The Daily Forest Report October 30, 2014 Shunting Entropy

by nielskunze on October 30, 2014

We are standing now outside of the Predictability Zone…


(Author of Confusion by Neal Morse from his 2004 album One)

Chaos is encroaching on our shores. It is Evolution’s dishevelled friend… a necessary houseguest. When whole worlds are involved, the evolutionary bifurcation point can last an impossibly long time. Bifurcation points are characterized by increasing chaos. If the system as a whole can effectively shunt chaos (entropy) outside of itself, then a higher order will spontaneously emerge– evolution. If entropy cannot be adequately diverted, chaos triumphs and there is total systemic collapse. This is basic modern evolutionary theory… beyond Darwin’s quaint notions. (Ilya Prigogine)

Quick visitors are popping in and out of our little forest reality. And even they do not seem quite as self-assured as normal.


Evidence of the Dutch Creek wolf pack has cropped up. As I was photographing this deposit, Sitka was busy nearby ‘sampling’ another identical deposit. And in that pause, we heard the half-howl of a canine not too far distant. Fortunately, the dogs’ typical reaction is to stick close.

And then as we were approaching the first lookout, we were enthusiastically accompanied by Raven. Raven alighted from treetop to treetop above us, chattering incessantly. He seemed to kind of gargle as he croaked, making a very odd vocal disturbance as we sidled up to the lookout above Dutch Creek.


Just as we arrived, Hawk flew westward from a treetop at the lookout. Raven and Hawk together can only mean that the awakening of the sacred tale of the Ancient Sorcerers is nigh. (Raven has historically been the keeper of the tales of the Ancient StoryKeepers… who later transformed into the Ancient Sorcerers; Hawk will eventually tell their tale.)

As we looked out across the river, it became immediately apparent that there was a light smoky haze in the air today. The source was further westward as we gazed across. My assumption is that Forestry was conducting slash burning up and around Brewer Creek. I assured Raven that there was no cause for concern, and Raven seemed immediately satisfied.

The past is burning down around us. If we get caught up in being reactionary– coming from a place rooted solely in the past, we will fail to shunt entropy adequately. As we respond to the challenges of the moment by preserving the possibilities of a very different– but more equitable– future, we will prevent ourselves from actively engaging with entropy, simply allowing all that which is unsustainable to fall away naturally.

Don’t miss out; evolve!

The Daily Forest Report October 28, 2014 Behind the Paper Dragon

by nielskunze on October 28, 2014

“Forget that fear of gravity…” and all the rest of ‘em too!


(Gravity by Max Webster from their 1981 Greatest Hits album on vinyl.)

There is a golden treasure hidden behind our greatest fears. As the World-Devouring Machine begins to fall into serious disrepair, it garners more and more attention. For so long the Monster was either denied or taken for granted. Now, as it enters its death throes, it pulls the attention of the masses. “Something is massively wrong with the world!” No! Something was massively wrong with the world; now we’ve entered the phase of its correction.

Merely giving our attention to the Monster and feeding it with our fear makes it look bigger and more menacing than it really is. It’s an illusion of our perception. It’s actually shrinking… going away. Turn away… and attend to the blessings in your life.


Fresh goji berries just in time for Halloween– who ever heard of such a thing! If you’ve never tried growing goji berries at home, might I suggest that you do? They’re foolproof and very hardy. Typically they’re rated as a zone 5 perennial, but my bushes have survived the last few winters beautifully, and those bitches (winters) were zone 3 at least!


And our steadfast ally, Sabaoth, is supporting us energetically in our time of need, releasing numerous huge X-class flares… but without the usual accompanying CMEs. It’s all for your upliftment, dear human.


And Earth still stuns us with her beauty as we stand together…


…laying rich and fertile plans, already, for next year.


Enjoy the bounty of these times… and don’t let the Monster getcha!

October 2014 Newsletter – Audio Version (music credits incl.)

by nielskunze on October 28, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.46.25 AM

More so than in past Newsletters, this one presents itself as an integrated whole. My suggestion therefore is to listen to it all from start to finish. It’s long. If you’re pressed for time, you can skip over the two TOURS Messages, which will cut it about in half.

October 2014 Newsletter Introduction (Awake -Jim Morrison / excerpt from The Garden -Unitopia / excerpt from Journey’s Friend -Unitopia)

An Astral SOS (Hidden Moods -Happy The Man)

Message To/From the TOURS #19 Extreme Disturbance in the Force… And a Few Questions ( excerpt from Ritual Love-Death -Jonas Hellborg & Glen Velez)

Message To/From the TOURS #22 Q & A: Ebola, The Split and The Real (Excerpt from Ritual Love-Death -Jonas Hellborg & Glen Velez)

Mi-Fu Episode 00 The Refraction Module Complex (La Villa Strangiato -Rush)

All That Dies At Death Is Death Itself (Just In From Nowhere -E.J. Gold)

Dear Old Souls and Earthlings (Starborne -Happy The Man / excerpt from Tesla -Unitopia)

Dear Old Souls and Earthlings

by nielskunze on October 24, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.02.49 PM

You know who you are.

Armageddon is upon us. The final battle commences. We are the battlefield.

Evil is not an externalized thing to be hunted in the world at large. Evil requires darkness in which to hide and grow. Spiritual darkness is created behind barriers of personal denial.

Whatever we refuse to look at, cover up, push away creates the psychic darkness in which evil takes root.

In the final battle, we are confronting our shadow-selves.

Light, under certain conditions, vanquishes darkness. Light, under certain conditions, creates darkness.

It is not a matter of quantity; it is the quality of light that decides.

In a room cluttered with denial’s antique furniture– all that we rail against, all that we would choose to deny its rightful existence, all that we label evil or bad– no matter how much light we pour into that room, the furniture will always cast shadows; darkness persists.

Only by clearing the clutter, by backlighting every obstacle, by probing each of the shadows with the neutral light of awareness, can every particle of that room finally be lit.

We know it beyond any doubt that light filtered through the lens of duality creates an interference pattern– alternating bands of light and dark– upon the screen of our earthly experience. Duality is driven by fear. Period. Once again: duality is driven by fear. It’s obvious: a portion of creation is to be feared… by the rest of creation; that’s duality– the dividing of creation, the UNIverse. Clearly, old soul, you see that it’s not meant to be that way… anymore.

We are the dividing/deciding factor. Fear divides us… inside and out. There is only one way to vanquish fear… by bearing the torch of experience right through the middle of it.

Old soul, earthling, you of all people know beyond any doubt that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. You have been here so long, experienced it all before; you’ve already gone through the very worst, so many times… And here you are. What could possibly still cause you to fear?

Your light is singular in your steadfast connection to Source. Your awareness through the eons has turned from divisiveness to integration. Your consciousness is attuned to unity… Now.

Remember, you are the battlefield. If you march upon evil in the world at large to confront it with your righteous anger, it will take root in the shadow of your own righteous anger. The battle cry is singular, consistent and ridiculously simple: “Bring truth to light!”

In every situation, light warrior, that is your mission– to help bring truth to light. It matters not whether evil is punished; only that the truth concealing such evil be brought to light… so that evil cannot linger anymore.

Be prepared to have all of your own dirty little secrets exposed. You cannot demand that truth be brought to light while still actively harboring your own deepest shadows. But know that your own little indiscretions will warrant nary a glance in the face of the avalanche of disclosure coming now to the fore.

Old soul, earthling, your personal missteps in this lifetime are truly nothing compared to the endemic, systemic, institutionalized corruption you came here– this one last time– to finally uproot and expose.

Be brave; don’t worry; we got this!

The Daily Forest Report October 23, 2014 Yeah, Bad Things Still Happen

by nielskunze on October 23, 2014

“Sundown you’d better take care
If I find you’ve been creeping ’round my back stair!”


(Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot from his 1975 double album Greatest Hits– volume 2 on vinyl.)

The first– and, I daresay, the natural– reaction to discovering that your home has been invaded and you’ve been robbed is to immediately identify and locate the culprit and tear his guts out!


These eviscerations actually belong to a deer, the early morning work of a local hunter. Sitka was pretty sure she’d just won the lottery!

While we were busy documenting the goings on in the forest, someone was busy in my home robbing me. I’ve lived in this small mountain town for about twenty years now. Yesterday was the first time I saw fit to lock my door upon leaving… in response to the shenanigans from the day before. This kind of brazen daytime robbery– while someone was home upstairs– is not typical for my tight-knit community.

There’s a pervasive idea among novices that anyone seriously on the ‘spiritual path’ ceases to have bad events visit their lives. Not true, not at all. ‘Spirituality’ does not confer immunity; it just provides an extra array of tools for dealing with the challenges that inevitably come up.

My primary mission on Earth at this time is one of personal understanding… which then feeds into our collective understanding. I know that my soul won’t demand of me anything beyond my capabilities to handle with dignity and grace. I don’t much like challenges like these, but I genuinely like the way I’ve grown to handle such occurrences. Yeah sure, I went through the typical anger, and even fantasized a few revenge scenarios; I went through the sick feeling of being violated; and I even wallowed a moment in shock and disbelief. “Someone would do this to me?!”

At the Hugging Tree every day I still utter the same request/prayer/intention: “Bring truth to light.” It seems that in every situation that comes up in my personal life, or even on the world stage, all I really want is a deeper understanding. I want to know what’s going on in the psyche of my fellow man… in the psyche of the collective. Bad things keep happening precisely because we don’t really understand each other… and ultimately can’t build a lasting trust. This is the basis for the change that’s occurring… that I choose to participate in. And hey, by publicly taking the high road, I get to look like a saint. Ha! Fooled ya.


Just don’t mess with my loved ones… and I can pretty much let everything else slide. The only real damage done is a little scratch in my pride… and well, that’ll just buff right out.

There are still many, many miscreations littering our world like a minefield. As they’re brought into the light, some of them are really going to stink!


Sitka really is good at finding the darnedest things! This time she emerged from the ditch beside the road heading up the mountain with something in her mouth which at first glance appeared to be a small bone. No big deal. But then suddenly the thing in her mouth made a very loud popping sound– almost like a firecracker! She put it down with growing curiosity. And then I clearly saw that it was an egg.

Let me tell you that finding an egg in the latter part of October is not really a great thing. It had been laid sometime during the spring and had sat in the overgrown ditch through the hot summer months. What was inside the shell– causing the loud popping noise– was an accumulation of gases from the thorough putrefaction of its former tenant. Yikes, what a stench! (Sitka loved it… and probably would’ve eaten it if I hadn’t stopped her.)


I found another unexploded one nearby. That’s a stink bomb for another day. (I’d like to chuck it at the thief who robbed me, so that his ‘foulness’ can’t easily be hidden.)


Anyway, the deer guts were promptly cleaned up by Raven Nation– who appreciated it immensely. A day later, all that remained was the stomach contents. Nobody was in the mood for pre-chewed salad, I guess.


And still life manages to be a ridiculously beautiful adventure!

The Daily Forest Report October 20, 2014 Prevention Is the True and Sane Future of Medicine

by nielskunze on October 20, 2014

I eat ebola for breakfast.


Okay, not really… but I could… without fear.

The natural world is conspiring with us to provide all the assurances and defences we need.


The rose bushes especially have responded rather favourably to my constant appreciation and gratitude. There are literally millions upon millions of rose hips along my daily route. And the great thing is… they all taste slightly different from patch to patch, from bush to bush. Their flavour ranges from distinctly apple to blends of apple with strawberry and cherry, and on occasion, even like the citrus of orange. Every rose hip ingested is a moment of anticipation, discovery and sublime satisfaction. I look forward to our interaction every day.

Incidentally, the paper I recently read about the efficacy of high-dose vitamin C in combatting the effects of ebola specifically listed rose hips as the preferred source in ebola cases. I’m covered.


Other allies and helpers have been going the extra mile too… like this sweet clover in nearly full bloom on October 17th. That’s astounding! I use the vanilla-flavoured blossoms in combination with juniper berries to create what I call cinnamonilla lollipops. Juniper berries have substantial antiseptic properties as well as being a mild diuretic. I eat about twenty of them every day– which will continue right through the winter… along with about two dozen rose hips every day.

Additionally, I have been digging a lot of wild onions lately, as the winter season approaches. Soon the ground will be frozen and my onion supply will have to wait until the spring thaw. Onions are an excellent prebiotic. That means that they favour and promote the conditions within our gut for positive microorganisms (probiotics) to take up residence. The human immune system is about eighty percent centred around our digestive tract. That’s our first line of defence.

In other news, the forest has been rather quiet lately, with the animal interactions tailing off significantly. It’s as though we’re in a momentary pause. This has been ongoing for several weeks already. It’s like the animals are waiting for us to catch up… so that we can finally forge a new relationship with them.

Yesterday however, I received a reliable report that a pair of adult cougars were spotted in the yard of one of my parents’ neighbours. Perhaps a reacquaintance is in the immediate offing. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, feast on this…


Simple, positive visual impressions are just as important to ‘feed’ on as are nutritious immune-boosting foods. Be sure to get out and feast your eyes…!

The Daily Forest Report October 17, 2014 The Veil

by nielskunze on October 17, 2014


A gold and copper stairway
to a meeting with the Veil–


It stands as a separating skin,
a caul,
hiding faces in the distance within…


Our internal complexities, dark laser beams
of scattered and tangled intent,
Hold off our sacred confrontation
with the treasures the Veil presents.


With moss and lichen and fungal spore
Life inhabits the Veil… forevermore…


And Beauty undoes dissection, reverses division,
empowered by every affirming decision.


As only unbounded Joy is equipped
to run headlong into myth…


Devoid of fear for plunging
over the shrouded cliff.


Staggered and staggering horizons–
eyelines to destiny–


Roll away into infinity…
Inwardly, a test to me.


Can I find my own storylines,
threaded through the confusion?
Piercing the ancient Veil,
with my favourite delusions?


The Bashibas unmasked…
Strange tales from the past…


The Sorcerers stand still… for the day…
When the last shreds of fear lift away.


A dozen… a coven…
Our mysterious cousin…


Waited, baited and finally sated,
Exposing each ‘truth’ that just wasn’t.


The Veil lifts and shatters
in soft cottony tatters,


As mountains remember
whatever still matters.



The Daily Forest Report October 15, 2014 Every Rat Has Its Day

by nielskunze on October 15, 2014

Rat is the master of empire.


Partway up the Purple Cliff, Pack Rat has made his new home. It looks kinda cozy.


Although lab rats tend to look a bit creepy with their naked tails and bulgy eyes, the wild pack rat is really rather cute. It’s just his tendency to smell mildly of skunk and his incessant need to collect things, rearrange things, makes him an affront to orderliness.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.45.32 AM

I’ve live-trapped and released four of the little buggers now. They’ll take over your entire home if you let them!

Amidst the greed, waste and sheer excess of imperialism, Pack Rat– and rats in general– thrive like no other. They are some of the most adaptable animals around, able to make the most of nearly every opportunity, including opportunities which wouldn’t even be recognized as such by others.

In the Empire of the Controllers, Rat is the ultimate rebel. He will not conform to any civilized notion of orderliness. He very much has his own ideas about how his little corner of the world should be arranged… and he really doesn’t care what you think of him and his activities. His ideas about life make sense to only him… and he is ready to accept the responsibility for his own decisions. He does not respond well to persuasion; he will insist upon force in order to remove him from his entrenched and enacted ideas.

As the Empire crumbles, it is Rat who rejoices the loudest. He feeds on chaos, reducing it to manageable waste. He strikes true fear in the hearts of those who rely too heavily upon the accruements of civilized systems. He lives and thrives in the cracks and pores of unsustainabilty. He is perhaps Nature’s best argument for the rewilding of the world.

He is a difficult guest to welcome openly into your life, but in times of tumultuous transition his teachings are priceless!

The Daily Forest Report October 12, 2014 Sweet Forest Song

by nielskunze on October 12, 2014

More and more humanity is being called back to Nature… and joyously heeding that call.


(Tamarack Room by my band Missing Peace from our 1996 album Tense Moments, composed by Niels in the early nineties)

(Another name for larch is tamarack. Though the above song has little to do with trees, it digs at the heart of humanity, asking tough questions about those less fortunate… which are enthusiastically answered by an “unfettered smile.”)

Here in Canada, it’s the Thanksgiving Weekend. The cottagers are here in droves. In some ways it’s nice to hear so much human activity out in the Forest; it didn’t always used to be that way. It is humanity’s inexorable return to the womb of beauty. Unfortunately, it is also hunting season, and nearby gunshots have recently cut our walks short or forced us to take low-risk detours.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.47.19 PM

Instead of taking our usual zig followed by the inevitable zag, once we hit the power line, we cut straight toward the Mesa. That’s the spot where we camped two weeks ago during the Concert for Bigsquatch.


Overall, the Mesa is vaguely keyhole shaped. Above you can see the narrow flat-topped ridge leading directly north toward the river. This day we followed the tiny brook which exits the swamp, running along the base of that north-pointing ridge.


There’s something very peaceful about this gentle bend around an old tree.


But Lhasa gets so excited by any opportunity for a swim that she can hardly keep still.


This is just below where the last beaver pond used to be, and right before it drops sharply toward the river in a boisterous waterfall…


The bush-whacking was a little more intense than I remembered it, although Sitka and Toby seemed to have little trouble.


Little pools along the way were useful for washing the accumulated debris from my shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.59.02 AM

And once we got to the river valley bottom, among the intertwangled red osier dogwood bushes, I happened to glance over my right shoulder to notice a perfect forest portrait! Nature has all the time in the world for superlative art.


Here we see the rainclouds trying to amass above the eastern peaks of the Rockies. What a difference from the clear skies of just the day before!


My river pics are usually looking downstream… Here’s one looking back to our ancient past… our glorious future!

The Daily Forest Report October 11, 2014 “Give Me Back My Breath!”

by nielskunze on October 11, 2014

Spectacular! In every direction I cared to look, the view was devastatingly gorgeous!


Yesterday’s Report was a bit of a rip-job for those who come to my blog to check out the pics. Well, this time I snapped more photos than I ever have before; I couldn’t help myself. Let me make it up to you…


Just try to place yourself within the scene, as though you’re the one taking the pictures. How does this feel to your imagination?


Are you beginning to see why I choose to do this every day?


This has to do a heart good!


My response to the extensive chemtrailing from the day before was obviously very thorough. In the above pic, that was the only cloud I could find in the full breadth of the sky, far to the west, from where our weather typically comes.


I sent my dream body– from my belly consciousness– up into the sky to gather together any agents of nefarious intent directed toward me, and to send them back to the originator of such intent and all those who willfully carry out its action in the world. Sorry pilots, you’re not exempt. Nuremberg applies: “I was just following orders” doesn’t absolve you of responsibility.


It seems that my dream body was able to carry out its mission… not a single trail in the sky for the entire four hours that I was out snapping photos. Guess everyone called in sick!


My repeated affirmation is “Healthy, clear skies.”


Larch is my favourite tree. It’s the only conifer to shed its needles every autumn. They’re just turning from green to bright yellow now. Soon they’ll transition to a deeper orange before they fall to the ground. I’ll try to catch that spectacle for you in a few weeks, preferably on a wet day when the trees look almost black, standing above their own carpet of bright orange.


Most of the yellow in the higher elevations is due to larch forests.


We lap up as much beauty as we can, the dogs and I. The river flows with soul-quenching surety.


And here’s a closeup of Toby Dirtface. This landscape is so imbued with magic that the dogs just can’t seem to eat enough dirt! They know beyond a doubt that happiness is a dawdle when you’ve got the right bacteria– and magic– in your gut.


And now… back to the forest!