones don’t.

The main reason that such huge conspiracies can and do exist is because average people mistakenly assume that there must be thousands upon thousands of people who are ‘in on it,’ and for the conspiracy to be maintained they all have to keep the secret. Such a situation is hard to accept; it just couldn’t happen. But it doesn’t need to. In fact, very few people have to be in on it. The content editors of media outlets don’t have to explain themselves. Their underlings will quickly learn exactly how to craft their stories without any need for a belief in overarching conspiracies. And then, even once enough low-level employees figure that something must be up, what are they going to do about it? They can’t report about it through their own media platform; the only viable alternative is the alternative media. And that’s exactly what many– those having a shred of integrity– have done; they’ve given up their mainstream jobs and joined the alternative media… which brings us directly to our next question…

Q: How do we know who to trust when it comes to all of the different sources throughout the alternative media? For example, the recent disputes between Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett, or Alfred and Michael Tellinger– how do we know who’s telling the truth?

A: “By their fruits you shall know them.” Talk is so cheap it’s nearly worthless. All of these guys talk a good game, but the only criteria by which we can reliably judge them is through their respective accomplishments in the real world. Does their talk produce favourable results? Here, again, it’s a matter of separating the message from the messenger. Michael Tellinger, for example, doesn’t need to be a paragon of moral integrity in order for us to evaluate the merits of ubuntu as he teaches it. The message should be able to stand alone, apart from the messenger who delivers it. Likewise with Kevin Annett; if we see real world results arising from the information he disseminates, that’s all that matters. Whether he’s a womanizer or not is irrelevant. And finally, there’s absolutely no need to rush to judgment. When disputes like these arise, immediately there’s a tendency to pick sides. But there’s nothing wrong with sitting on the fence, watching, scrutinizing, gathering more data. There’s no legitimate need to believe one way or the other until we’re called to act. We really have to remember that it’s okay to say “I don’t know.”

I’m on the fence about all sorts of things… and I rather like it. When it comes to public figures especially, there’s no need to trust the person; we just need to trust the principles and integrity inherent in the message they’re presenting. We don’t build our house upon the architect’s back; we build it according to the blueprints he’s drawn up for us.

(Please keep the questions coming…