The Daily Forest Report March 4, 2015 The World in Front of Me

by nielskunze on March 4, 2015

Distant Gathering

Distant Gathering

(World in Front of Me by Mars Hollow, title track from their 2011 album)

It seems as though the world is holding itself an arm’s length away… scrutinizing. We’re in the middle of some kind of pause– at least, with the natural world.

Only the Sky

Only the Sky

And when I’m feeling a bit like a mere cardboard cutout, that maybe only the sky is real, I’m glad to be surrounded by dogs who dissolve any doubt in their exuberant ocean of unbounded joy. (That shit can’t be faked!)

Sitka is a remarkable sky-watcher. I’ve written frequently in the last month about a pair of eagles keeping their eye on us from a remote distance. The other day, out in the open field, I noticed her staring intently at the sky over the western mountain range. Following her sightline, I eventually spotted the two eagles as mere specks in a stunning sky. What dog does that? She has always been fascinated by birds. I had to use the binoculars to confirm the white heads and tail feathers of Bald Eagle.

There’s a really good feeling that accompanies being watched by eagles day after day!

Into Myth

Into Myth

As we walk into this mythic heart-space, we never know what we’ll encounter… but we’re never disappointed.



Just a naked tree pondering the newest spring fashions, imagining its own finery, is enough to content us in this momentary wait.

The Layered View

The Layered View

Through trees and vales and veils… we’re making our way to our own self-made promises. Doesn’t it look glorious!

Frosted Hoodoo Layer Cake

Frosted Hoodoo Layer Cake

We were thrown back into winter for a few days, but it just makes everything more spectacular– these deeper provocations into Beauty…

We’re at the peak of an eleven-year cycle when the snowshoe hare population explodes. Even in this latest snowfall, still, the number of bunny tracks is astounding. And that brings the predators. Lynx and Coyote have had an easy time of it lately.

My common refrain to the dogs “Don’t eat poop!” is the constant cadence of reluctant nagging. The signs of Coyote are everywhere!

Coyote Poop

Coyote Poop

This deposit beside our fire pit on the Mesa was so fresh and glistening that I expected Coyote to jump from the bushes at any moment.

Are all the old tricks finally winding down now? Will the fallen Devil’s mask make good fertilizer? It can be hard not to stay mesmerized by tales of a dying reality…



…but more lies tucked away in Time’s geometry than excitement can ever hope to unfold!

Mystical Masters Collaboration for the Week of February 25 to March 3, 2015

by nielskunze on March 3, 2015

Once again, this week, we were left to choose our own topics. I decided to go with a topic which was a primary focus of my latest Newsletter from February 13th– a Newsletter which sought to wrap up Phase One of this journey and move us into the beginning of Phase Two. The topic is faith.

Monty Python God

Monty Python God

Faith… in All Reasonableness

Faith, along with worship, prayer and grace were peripheral words. I don’t think we ever used them in the house where I grew up. God and Jesus were reserved for exclamatory purposes only; say, if you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer… but it didn’t quite warrant the extremity of “Fuck!”, you’d probably go with “Jesus Christ!” instead. That was really the extent of religion in our house.

We were atheists, and so were most of our friends. That was my normal.

Then one day, a little more than twenty years ago, I awoke after a bout of what I labeled at the time as conceptual dreaming. I awoke with the phrase “God is self-evident to an open mind” prying my eyes open to a whole new world. Oh dear, this wouldn’t do at all for a good little atheist!

In retrospect, I guess it all comes down to what I mean by an open mind. All of the superficial arguments about the existence of God and the ceaseless squabbles about how best to blow flowers up His omniscient ass– all valid arguments at the level of superficiality– but all of those arguments are resolved in the acceptance of one simple idea:

Everyone defines God in their own unique way.

Whether we should or we shouldn’t is irrelevant in light of the fact that we do. Let us first accept that we each have our own unique relationship to God. Even the atheist has a very similar relationship to God as he has with cousin Jeremy’s imaginary friend; it’s not particularly complex, but the relationship exists, uniquely… there is at least that much space in every mind.

Just by accepting that this is the way it is, the childish arguments lose their grip. How you define God and how you choose to enact your relationship to that definition is wholly (holy) your affair. What has that to do with me? And even if I accept someone else’s definition of God, I still have to find my own way to relate.

God is self-evident to such a simple thought.

Even a lifelong atheist was able to entertain the obviousness of God in such infinite context. And that set me upon a journey… that could be adequately described as my ever-morphing definition of God. A common signpost on that journey is the realization that if God is anywhere, then God is everywhere. You can’t escape God. And God cannot be sequestered, quarantined, or isolated. God can shun God all God wants… but it’s still God.

So the slippery slope begins with an acquiescence of the unique relationship every human has with God, but soon we find that everything is God. So each human being has a unique relationship to everything. Every human being’s unique relationship with God lands them in a unique universe all their own– but totally inclusive of everything. (On the relativistic plane, one seems to be exactly equal to infinity.)

To be in the physical universe is to be in relativity. Everything is defined by relations. The relationships between things in the world don’t exist ‘out there’ anywhere. (You can’t point at a relationship.) Relationships are internal experiences. Do you see? The objects of the world that God supposedly created don’t themselves exist, but the relationships between them do. And those relationships are precisely what we experience as reality.

When God is an object, there is no hope of ever finding such an object.

But as a subject, God demands faith in all that is transcendent of relativity.

This human experience simply cannot ever be reduced to a mathematical equation– no matter how elegant or complex. The greater portion of my being is not time-defined; it’s non-linear. My linear self cannot know in advance what the experience of stepping into that greater beingness might be like… and that is the precipice of faith.

Reason’s got my back when faith is all that’s left… to face.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 5.01.41 PM

Message To/From the TOURS #31 Q & A Mostly Relating to Sources

by nielskunze on March 1, 2015

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.50.00 AM

If you think that conditions on Earth are messy and convoluted, it’s far worse in the astral– though, just like our earthly politicians, there are those who desperately try to paste a smiley face over the whole fiasco.

As above, so below.

The last TOURS Message #30 was primarily sourced in an article by Michelle Walling which included a 3-hour long radio interview with Lily Earthling (she used to go by just Lily Earth). Everything that Lily has spoken about for the last six months or so has resonated deeply with my own life experience… and has cleared up much confusion.

And for further reference, there is a page on my blog where I list most of the primary sources of information I consult on a regular basis, as well as recent books read by me. Please note: just because I frequent a particular source is no guarantee that I agree with the views therein expressed in any way. Often, I read material just to see what certain factions and agendas are up to, to see what people in the New Age community are thinking, or simply to try out a perspective which I personally find foolish but is nevertheless gaining popularity. I read a lot of comments on various websites too.

The other primary source I need to speak of before we can proceed is my lifelong ability to ‘dream’ with the collective. This skill is not limited to nighttime dreaming; I can ‘dream’ with the collective while perfectly awake too; some might call it my attunement to the Muse. (Essentially, I receive impressions about the foremost questions posed by the collective mind of humanity; that’s usually how I decide exactly what to write– topically.)

Q: You’ve recently written about a portion of the population being released from the matrix; won’t this result in an overall strengthening of the matrix for all those still entrapped? Isn’t that a very bad thing? You’ve said that those who’ve been freed will provide a viable alternative to the matrix reality, but will those in the matrix even see the alternative possibilities?

A: The dynamic within the matrix has shifted dramatically. The key to this new dynamic is desperation. The only reason that the matrix functions at all is because those who are most firmly within it believe that the matrix doesn’t exist. The life of the matrix depends upon its covert existence; as soon as it becomes blatantly obvious to everyone, it’s over– unless total overt dictatorship has first been firmly established. Tyranny will not succeed.

The matrix is an elaborate energy-harvesting system, serving primarily astral agendas. The persons who have and are soon to exit the matrix are mostly those we can call the earthlings– the 15% who have incarnated through the Earth’s own heart: the Cave of Creation. These are the Earth humans having a direct heart-link to Source; they are like inexhaustible batteries to the matrix. Through withdrawing consent, declaring sovereignty, and taking full responsibility for co-creating one’s life, the inexhaustible batteries are rapidly unplugging from the matrix’s energy-harvesting scheme. The light creation– primarily the astral realms– are still expanding (theoretically), requiring more and more energy to fuel the expansion… and yet less and less energy is actually available. And this is where desperation creeps in.

Desperate, ‘starving’ entities tend to do very stupid things; just pick up any newspaper for confirmation of this! The current moves being made by the fascist alliance of global government and industry are becoming increasingly transparent and overtly dictatorial. Unfortunately, the overall conditions within the matrix are rapidly deteriorating… but that has the unavoidable consequence of making those entrapped within it much more aware of what is truly going on.

It’s a pressure-cooker situation. The astral realms would very much like to continue on with business as usual, but the completion of the light creation’s full evolution necessarily includes an integration and return-to-Source phase. It simply cannot go on expanding forever; it’s unsustainable. As more and more people on Earth withdraw from the old model and embrace the integrative phase, extending the true path Home for all, the matrix will simply lose the very purpose of its existence. It will become something like a heavy old winter coat… yet spring is dawning and summer is just around the corner; time to ditch that old shabby coat!

Q: I know you don’t like to comment on specific internet personalities, but you must be aware of the current controversy surrounding Neil Keenan and all those associated with him such as Wilcock, Fulford, Drake, et al. You, yourself, posted an epic summary of David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny, do you still stand by that work? And what about Keenan?

A: Yes, I much prefer to deal in ideas rather than personalities. Principled ideas are very trustworthy; unprincipled people are not. It’s always a matter of taking the message above taking the messenger at face value.

My opinion on Neil Keenan is an easy one. What’s Keenan’s message? Ever since he withdrew the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit, I have been unable to clearly discern what the hell Keenan is trying to do. Sure, you can read on his website that he’s “securing the collateral accounts,” but by what means? What’s his strategy? What’s his special leverage? Why Neil Keenan and not someone else? Since I can’t satisfactorily answer any of these questions, I have no difficulty dismissing Keenan and his team as insignificant and possibly a downright intentional fraud.

As for the rest of them in Keenan’s orbit… it get’s a bit trickier.

First, Ben Fulford: Ben has always clearly stated in his weekly reports that he’s simply passing along information as it’s given to him by contacts within various spy agencies and secret societies. He makes no overt claims to the veracity of the information he disseminates. Under such circumstances, it’s difficult to fault or condemn Fulford outright, so I let him pass.

Next, let’s deal with Drake. Drake’s chief defining characteristic as an internet personality is his supreme arrogance. He is definitely the most arrogant man I have ever listened to. That means I probably wouldn’t like him as a person, but I’m still interested in his message. The obvious problem with Drake’s message (mass arrests and restoration of the Republic of the United States) however, is that Drake could very well be being fed utter bullshit… and his supreme arrogance would blind him to the possibility. I listened to Drake for about a year wherein every week he assured his listeners that within two weeks from each broadcast there would be very visible major moves made… which always fell flat, and still does even years later. There’s very likely some truth to what Drake says, but listen to him once and you’ve gotten pretty much everything he has to say. Drake is largely irrelevant– as evidenced by his track record.

Now Wilcock is a slightly more difficult assessment. He too is rather arrogant, but at least he keeps putting out new information which seems to mostly pan out over time. If the whole Financial Tyranny narrative is a CIA psyop, it sure is well-referenced and imminently plausible. There could very well be an angle here which is directing us toward the eastern (BRICS) alliance in order to substitute one form of financial tyranny for another slightly improved version of financial tyranny. As always, transparency is the keyword going forward.

The other thing I would comment on in regard to Wilcock is that he seems overly sold on the pineal gland in the brain as being the truest spiritual connection, whereas heart-centered connections receive virtually no comment from him. It seems to me that Wilcock– knowingly or unknowingly– serves primarily an astral agenda… but I still like a lot of his work!

Q: And what about Cobra? You list him and his website as one of your sources, but you’ve never promoted his weekly meditation for the victory of the light… why?

A: Cobra has been extremely consistent. His information appears to be really good. In fact, when Drake was endlessly spouting his “two weeks” crap, Cobra said that the scenario Drake was describing was essentially correct, but Cobra couldn’t agree at all with the timing Drake was suggesting. He was certainly correct on that!

Now, as for Cobra’s weekly meditation… I personally don’t go in much for the whole spiritual warriorship through meditation gambit. It all seems very head-based to me, not very heart-centered. My general feeling at this point is that Cobra too serves primarily an astral agenda… as opposed to an overtly Earth-allied agenda. (Feel free to disagree.)

The thing about any group meditations is that they usually consist of mostly amateur meditators who don’t really understand what they’re doing or even why they’re doing it– other than the vague furtherance of some distant goal. These group meditations are a perfect source of harvestable energy. If I am not crystal clear in my intent as I try to accomplish something with my meditation, I know that my efforts will be wasted at best, or that my energy will be stolen from me at worst. If we were all well-trained expert meditators, I’d say sure let’s pool our resources in the energetic realms and get some shit done! But that’s not the case, so I advise caution instead.

(And one other thing. Cobra often organizes group meditations separate from the weekly one for the purposes of opening various portals… yet there is always a paucity of information as to why these portals were closed in the first place and what reopening them really means. Are these portals being reopened for energy-harvesting reasons? Unless I can unequivocally answer no, I won’t participate, nor promote them. But please make your own decision in this regard.)

Q: So now everything astral is bad? And only earth-based initiatives are good?

A: No, not at all. I NEVER subscribe to such black-and-white conclusions. Technically, the astral is exactly balanced in terms of good and bad… or any other of the polarities. Overall, it is a polarized (light) realm– although there are sections or ‘planes’ where the polarity appears shifted to one extreme or the other. I’m sure that all the astral heavens seem really nice, for instance.

This shift away from the astral and more toward Earth is merely a setting of priorities. All I’m saying is: Earth first… because, ultimately, the Earth and her heart-connected earthlings are the lifeline home… for everyone on Earth AND in the astral.

We can’t return to Source as a confused clusterfuck; astral adepts will still be required. The integration process I speak of is based in remedy and resolve. Somehow we have to untangle the whole clusterfuck– the Earth and the astral and their myriad connections.

Q: In our personal lives, what should we be focusing on now, on a day-to-day basis?

A: Personal integration, oneness, unity. Just as the veils of the apocalypse cannot lift somewhere out in the world at large– they can only be lifted one at a time in individual minds according to personal experience– our task toward unity is for achieving that unity within ourselves. We are, each of us, internally divided.

Our primary focus at this time should involve dreaming. We have a complete dream-body which resides in and emanates from our gut. This dream-body dreams ALL of the dreams of all of our soul shards. It has the full experience of every reality we are currently invested in. By reconnecting our awareness to this gut-based dream-body, we begin to dissolve the long-standing divisions within ourselves, especially our fractured psyches.

Throughout history, our ancestors consistently honoured the ancestors– not themselves, but those who came before. We are meant to dream with the Earth and with our ancestors and with the generations waiting to incarnate here. It is all meant to be one seamless dream– from ancient past to far distant future.

Our dreaming world is also meant to integrate daily with our ‘waking’ world. (The waking world is merely another dream we have given precedence and overemphasis to.) Not only should we daily remember our dreams, but we should be able to consciously choose our dreams too. Our dreams need to become interwoven again with our daily lives– that is the place where unity occurs.

Cleanse yourself. Cleanse your space, especially your bed. Reclaim your right to dream intentionally. That is where our practice now lies.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.47.06 AM

Update – March 2, 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.45.15 AM

Not surprisingly, my willingness to speak about people, personalities and other sources has opened up a huge discussion. I suppose I should have anticipated this! We all want to know who to trust, right? Well, truthfully, the answer to that hasn’t changed one bit: trust yourself. And if you don’t really trust yourself, work on it; everything else is a diversion, an avoidance pattern… and you simply need to get over it. It always all comes down to you… and no one else. You are the one responsible; denial won’t change that.

I can safely forego writing out the first (additional) question because it seems that it’s the same question already on everybody’s mind: What about Obama?

Yes, it seems like a lifetime ago when even I still had a shred of hope attached to the man occupying the White House. In the meantime, we’ve learned so much!

When I dreamed with Obama right before the election to his second term in office, he shook my hand and looked me directly in the eye. I knew immediately upon waking that the dream accurately portended Obama’s winning of the election, but I couldn’t read any clear message into the piercing stare he delivered. Was he sizing me up, or was he wondering how I was sizing him up? It’s almost like Obama was ‘created’ in such a way as to make the actual truth about him utterly indiscernible.

For me, the message he’s delivered to the American public and the world at large is that the office of the president of the United States holds very little real power. It matters very little who actually occupies the position; most of the weighty decisions don’t rest on the president’s shoulders. Those decisions are made behind the scenes by the secret monied interests.

When Obama first took office, I think that he was generally surprised by the degree to which he would be made the scapegoat for everything wrong in the USA. From the beginning, he learned that his was the public face that would be put out for every decision made in his name– with or without his actual consent.

Democracy in this day and age is a total farce; it’s a joke. Perhaps that’s why Obama developed his sense of humour during his presidency. The media– of all stripes, mainstream and alternative– have told consistently the wildest of tales of what all Obama has done. One news agency is paid handsomely to spin every news event such that the president appears as the devil himself; a rival news agency is paid equally as well to spin each item so that the president appears incapable of doing any wrong. The alternative sites are left in poverty, choosing a little from column A and a little from column B in order to cobble together a different view altogether. Joe Public is left not knowing what to believe. In such an entrenched state of obfuscationism, democracy is an impossibility; the electorate is not informed; they are manipulated and played as fools.

I really do like to believe the best about everybody, so I still hold out a shred of hope that when the full tale of this president’s term in office is finally revealed we will find that he really did all he could do for humanity– though all he could do may have amounted to precious little in the practical course of events.

Q: I’m really curious now what you think about Matt Kahn? I really like Matt’s video presentations, but he admits to spending time in the astral communicating with Arch Angels and Ascended Masters. Does his close association with the astral realms and astral entities detract from his teachings?

A: Honestly, I can find no fault in Matt Kahn’s teachings. He seems the very epitome of sincerity.

Each of us– every last one of us– has associations and connections to the astral realms. As stated before, the astral realms contain just as much genuine authenticity as they do outright deception. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this relative plane of existence is purely good or purely bad; everything is a mixture, yourself included. Our task as discerning, responsible adults is to utilize the good in overcoming/transforming the bad. I think that Matt provides priceless insight into doing exactly that. I love Matt Kahn.

And on a related note, Jim Self is another teacher who openly admits that his teachings come primarily from Arch Angel Metatron… delivered in dreaming. I don’t have a problem with that. I evaluate what any teacher has to teach on the merits of the teachings themselves. I don’t really care if the teachings come from listening to the farts of woodpeckers; let’s see what the teachings actually reveal. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

We’ve all been taught that judgment is bad… is it? Sort of. When we utilize judgment to evaluate people in any ‘objective’ sense, trying to label them as either good or bad, we are misusing our judgment. When we utilize our judgment to determine whether a thing, teaching, or person is good or bad for us in this precise moment, then we are judging properly. Again, it is the misapplication of absoluteness to the relative truths revealed that lands us in trouble.

Focus on yourself; what is useful for you in this moment? No one is expecting you to make sweeping proclamations about the qualities of the world you encounter. The experience is yours; manage it accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.46.22 AM

The Daily Forest Report February 27, 2015 Eagles, Coyotes and Lots of People

by nielskunze on February 27, 2015



As the curtain opens on another day, Earth-life, for the moment, seems to exist at a distance. Everyone and everything seems slightly removed.

Eagles have been seen circling and playing above the north bank of the river, just beyond the hoodoos. They see me and I see them, but the camera has great difficulty tracking moving targets in the sky at full zoom and auto-focus. The feeling is that they’re drawing me forward, onward… outward, but they’re not quite ready to interact more personally.



Even mythic beasts disguised as clouds hide behind their glamour of magic, circling at the periphery of awareness, awaiting some central revelation…

Chin Up!

Chin Up!

At my feet, the evidence of Coyote is everywhere… in prints and poop. The theme for this whole year is the ‘unmasking of the Devil,’ and Coyote energy is the very same trickster energy associated with the Devil. Are there betrayals knocking even at my own door? Can I not see what is immediately before me, for all my far-seer’s gaze into the distance, assembling the big picture?



Am I a captive in the fish bowl, caught in the unawareness of my most intimate surroundings? (Fish know next to nothing about water– though you might expect them to be experts.) What am I taking for granted? What is so obvious that I can’t even see it?

Artist's Choice

Artist’s Choice

It’s impossible to get tired of the view. I wonder how many artists have painted these hoodoos, how many photographers– amateurs and professionals alike– have paused to snap this pic?

Hoodoo's Secret Garden

Hoodoo’s Secret Garden

But there are many secrets here, unaccessible to the casual observance of tourists and ‘patrons visiting the zoo.’ The territory of my daily walks in the woods is overlaid with the fresh prints and tracks of human incursions on a continual basis. They are being drawn here like never before!



Down in the river valley, Dutch Creek too steps out of its normal confinement, making incursions toward my well-worn path…

There’s something here, thinly veiled, awaiting the right revelatory moment… I can feel it.

Mystical Masters Collaboration for the Week (and a Day) of Feb. 17 to 24, 2015

by nielskunze on February 26, 2015

With our intrepid leader, Cedar Branches, stalking wisdom in Peru, the rest of the Mystical Masters have been granted the freedom to post on any topic of our choosing these couple of weeks. When Rhea posted on Validation, I opted to follow suit, as the topic of validation had lately been much on my mind… for very positive reasons.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.34.42 AM

(Tempus Fugit by Yes from their 1980 album Drama)

Validation: A Personal Journey

Even if my readership was exactly zero, I’d still be writing what I write. I can’t not write it. But somehow, with each step of validation– either from my inner knowing exclaiming “Yes!” when I know I’ve gotten it ‘right,’ or from others lending their attention and care in their own agreement– there seems to be some inertial mass to the whole validation process. With each new validation, the process itself seems to gain confidence as I am required to do less and less. Mostly I just duck out of the way… Look out! Here comes an avalanche of words!

When I began to write in earnest, following mostly my curiosity as guide and mentor, I was just sifting through my own tangled thoughts… working shit out on paper. In the beginning, I didn’t really know if any of it was good in any respect. I suspected that others could perhaps derive some benefit from the sharing, so I confronted my chief fear: vulnerability. I started putting myself out there.

In practice, validation appeared to proceed in a ping-pong fashion. It oscillated between my own internal approval for what I was doing and the external feedback from others. If they got excited by what I’d written, then naturally I got excited about what I had written… and that naturally inspired better writing. (I use ‘better’ assuming that the greater the ease of the creative flow, the higher the quality of the creation– a direct correlation.)

Once the lumbering pace of validation-momentum was set into motion, it didn’t stop or pause easily. Only self-doubt can significantly slow it down… and I had long bouts of self-doubt. My second book took 10 years to write! And it squatted upon my shoulders the whole time, breathing down my neck. Those first two books of the Muse Trilogy I still consider to be my best work, but they’re certainly not very widely read. The feedback however from my cozy audience was enough to take a stab at writing full-time, starting in 2011.

In my third book, Humanity Incorporated, I set my overarching goal thusly:

“Among nearly seven billion human imaginations, drawing from their countless and diverse experiences, there is currently no problem which cannot be solved. All the answers are out there, right now. What is needed is a productive unfettered dialogue to mete out solutions and the practical means to implementing them. We require a global discussion.”

As it turns out, I have always really wanted to have that global discussion. It’s happening now… on the internet. It’s clumsy, inefficient and disjointed, but it IS occurring in pockets, cells and networks. The collective brain is still organizing itself.

I know we are driven by narratives. Everyone lives according to their own story, woven from the strands of what others say and their own internal dialogue. I want us all to experience validating stories.

With approximately a quarter million monthly readers at my blog, I feel that I am indeed in the thick of the global discussion now. It’s mostly the free monthly Newsletter that brings them in. It’s very validating to be able to shape and tweak the collective discussion that will one day soon define the next yoga pose of this contorted world’s future. I take this seriously… it’s the only thing I ever have…

Thank you for reading these words.

Please visit us at the Mystical Masters Facebook Group.

Message To/From the TOURS #30 Stepping Out of Astral (Light) Agendas & The Old Astral Time-Loop

by nielskunze on February 25, 2015



Recently, an entire lifetime has been placed within full, exquisite context– mine. The whole journey of these nearly 49 years is suddenly crystal clear. I won’t go into all of the mysterious details which have suddenly resolved here, but I can add some much-needed clarity where curious comments and questions remain.

Let’s begin with a reader comment received via email:

“I don’t know about you Niels, but my meditations seem to be very different from everybody else’s. When I sit down to meditate it’s like my mind automatically wants to sink into my belly. If I try visualization I usually get a headache. I can’t stay in my head at all! The place that I create from, the infinite space at my center, is pure darkness. It’s The Void! I don’t talk to Light Beings, no Ascended Masters, no Arch Angels, nothing! But everything I need, or ever will need, is there in The Abyss. Every possibility exists in total darkness, and doesn’t NEED the light. And it’s so peaceful! You’re about the only one out there who isn’t all gung-ho about the light these days. Victory of the light… over what? The beautiful darkness containing every possibility? You can’t conquer The Void! It’s where we come from. It’s home, our Source, and it’s inside of us!”

Excellent intro, and I couldn’t agree more! I’ve gone to great lengths to point out that the superficial darkness– that which we associate with evil– is actually a creation of the light. It’s physics 101. With light as the only energy source, through duality (double-slit) interference, darkness is created from light– invariably. So far, very few people have attached much significance to this fact– that superficial darkness is a direct creation of the light. For light to wage war on its own creation seems stupid and wasteful to me… and ultimately resolves nothing!

Through countless lifetimes spent warring, have we not learned that nothing is ever resolved satisfactorily by merely choosing sides in any conflict? Even when we choose the ‘winning side,’ have we not learned that invariably such victories are less than permanent and contain within them the seeds of a future defeat? It’s an oscillating cycle, a sine wave. Every peak is followed by an equal trough– guaranteed. That is the nature of light expressed as a wave. Make no mistake; we are being herded toward a light dictatorship.

Sine Wave

Sine Wave

It’s an astral agenda. The astral planes, which exist outwardly, are primarily an elaborate energy-harvesting system. They have no direct access to Source. Light is the medium of external creation. The Big Bang was an expulsion of light from The Void, from the Source. The amount of light emitted was tremendous but finite. (Please note that the word ‘emit’ is ‘time’ backwards; time brings the light creation back to Source.)

At some point in our distant past, the astral circus discovered the means for creating an astral timeline for Earth which presents as a loop– a time-loop. The astral time-loop ends in an uncreational event, a global catastrophe, which then sends all Earth-incarnating souls back to the moment in time immediately subsequent to the destruction of Atlantis… and we live that period over and over again– from the fall of Atlantis to 2012. We’ve been through this recurrence at least four times already… but this time, in the fifth (astral) world, there was no uncreational event at the 2012 winter solstice. Something else entirely– and largely unexpected– occurred instead. More on that in a moment.

The time-loop is a little more than twelve and a half thousand years in duration, half of the Galactic or Great Year (25,000+ years). The astral wizards also figured out how to keep Earth humans incarnating in a purely negative cycle (which makes energy-harvesting easier). The original time-loop as it was first created was the full Galactic Year in duration. Half of the Great Year would cycle through darkness, and the other nearly 13,000 years would cycle through a reoccurring Golden Age: positive and negative in balance (light creation–duality– has some stringent rules). With the Fall of Atlantis placed at the midpoint of the time-loop however, the astral wizards found a way to keep us perpetually within the dark cycle exclusively… or so they thought.

Earth Mother herself never acceded to their wishes or machinations… and she devised a plan of her own. The heart of Mother Earth is permanently connected to Source. In recent decades, many beings who have come into Earth-human lifetimes have incarnated through the core of Earth– rather than through the astral reincarnation grid. These humans (approximately 15% of the total population) are also permanently connected to Source internally through their own hearts and through the heart of Earth Mother. They are not programmed with astral agendas as their primary purpose. (We all have some astral programming from past lives.)

In general, the big 2012 push was essentially a huge astral agenda. From the perspective of the Light Forces, many beings were sent or seeded onto Earth at this time in order to bring about the prophesied Golden Age. This Golden Age, however, was merely the other half of the astral time-loop which we’d been denied in recent cycles. Although it was undoubtedly a generally positive plan, it did nothing to resolve Earth’s entrapment in the astral time-loop. And that’s why Earth Mother devised her own plan.

Tangential Earth Timeline

Tangential Earth Timeline

There is now an organic Earth timeline running tangential to the astral loop– away from it. This is Mother Earth’s own timeline. Although it began at the winter solstice of 2012, it remained hidden for a time, in order for it to become fully established and incorruptible. The organic Earth timeline was revealed last year, first to a few Earth-attuned sensitives, and then more widely once it was understood within the collective.

Ever since the end of 2012, the astral realms have been in utter confusion and general disarray. Just look at all of the channeled material of the last few years; confusion is the name of the game. Only two possible outcomes were expected at the 2012 solstice. With the ‘success’ of the main astral agenda of the Light Forces, we were expected to enter into the Golden Age forthwith. Conversely, with the defeat of the main astral agenda of the Light Forces, we were to expect a major cataclysm destroying Earth’s population and resetting us back to the point on the astral time-loop just after the fall of Atlantis… for at least the fifth time. Neither of those outcomes occurred, and as a result, there are many in the astral hierarchy who are genuinely perplexed– and they’ve shown it (at least, in my opinion).

The new Earth timeline is a comprehensive plan. It seeks to completely dismantle the astral time-loop– eventually– as well as disassemble the slave matrix which has been erected within it. Additionally, Earth’s sacred purpose is to facilitate the return path home for the whole astral circus. The external light creation was the out-breath of Source Creator; with the subsequent in-breath, the whole elaborate light creation exploration returns to Source as the information of all experience in the Light… being reintegrated.

At the very pinnacle of the astral hierarchy exists the intent to continue on with the light creation through pirated energy from those connected to Source. A Luciferian agenda (I use the term ‘Luciferian’ because it seeks to be equal or greater than God) seeks to hold God (Source) hostage through heart-connected proxies in order to glean additional energy for the continued expansion of the external light creation. The external light creation has a finite life; that is how it was always intended. It must end and return to Source– its natural evolutionary cycle. In the far distant past, the Luciferian agenda attempted to harvest Source energy directly through the heart of Earth Mother. Earth responded by tilting her axis to its current 23-degree angle. This thwarted the plan.

The astral functions on recycled energy. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. The light quotient of the external universe is vast but finite. The whole hierarchical structure of the astral realms is designed for energy-harvesting– primarily through both positive and negative emotion (worship is a positive emotion energy-harvesting technique). Its very nature is subtly predatory. We exit the endless cycle of predation by choosing the return path Home, by connecting heart-to-heart with Earth Mother. We will bring all of our experiences back to God, back to Source, which is where our true eternal essence resides. That is the equitable completion of this whole Light journey.

85% of Earth’s current population is programmed with primarily astral agendas. Only 15% are naturally oriented toward Earth communion and dominion. The astral agendas are slowly failing as Source-connected humans are claiming and standing in their sovereignty, refusing to be continually harvested for the unnatural prolongation of the light creation.

There is no judgment demanded or suggested here. The astral light is what it is. And just as we find it unnatural and abhorrent for any entity to seek its own immortality at the expense of the lives of others– Voldemort anyone?– we cannot condone such a prolongation of an entire universe either. Our future lies with Earth… and the return path Home; that much is clear.



I’ve written enough here for now. This is already going to rub a great many people the wrong way. So be it.

This will be followed up shortly with a brief Q & A session wherein I expound on my personal sources and explain why I don’t go in for or otherwise promote group meditations dedicated to the victory of the light. (In a nutshell, I don’t resonate with the very concept of victory.)

Stay tuned… and think and feel deeply, my friends.

For further study please see the following article: It includes a 3-hour radio interview with Lily Earthling, whom I have followed avidly for the past 6 months.

The Daily Forest Report February 22, 2015 Sporadic

by nielskunze on February 22, 2015

Way Far Away...

Way Far Away…

(Sporadic One-Liners by my band Missing Peace, rough mix, previously unreleased, recorded in 2000)

Drifting Rainbows

Drifting Rainbows

You may have noticed that the Daily Forest Reports have become something less than daily.

Static Electricity

Static Electricity

Even though the air is electric with anticipation, the Forest has been rather quiet so far this calendar year.



Earth and sky are alive with a new energy, but the forest critters are still a bit reticent, testing the waters of this new energy.

The Trickster Was Here

The Trickster Was Here

Perhaps it’s the prevalence of trickster energy that’s gotten everyone on guard. There’s been an awful lot of coyote poop lately… and the dogs for some reason just love to eat coyote poop!

Sitka tells me that they’re preparing to roll out a whole new product line here at The Stink Factory!



(This is Sitka just finishing up eating her own vomit; she’s not one to waste perfectly good pre-digested food!)

Sit Ubu Sit - Good Dog

Sit Ubu Sit – Good Dog

We did get a new thin white sheet covering the land and dusting the trees. We could almost hear Snowshoe Hare breathing a sigh of relief, standing there in his hospital-white apparel, thankful for the renewed camouflage.

Jammed Channels

Jammed Channels

The astral mischief-makers are still trying to block our inward channels and meridians, but we’re in a momentary pause right now anyway. The astrological new year doesn’t begin until April 18, even though the old one has already ended. We’re using this nebulous no-time to get ourselves in order… for the new pace, the new flow… right?

Cleanse and dream, my friends… cleanse and dream…

Message To/From the TOURS #29 Q & A at the Critical Juncture

by nielskunze on February 21, 2015

TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns

Relativity in Lego

Relativity in Lego

It’s true: I don’t always connect all of the dots– purposely. No matter how much I lay it all out according to my understanding in the moment, I want each reader to reach their own conclusions; those are your relative truths, and I honour them.

Q: Your recent article, ‘The Truth’ Is a Red Herring, confuses me! In what way exactly is ‘The Truth’ not real? I mean, by definition, if it’s true, it’s real. No? You talk about relative truth, but what about absolute truth?

A: I knew I was stepping into a quagmire, and I very much welcome the opportunity to elaborate– to connect a few more dots, for those having trouble… and for myself.

Relative truth is absolutely true, or real, if you prefer– relatively speaking. Whatever truth presents itself to our (linear) experience is certainly true for us– at the time of our experience. However, subsequent experience can alter that truth, making it false at a later phase of our linear journey. When we understand the universe of our experience through linear (word-based) depictions, we are firmly within the realm of relative truths.

My admonishment is simply to refrain from extending or projecting relative truths upon others, for they are not necessarily true, at all, for others.

“But what about science? Aren’t the things that science proves true for everyone?”

No. I know that’s hard to accept because of a lifetime of conditioning, but science too operates firmly within the realm of relative truth. I’m going to use a couple of familiar examples to help illustrate this.

At every juncture in history, science has ‘believed’ certain things to be true. There appears to be a progression at least toward ‘The Truth,’ but everything our sciences have come to believe are only relatively true– which is actually another way of saying– in any absolute sense– they’re false. Science deals exclusively in linear depictions. Here’s one:

The Copernican revolution ‘proved’ that the Earth was not the centre of creation and that our planet actually orbits around the sun. Today, most of us take this for granted as being absolutely true… and it is central to how we experience our earthly lives. Prior to the Copernican revolution, nearly everyone on Earth knew that we were the centre of creation and that the heavens rotated around the Earth. Everyone’s experience at that time was conditioned, or coloured, according to that relative truth. We, of later generations, look upon that now as a falsehood… and yet, it was absolutely true within everyone’s experience of that time– undeniably. To them it was true; for us it is false. And whatever linear depictions we hold to be true now, will also one day be regarded as false. The Truth cannot be depicted linearly. (Another way of saying this is that causality is not absolutely true.)

Now, if there is indeed a progression of science through the realm of relative truth, with the advent of quantum physics we have been shown the way out. Relative truths exist in the ‘objective universe.’ Quantum theory has demonstrated consistently again and again that the ‘objective universe’ is indeed a red herring. It simply doesn’t exist… at least not in the way we typically believe. It is our experience alone which is real… or at the very least, our experience of the world is MORE real than the world itself (if ‘degrees of realness’ fits with your particular relative truths).

Allow me to move on to the next example for a moment. I’ve written previously about a particular couple who lived in my neighbourhood. (He’s passed on now, but she’s still alive.) All their lives they’ve been devout Christians. Their particular version of Christianity however, is one which I characterize as being the fairytale version, where God is an old man with a beard who lives in heaven somewhere up above the clouds. In my view, it’s not a very sophisticated or intellectually satisfying form of spirituality. For me, it’s simply not true. For each of them however, it was and is absolutely true. Every last experience of their lives is conditioned by and inclusive of this fairytale they hold to be true; therefore, it absolutely is!… to them.

With my current understanding of the relativity of truth in our common experience, I would never dream of ‘setting them straight’ and try to force them into my ‘more sophisticated’ truth. Their beliefs work/worked perfectly for them. They were always a most pleasant, generous, loving couple; they required no ‘correction’ from me.

And that’s really the whole point I was reaching for in my essay. The realm of relative truths is absolutely perfect just the way it is when we fully realize that each of us unfailingly experiences life according to our established beliefs. My experience unfolds exactly according to my beliefs about reality, and their experience unfolds exactly according to their beliefs about reality. As long as everyone is satisfied with their own experience, all is well; it’s perfect. Conflict arises, however, whenever we insist upon foisting our relative truths upon others– who very well may not be evolved or developed along the same trajectory in order to accept such ‘truths.’

In the realm of relative truth, love is expressed through the acceptance of relative truth being infinitely varied. Only when the relative truths held are destructive to self and/or others is any sort of ‘correction’ warranted– and even then it must be artfully and respectfully rendered. We simply must stop bludgeoning each other with our personal perspectives when ALL perspectives are equally valid (even the destructive ones– valid, but not preferred).

This entire notion stands in stark contrast to any form of hierarchy. We are all equal and valid, despite our level of education or sophistication. The acceptance of this relative truth begins the journey beyond the realm of relative truth… and that’s where we’re going.

It is a liberation. We don’t need to pour our energy into endlessly seeking agreement in the world; certainly, there is much we CAN agree on, but we don’t HAVE to agree on anything. The world is already the manifestation– the projection– of all of our exquisite agreements… from the place where we are already One… defining the parameters of our collective experience. The plane of relative truths is infinite. No two people on Earth operate by the exact same set of relative truths (beliefs). Each perspective is a unique world (subset) in itself. It is the sum of all your personal experiences which forms the reality of your unique world. That is the world that exists in which you wield your inviolate power, by choosing the qualities of the experiences you are having. You don’t get to consciously choose exactly WHAT you will experience, but you always get to choose HOW you will experience it.

We exercise our power over the how– over the quality of our experiences– through reason. Now, reason is an interesting word. On the one hand, it refers to a type of thinking which is characterized by clarity and rationality, something akin to intellect. And on the other hand, reasons are the justifications for the choices we make. Here’s the trick: the choices we make, and the reasons behind them, only have to make sense to ourselves, no one else. The world doesn’t actually require a justification– an ‘acceptable’ reason– for any of the choices we make (unless we’re overtly limiting the choices of others). As we find reasons to love our experiences– reasons which only have to make sense to ourselves– our experiences will begin to yield more and more choices for experiences that are easier and easier to love. That is the transformation of the world; that is ascension; that is the next step in the spiritual journey– what I call the ‘little shift.’

It is a simple and subtle thing, this shift of focus, this energetic shift, of shifting our attention from all the endless ‘what’ of the world to the very quality of our own experience. It seems too simplistic; how can it matter? And yet that little shift turns the whole world right-side-up and faces us in the forward (inward) direction. Certainly, we still have to experience ‘the world,’ but the experience is primary, and the world is secondary. The world is allowed to be a reflection of our experience; this little shift is merely an invitation.

This invitation toward the little shift, placing our attention upon our own experience above that of the ‘objectifiable’ world, was embroidered into our sciences more than eighty years ago. Therefore, this current spiritual revolution is actually a scientific one too. The theme is unity or oneness, so the merger of science and spirit is merited and long overdue.

Q: This view of placing all importance on our own experience and regarding only that as being real, troubles me. How does this not automatically devolve into solipsism? What prevents me from regarding all others within my experience as mere figments of my imagination? Or the characters of mere dreams? What is the basis for morality in such a view?

A: I can’t help but view solipsism as a red herring of a very strange hue. I can honestly say that I don’t typically encounter folks in my daily life, in person or online, who subscribe to a solipsistic view. The purported fear of solipsism is that of little ego-based gods running amok in the world, failing to attribute authenticity and significance to others. Sure, I see plenty of just such ego-based narcissists stirring up trouble out of chronic entitlement and disrespect, but not from solipsism.

The little shift has us placing attention and significance on our own experience. To me, it only seems natural to grant others the same realness of their experience. I don’t ultimately gain anything by declaring that only my experience is real and yours is not. My experience alone is absolutely real to me, and your experience alone is absolutely real to you. Such a balanced view seems quite natural to me. No one is denied or otherwise relegated to a lesser status of being imaginary or otherwise unreal.

The world, as an objectified abstraction, is not my creation alone. We all dream up ‘the world’ together, although how I experience that collective abstraction (dream) is utterly unique to me… just as your experience is unique to you.

As for morality… The basis for all morality springs from love. It is a very elementary discovery, fully accessible to young children, that we are the happiest and most fulfilled when all those around us are also equally happy and fulfilled. That is the basis of true morality, far more reliable than the current coercive system of crime and punishment we employ now.

Q: My five-year-old insists that there is a monster living under his bed. I can’t seem to convince him that it’s not real. Would you suggest that I should regard the monster as real, and if so, how does that solve my problem?

Monster Under the Bed

Monster Under the Bed

A: Yikes! I’m not really the one for giving parental advice, but I can offer a few remarks.

The monster is perfectly real to your son. From your email, it is clear that an elevated heart-rate and becoming drenched in sweat is proof positive that his body is reacting precisely as though the monster is real. You may wish to engage a narrative with your son which acknowledges the reality of the monster under the bed, and then provide him with a suitable protective talisman. How the talisman works and its guaranteed infallibility only has to make sense to your son. I suggest concocting a story that is acceptable and reasonable to your son, and hopefully he will outgrow the need to conjure monsters soon enough.

Q: With regards to your recent Newsletter, what is Phase One and Phase Two?

A: Phase One is the exploration of the relative plane. It acknowledges the reality of duality/polarity. Eventually, Phase One perspectives come to realize that merely choosing sides in any manner of conflict fails to ever fully resolve said conflict.

Phase Two begins with the little shift as explained ad nauseam above. A Phase Two aspirant gravitates toward and settles into the sacred neutral perspective.

As for my continued writing, I am purposefully directing my efforts more toward a Phase Two perspective as opposed to endlessly arguing about various relative truths– like vaccines, for instance, or drug-based medicine. Phase One is winding up.

Q: Where do we go from here? I accept the primacy of my own experience in the crafting of reality, so what type of experience (reality) do I now seek out for myself?

A: That’s one I can’t definitively answer, nor should I. It’s really for you to figure out yourself, but I can make a few general suggestions.

As already stated, the theme is one of love, unity, oneness. I will point out again that unity or oneness will never be achieved through any policy of conformity. A conformist’s agenda is not loving.

We are seeking wholeness, the experience of the totality of our Being. In such a quest, I would bring your attention to the act of dreaming. I have continually referred to ‘the world’ as our collective dream. It is but one tiny fraction of Earth’s natural dreamtime. Through very crafty manipulations, we have come to regard the world dream as being more real and more significant than all other dreams in our dreaming repertoire.

All of our fractured soul shards dream; reality is dreaming. Our dream body, which is a complete body residing/emanating from the gut, is privy to all of the dreams of each of our estranged soul shards. Reconnecting ourselves to the proper dream-body offers the chance to reintegrate all of those estranged pieces of ourselves. When we are speaking of wholeness, we are speaking of bridging the divisions within ourselves.

The world dream is not merely the product of humanity’s collective in this now moment. It is connected to the lineage of our soul families and our ancestors, as well as to the future generations of souls awaiting their chance to incarnate here. We have an awful lot of reconnection to accomplish before we will experience any real sense of wholeness or completion.

I will speak much more on dreaming, creating dream space, accumulating energy for ancestral dreaming, spiritual cleanliness and more in immediate upcoming TOURS messages. (These are big topics!)

Please keep your thoughtful questions coming!

Mystical Masters Collaboration for the Week of February 11 to 17, 2015

by nielskunze on February 18, 2015

This week’s topic was paradox.

I decided to have a little fun with it, but hopefully there’s something instructive or otherwise of value contained in my little story as well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.24.16 PM

A Pair o’ Dogs

They were an odd pair, even beyond the dire quirkiness of their names. But since naming was the jurisdictional province of street urchins and guttersnipes, it might have been expected. Was it better to be named an obvious cliche or for a condiment that had been politely tolerated for far too long already, even in these ancient times?– times best known for that benchmark moment when sliced bread was just beginning to be a thing.

The one was Scruffy– might as well be Rex or Spot, for all the thought that went into that one! Granted, she was in no way coiffed or groomed, so the appellation did fit… Yes, that’s right, Scruffy was a girl, but the bitch was a bit of a butch– often lifting her leg to pee; consequently, most thought her a boy.

And the other was named Marmalade. C’mon, no one really likes marmalade, especially if there’s proper jam right there beside it. Jelly had just been invented, but hadn’t received widespread exposure yet, but from that time onward, marmalade’s days were numbered; when peanut butter finally came upon the scene, good night! It had been precisely marmalade’s waning appeal which had once afforded the pup the opportunity to claim a jostled and fallen jar from the only crowded place on the preserve-merchant’s table, when his customers reached for their favourite jams and those newfangled jellies. He never should have put the marmalade up front anyway. And Marmalade– the dog– should never had gotten his head stuck in that jar. It was his rescuer who had aptly– and quite unfortunately– named him.

Scruffy and Marmalade were making their rounds, their daily routine. Next up were the Buddhists. The dogs rather liked the Buddhists; it was easy to relate to folk who wanted little more than to sit at their master’s feet, forever testing the osmosis of wisdom. They were gathered now in their little corner of the Commons, discussing all the latest metaphysical fashions, fads and faux pas. As the dogs sidled by this fine day, one of the shaven-headed lads turned and pointed.

“Tell me, Master, does the dog have Buddha-nature?”

Scruffy wasn’t particularly interested in the answer. She had already decided to bypass the Buddhists’ offerings, not wanting to fill up on rice– and philosophy– so early in the day. You’d think that just once they’d have a little morsel of meat, or maybe some fat trimmings… But no! Not the stupid Buddhists! Now, where the hell was Marmalade?

He’d hung back. Apparently he was interested in the answer. He always was the cerebral type– well, at least, ever since the marmalade jar incident… getting stuck like that– that’s gonna change a dog. Think about it: getting your head stuck in a jar… from that moment on, you’re gonna vow to try and think things through a bit more. Yup, Marmalade was downright smart… now.

“I knew it,” he said once Scruffy backtracked to where he sat, listening.

“What’s that, Dear? What’d you know?”

“We got the Buddha-nature!”

“Well that’s marvelous! What is it? Is it like moxie? Or hutzpah? Or maybe like having balls?”

“Naw, it’s bigger than that.”

“Bigger than balls?” Scruffy was suddenly impressed; she knew what Marmalade thought of his own balls. This Buddha-nature thing was big!

“Everyone’s got it.”

“Got what, Dear?”

“Buddha-nature. Of course we all have Buddha-nature!”

“But if we’ve all got it,” asked Scruffy genuinely puzzled, “what’s so special about it? I mean, it sounds a lot like fleas, if you ask me.”

“We’ve all got it… but not everybody knows it… hardly anyone does.”

“Well, me and you know it. Maybe we should tell everyone else?”

“No. No. They won’t believe it. That’s what Buddhists are for; they’ll tell everyone.”

“Why won’t they believe us? Because we’re dogs?”

“No, I said they won’t believe IT, not us. They won’t believe IT.”

“Why? What’s so hard to believe?”

“They won’t believe that we’re One.”

“Um… Marmalade, Dear, I’ll be the first to admit to my obvious shortcomings in mathematics, but I’m pretty sure that we’re two. One. Two.” Scruffy was pretty sure of herself. She had learned to count to two… weeks ago now; no, she was on solid ground here.

“Of course we’re two… but we’re also ONE. We’re all one thing… together.”

Scruffy was doubtful, but Marmalade was supposedly the smart one, so she acquiesced and asked the obvious question: “And what sort of thing is that, Dear?”

“Well, it’s the every-thing… the whole– more than the sum of its parts. It’s like nothing else… because it’s already got everything; there is no more else… and that gives it a special outlook. It can’t look at the world anymore in the same way as before, as all the others– within the world– look at the things OF the world. All those things, every last one of them, is already IT…part of its being; it’s beyond identity… of any kind. Honestly, you can’t really speak of it… not really.”

“Well, you’re doing a terrible job of not speaking of it, I must say. And I’m not understanding one whit, I admit. So what is IT, again?”

“The Buddha-nature is the Being of One expressing the All… through the absence of the one.”

“The absence of which one?”

“The one of many… the former fractional one.”

“Oh, you know I’m no good at fractions!”

“There’s no math involved.”

“Says you!” Scruffy’s poor head was spinning.

“It’s a paradox.”

“A pair of what? A pair of ducks? Oh, that might be nice, baked till they’re crisp with a marmalade glaze… one for each of us!”

“No, it’s all the same One.”

Scruffy was growing weary of this nonsensical conversation, so she abruptly changed the subject. “I’m pregnant,” she said very matter-of-factly. It wasn’t quite the way she had planned on telling him, but… there it was.

Marmalade opened his mouth several times to speak, but suddenly, words failed him. It was wonderful news; truly, it was… and he finally tried his best to smile, but dogs have a devil of a time smiling without crossing that line, right into grimacing. He looked happy… and pained; it was some new transcendent emotional amalgamation.

Scruffy and Marmalade finished their rounds that day in relative silence, each thinking about what the other had said.

“I’d like to have babies… with you,” said Marmalade finally that evening.

“Can we name them?” asked Scruffy suddenly beaming.

“Likely, it would be best,” admitted Marmalade. “What’d you have in mind?”

“Well, no matter how many there are… and whatever gender they are, I say we name them all Allison.”

“Allison? Why Allison?”

“Because All Is One.”

And all Marmalade could say is “I love you.”

As always, you are invited to check out all of the other perspectives posted at the Mystical Masters Facebook Group.

The Daily Forest Report February 17, 2015 Glimpses In Transition

by nielskunze on February 17, 2015

While the rest of North America seems to still be firmly in the grip of winter, we’ve moved on to the next phase.

Glimpses Through the Trees

Glimpses Through the Trees

I’m trying to get new angles on the same spectacular world…

The Milling Crowd

The Milling Crowd

We’re in transition. The old lunar year has come to an end, while the new lunar year doesn’t officially begin until April 18. This is the time we reshuffle the deck and deal a new game.

Despite My Worn Out Shoes

Despite My Worn Out Shoes

Clearly, I need a new pair of shoes, but nevertheless, it feels terrific to ditch the big heavy winter boots in favour of my ‘ballet slippers with killer gription.’ I get to walk silently now, feeling the contours of the landscape with every step, gripping the ground with my toes, settling into my more natural gait. You may have also noticed the rolled up cuff of my jeans. I still get hand-me-downs from my 81-year-old Dad. We’re both virtually the same size, but where I’m long in the torso, he’s long of leg. Free pants, man!

Winter Slopes...

Winter Slopes…

Even as winter slopes toward spring, I need to remind you that more than thirty mountaintops are visible from the Mesa!

Stretching Yawning Horizons

Stretching Yawning Horizons

Pick a direction, any direction; it doesn’t much matter; there’s no disappointment here!

Northern Peaks

Northern Peaks

It’s easy to imagine the end of the world just beyond the serrated edge of mountain ranges, but there’s something in these gazes which go on undeniably forever.

Poor Little Ski Hill

Poor Little Ski Hill

Our poor little ski hill could use a little free advertising… Remember, your lift ticket gets you a free soak in the natural hot springs too!

Emerald Cove

Emerald Cove

No hot springs here, but the natural beauty sets the heart to warmth nevertheless.



Hanging On at the Purple Cliff

Hanging On at the Purple Cliff

Only the very last scraps of winter remain, as already the new shoots gather courage and fortitude.

Doug The Onion

Doug The Onion

I named this onion Doug…

Embryonic Edibles

Embryonic Edibles

…and then I ate his embryonic goodness!

I don’t think I’ve ever gone a single day out in the woods without foraging at least something. Throughout the winter I was limited to rose hips, juniper berries and a few bearberries, so it’s nice to have the larder expand at this early date. I dug and ate three wild onions this day.



Usually it’s b.y.o.t.– bring your own teeth, but the dogs can usually find you something that’ll work in a pinch!

Come join me one day… soon. Seriously. What’s stopping you?