The Daily Forest Report September 17, 2014 Two Feet and a Heartbeat

by nielskunze on September 17, 2014

The last Forest Report about karma really struck a nerve… in a good way.

All that we have taken for granted for countless lifetimes is up for review… and you get to decide.


(Glenn Tipton by Sun Kil Moon from their 2002 album Ghosts of the Great Highway)

This is a haunting and perplexing song… and for that reason it seems most appropriate.

So many people were happy to learn that karma doesn’t apply to the neutral perspective. Now let’s have a go at the chakras. I’ll give you a lot of information; you can take it or leave it… or any portion of it.


Earth is the centre of our experience… yet how many deny her life and love?

The astral realms are not an organic part of Earth. Through the seven main chakras we connect to dreaming within the various levels of the astral.

Through the heart, we dream with Earth Mother. At the North Pole, the Aurora Borealis, we dream with our soul-family ancestors. At the South Pole, the Aurora Australis, we dream with the seven generations of future incarnations.

The beings in the astral realms are non-earthling intercessors. The Moon is a gate for soul immigration– Earth’s adopted children. Earth Mother loves all her children equally. She accepts her role as the place for resolution.

There are about one billion incarnated humans whose souls are intrinsically aligned with the Earth. They/we are not particularly susceptible to mind control. The remainder of the population are aligned to foreign star-nations. They are greatly prone to mind control.

The chakras are an ancient energy-harvesting system for the sustenance of the astral realms.

During Earth’s current ascension phase, all timelines exiting the astral have been severed. The astral realms are closed.

Earth offers a single timeline stretching through ascension toward planetary unity. It is the only organic future available.

The pineal gland is a foreign (astral) installation. It connects through the mental body to the astral realms and their denizens. Non-heart-centred meditation, prayer and energy work feeds the astral and its denizens.

The three chakras above the heart can be lowered into the heart connection. The three chakras below the heart can be raised into the heart connection. The heart and the feet connect to the Earth… the future… the way forward.

We can’t think our way out of this current Earth experience. We will feel our way with two feet and a heartbeat.

The Daily Forest Report September 15, 2014 The End of Karma

by nielskunze on September 15, 2014


(Half the World by Rush from their 1996 album Test For Echo)

Sitka keeps expanding her collection of dead things daily. This is about the fourth dead squirrel brought to me by the dogs in recent months.


There was a serious shortage of pine cones this last winter. The squirrel population was decimated as a result. This summer, however, has obviously been the Summer of Love for squirrels. Now at the last week of summer, their numbers are back up to a level I’ve never witnessed before. So many freakin’ squirrels!

The dogs aren’t killing them though; they’re just collecting them as they’re found in various states of decay. I don’t know what’s killing them; maybe they’re just falling out of the trees due to overcrowding or some such thing.


I’ve only been able to find very limited bear signs in the woods this season.


The forest sovereign has moved into town for our entertainment and edification. I can’t walk to my local grocery store in Fairmont without having to step over at least five piles of bear poop along the way. It’s only a block from my house!

And in case you’ve missed this trending video from my home town, here’s a very popular video shot on the golf course just down the street from where I live:

Baby Bear Pole Dancing…

I’ve mentioned it a few times… that we have the opportunity to step off the wheel of karma. This has confused a lot of people. “What’s changed?” Actually, we’ve always had the opportunity to let go of the karmic design. In the past, it’s been called ‘enlightenment.’ Now we just call it growing up.

The abandonment of karma lies in our taking full responsibility for our lives– same as it ever was. And this notion of responsibility has also generated confusion.

It’s actually rather simple. It’s merely a taking responsibility for what you think and how you feel. No matter what ‘happens’ in life, you always have the choice of how you will feel about it moment to moment. Feelings do arise spontaneously, but in order for a ‘negative’ emotion to settle in beyond the moment, it must be fuelled by your thoughts. Thinking and feeling go hand-in-hand.

In the merest blaming of others, circumstance, or even God, karma is invoked. You are the sovereign fully responsible for how you feel in every moment of your life– if you so choose.

And that’s the simple message for today: karma is a choice.

The Daily Forest Report September 13, 2014 Odds ‘n Ends… Or New Beginnings

by nielskunze on September 13, 2014


(Upon the Rainbow (Befrost) by Happy The Man from their 1977 self-titled debut album)

It’s called The Daily Forest Report. I know, right? But sometimes I don’t have time to post in the morning.

At this point I’ve got a bit of a backlog of photos which you may find interesting… but if you’re looking for a coherent message to tie them all together, you’ll probably have to create your own.

Sometimes my time is taken up by helping out other artists with their projects.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.42.52 AM

That’s my sister-in-law, Sandy. She’s a very talented artist. She’s currently working on a huge contracted project for a high-traffic public venue. I can’t tell you who the contract is with until after the grand unveiling. There’s a non-disclosure clause.

Last week a group of five of us hiked the steep terrain above Moraine Lake near Banff.


Quite the colour from the glacial silt, wouldn’t you say?


We hiked up to the Valley of Larches which is right by the Valley of Ten Peaks.


As you may be able to deduce, it’s always cold around Banff.


We had to haul special birch plywood panels up the mountain for Sandy’s project.


She spent about two hours roughing in the key features in order to get the perspective right. Sandy says that it’s very difficult to get the perspective just right when working from photos alone… hence our expedition.



Meanwhile back at home, the frostline was threatening to swallow up the last weeks of summer.


But it really makes for spectacular views!


And speaking of nature portraits, here’s a profile bust of Richard the Turkey Vulture carved into a root by Chance and Circumstance.


And Sitka, when she’s not busy barking at inukshuks down by the river, still brings me various treasures.



But a beaver’s foot isn’t nearly so exciting when you’ve already been gifted with the tail.


And for my part, I’m still finding plenty of treasures with which to fill my belly daily.


Shaggy manes and puffballs are still the easiest to identify, and therefore the safest of the mushrooms for me to eat.


Just don’t have the shaggy manes with large amounts of alcohol; that’s a contraindication. Personally, I try to not wander around the forest completely hammered too often.

And now, once again, I must make my way into the forest and the mountains…


The Daily Forest Report September 12, 2014 Out on a Ledge…

by nielskunze on September 12, 2014


Grandmother Spider has woven her designs well above the ‘animal’ fray. I suspect that she may have grown weary of me destroying her carefully laid plans with my face. I don’t much like walking into spider webs continuously!

And speaking of elevating oneself ‘above it all’…


Beginning last year, Wasp had come to represent the Old Guard– the Controllers. The paper houses which they typically build I’ve likened to a precarious house of cards… at this time. It also fits with a favourite song of mine, Collapsing Paper Mansion.


Here we see their lofty abode firmly attached to a very precarious ledge above the Purple Cliff. (The dream talisman of the beaver tail lies buried at the base of the Purple Cliff… along with Raven’s feather.) I’ve been given a warning…

The Old Guard has always elevated themselves above the masses. They claim a privileged position in our society… without any basis in true merit. The ledge above to which they steadfastly cling is unstable and poised to fall. They are nevertheless desperate to demonstrate their ‘superiority’ once and for all.

Grandmother Spider is warning of an intricate plan for a false flag event. You can almost sense their desperation as they quickly lose their grip on the reins of control. Their control of the media is in a shambles! They now require something as catalyzing– or even more so– as the events of 9/11 in order to stand a chance of regaining their iron grip. Much has been building.


Look closely at the markings on the back of Grandmother Spider. Is it the caduceus or the crucifix? Either way, she gives us reassurance.

If the same monkeys who produced and put out the recent beheading videos are the same ones who are co-ordinating this false flag attack, then we have nothing to worry about. They will botch it so badly that they will undeniably expose themselves in the process. Only complete morons will buy into the official tally of events.

The most likely times at which this horrific bit of theatre might occur are as follows:

September 12, 2014 (tonight): Numerologically, this reduces to a 28/1 day. The keywords for this vibration are: contradictions, competition, surprise and unusual events. Brand new situations or conditions are initiated on 1 days. This is the day with the highest probability.

September 13, 2014: This date reduces to a 29/11. Eleven is a master number requiring higher discernment and spiritual grounding. If the demands of 11 cannot be met, it devolves into a 2 vibration which includes the potential for trauma and emotional upset. The keywords for this vibration are: learning period, commercial opportunities and help offered. This one has only a medium probability.

September 16, 2014: This reduces to a 32/5 vibration. The original 9/11 attack in 2001 was carried out under a 5 vibration (23). Its association with the pentagram increases the efficacy of black magic. The keywords for this vibration however are: good news, humour, rewards, and victory. This one is not very likely.

After the 16th, we seem to be in the clear.

And here is a very well researched article from for further reading if you’re interested:

Terrorists Don’t Know the First Thing About Comedy!

by nielskunze on September 11, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.13.51 AM

It’s disgusting!

It’s your big debut. You stand and deliver the goods just like you rehearsed it. Your sidekick kinda flubs one line, but they tweak that in the editing. No problem.

The James Foley beheading video is a huge success; nearly everyone who views it laughs and laughs! And it feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

And then you go and break the first rule of comedy. You tell the exact same joke to the very same audience… and all you get are a few embarrassed snickers. Can you blame them?

You’ve got to keep the material fresh!

Now everyone’s just scratching their heads. What are they supposed to think? Are you seriously telling the same joke twice? It makes them question the first one. Maybe it wasn’t a joke at all; maybe it was intended to be serious. Now everybody’s confused.

The media’s no help. They don’t even get the joke at first. Understandable. Government officials told them to take it seriously. They ‘authenticated’ it in their best deadpan voice. Only later, when they said “Ah… gotcha!” did the media clue in. And everybody has a good laugh.

But now this… It’s not comedy. It’s certainly not terrifying! It’s just sad.

Somebody needs to go back to Clown College!

(This article is a followup to my treatment of the original beheading video in The Beheading of Western Journalism… good for a laugh, perhaps.)

Thirteen Years… And the Truth Rolls Over

by nielskunze on September 11, 2014


The Truth About Gumby

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.27.59 PM

“Hey, I recognize you!

You’re Gumby.”

“Though quite understandable, you are nevertheless mistaken.”

“Well, who are you then?”


Prediction: By this time next year, there will hardly be a person in the world who still believes the official version of the events of 9/11, 2001.

What happened on September 11, 2001 in the USA was pivotal; it was mythic; it was downright archetypal… and it was a trigger for many colossal events to follow. And every year around the anniversary of the event, we are urged to never forget, as the fairytale promulgated by the mainstream media is rehashed like a hypnotist reinforcing old post-hypnotic suggestions. Just sayin’…

It’s been thirteen years now… and what do we know about the number thirteen? In the traditional tarot, it is the major arcana representing death and transformation. It is the number associated with Christ consciousness. In the western music tradition, the thirteenth semitone begins a new octave (seven whole notes and five sharps and flats = twelve equal steps). Some consider thirteen to be the unluckiest number, while others revere it as the most propitious. Thirteen is my favourite number.

I like numerology.

9/11, 2001 = ( 9 + 11 + 2 + 1 = 23, 2 + 3 = 5) 23/5

5 is the number for change, adventure and magic (pentagram anyone?). The double-digit correspondence for 23 in Numerology and the Divine Triangle speaks of protection, contracts and travel. A direct quote from the aforementioned passage, “Follow the advice you receive from superiors or those in a position to know more about the subject in question than you do,” applies on so many levels to the 9/11 phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.15.04 PM

Thirteen years ago, a drastic change was thrust upon us. We adapted the best we could and watched the repercussions ripple out across the world. What an adventure it’s been!

The magic spell was contracted to provide protection for 13 years. Then the spell undergoes a transformation– a death and resurrection kinda thing– as the whole thing moves into a higher octave.

9/11, 2014 = (9 + 11 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9) 27/9

9 is the number of completion. It speaks of changes, endings and inspiration. “Events take place quickly at this time, with many stops and starts, because you are experiencing a period of change and transition.” Paul Case suggests that “You must make the final selection between assimilable material and what is rejected as waste.”

The double-digit correspondence for 27 speaks to birth and the start of new business. “Things are growing, blossoming and bearing fruit under this vibration.”

Any person who has undergone real growth has surely learned that turning our greatest tragedies into our greatest teachers and treasures is not only possible but quite desirable. As a world, we can do it too. And we will.

The rest of the world views North America– we Canadians and Americans– kind of like their slightly retarded half-brother when it comes to 9/11 lore. Is it any wonder, when still half of our populace believes that two planes crashing into the tops of two buildings will naturally result in three buildings turning to dust and collapsing into their own footprint within hours? It’s physics, right? Oh wait… what universe is this? And hardly anyone wonders why the Pentagon, probably the most surveilled building in the world, has never released video footage of the airliner crashing into its wall. You know, the one that mostly vaporized on impact? Or otherwise vanished through a small hole in the wall… never to be seen again!

There’s hundreds if not thousands of unanswered or unacceptably answered questions from that day. On this anniversary, the alternative news media is saturated with all that ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff. But that brings me to one point I’d like to make.

I’ve made it public that I question the official version of events on that day. I’ve been presented with a set of ‘facts.’ I’ve looked at them for a very long time and tried my best to fit them together. But they don’t add up. And as I say so, I usually hear in response from the stubborn ones “Well, if you don’t believe the official version, what do you think happened?”

What I think might’ve happened is completely irrelevant. I have no insider connections, no special investigative leads or talents. I wasn’t there. There is, of course, no reasonable means by which I can be expected to know what actually happened. I can’t; I don’t. So what?

I’ve evaluated what I’ve been given… and come to the conclusion that it’s bunk. It’s riddled with lies and omissions. At a very basic level it doesn’t make sense! And that’s not me being a ‘conspiracy theorist;’ that’s me being just your average critical thinker. No counter-theories required, thank you very much!

The truth allowed itself to be laid facedown for a period of thirteen years, during which it– and we– took it repeatedly up the ass. And now the truth rolls over…

Happy anniversary everyone!

The Daily Forest Report September 10, 2014 Shadow Shaping

by nielskunze on September 10, 2014

The Forest accommodates the play of light and shadow with equanimity and complex beauty…


(Shadow Shaping by Happy The Man from their 3rd album “Better Late” recorded at the band house in 1979 and released in 1989 on CD)

It’s been quite a season!


Whoever heard of raspberries in the middle of September? It’s been that kind of year– incredible abundance, paying no heed to linear time. The dandelions never went out of bloom; same goes for salsify. There’s still a few wild alfalfa blossoming right into autumn. Foraging has never been so easy!


I collect my breakfast and lunch out in the forest every day. Everything which I typically gather has responded to my appreciation by doubling or tripling its previous output!


The bearberries, now coming ripe, are countless little red sugar-bombs dispersed everywhere along my route. They combine well with the slightly bitter blossoms of sweet clover which lend a distinctly vanilla flavour or alternately with fifth-dimensional juniper berries which approach a flavour resembling cinnamon and assorted spices.


After the recent rains, hundreds of puffballs have come up along Sasquatch Alley. They make it too easy to fill my belly with unsweetened marshmallows having a slightly spiced mushroom flavour. Again, one couldn’t possibly eat them all!


Even the dogs are finding something of value in the very soil in the designated ‘power spots’ along the way. There are certain places where the dogs go literally nuts, expressing exuberant joy and unbounded energy. It happens every day. Now that the ground is moist again, all three of them have taken to digging in the ground at such ‘power spots’ in order to take a few mouthfuls of dirt. They’re after minerals and probiotics. “Eat dirt and live!” is their motto. Perhaps they’re ingesting a bit of the energetic magick therein contained too.


The Lookout (pictured above) and the Mesa are two such places. The ground in these places is pock-marked with numerous doggy diggings.


There has also recently been a significant inundation of bullshit along parts of our route. As we check the date on the calendar, there’s really no surprise. The thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 is nearly upon us. It’s the annual time for extra servings of bullshit served up by the minions of officialdom. As this is the thirteenth anniversary, I will have more to say on this matter later this afternoon; thirteen is a highly significant number; this is the one I’ve been waiting for!

Even the shadow-world is shaping up nicely… unless you’re still playing the duality game of “I’m right; you’re wrong.” And then the shadows are still shaping you into a feeble expression of timid light, relying solely upon a herd mentality requiring consensus.

Reality is a personal intimate relationship… in case you hadn’t noticed.

Message To/From the TOURS #18 There’s Street-Fighting Everywhere… But We HAVE Turned the Corner!

by nielskunze on September 9, 2014

Unity consciousness has begun… although it may not seem like it at all. So what’s going on?

Let’s begin with a bit of review. I’ve certainly presented this information before, but some things– some very basic things– bear repeating.

In duality, darkness is a creation of the light. This seems very counterintuitive, I know, but it is essential to understand. For surely darkness is an absence of light…? No, it poses as light’s opposite in the primary dyad of polarity in a dualistic experience. In duality, light and dark exist together as compliments (completions) of each other. You can’t have one to the utter exclusion of the other. Light implies darkness; darkness invokes the light; such is the reality in dualistic experience.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.31.30 AM

Pictured above is a classic double-slit interference experiment. There is a single source of light, depicted here in red. The light enters ‘the area of experience’ through two equal slits– or openings… and interferes with itself. The interference gives an undeniable experience of duality– even though the light source is singular. Projected upon the screen (our seemingly objective world is just such a projection) are alternating bands of light and dark. The darkness is created wherever the crest of one light wave meets the trough of the other light wave, canceling each other out. It is a special case (or region) where light plus light equals darkness. All is a creation of Source filtered through a specific perception– duality. This is precisely what has been referred to as ‘the illusion’ throughout the ages; it is where we currently reside.

Victory of the light! is a meaningless statement. All there is is light; that’s all there ever has been! For light to triumph over darkness keeps perception locked into duality; it keeps perception locked squarely within the illusion. Within the illusion, light and darkness are aspects of the very same thing: Source.

We are Source… and we are individual. The paradox of this is resolved in unity. We are not separate; nothing is separate. Both general relativity and quantum mechanics insist upon the singularity and indivisibility of the uni-verse. There’s very good reason why it’s called a universe. (An excellent book which demonstrates this verity is Andrew Thomas’ Hidden in Plain Sight which very simply and very adroitly synthesizes general relativity with quantum physics, creating a unified ‘field’ theory– the holy grail of theoretical physics.)

Unity is the way out of duality. But unity is a tricky thing when viewed from within the illusion. We cannot merely come together, pretending to set aside our accumulated prejudices from countless lifetimes in duality, and hope to achieve true unity consciousness. Karma would still stand between us.

Karma (debt) is incurred only when we act from an off-centre position in duality. An off-centre position is our stance whenever we choose to give precedence or significance to one aspect of polarity in a dualistic pair of opposites… at the expense of the ‘other.’ Choosing ‘this’ over ‘that’ and acting upon that choice (preference) necessarily incurs karma. Choosing light over darkness creates a debt to darkness– which not only has every right to exist, but must exist whenever such a dualistic choice is enacted, for the very choice itself perpetuates the perception of duality and maintains the illusion. Within the illusion, there must be both light and darkness.

The illusion is transcended in unity. Neutrality neutralizes karma. The neutral perspective– which acknowledges the full spectrum of each polarity but gives precedence to none– does not generate karma through its actions. (The Buddha’s middle way.)

Duality requires judgment. Judgment determines what is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Such determinations very literally create the illusion. In unity, there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad;’ there is only what is. Judgment tries to determine what should not be. It is a fool’s errand. We are creators only– in unity. When we attempt to become destroyers, we become mired in the falsity of dualistic perception.

Phew! That’s our general situational update. Now, let’s get to this specific moment in time.

We are rapidly coming to a place of neutrality. In our everyday experience, we are learning again and again that dualistic judgments ultimately don’t solve anything. They perpetuate and exacerbate our difficulties instead. But as we maintain a neutral perspective which allows what is to simply be what is and refuse to engage ourselves in biased choices of denial and/or destruction, we begin to reclaim, step-by-step, our individual sovereignty.

Sovereignty disengages us from the illusion. We acknowledge its existence, but through neutrality, we begin to step outside of the illusion. Only sovereigns may engage in true unity consciousness. That’s what we’ve been doing.

Sovereignty requires us to break everything down to the individual level. We become only ourselves– without the garments and disguises of duality’s deceptions. As only ourselves– without any external props of false power and prestige, without hierarchy of any kind– we finally identify with Source. We are Source– all of us, equally– and there is no longer any need to define ourselves by dualistic means (preferences, biases and denials). We’ve played that game already; collectively, we are fully saturated with that experience. It’s time to dissolve the illusion.

We made the decision collectively to dissolve the illusion long ago– years ago already– but habits of perception die hard. We’re watching the breakdown now. The most perceptive among us (likely most TOURS members) are realizing our sovereignty and learning how to maintain it through the neutral perspective. Your emotional nature should now be coming fully under control– self-control. That is a sign of sovereignty, neutrality; you cannot be swayed by dualistic arguments which attempt to force you into choosing ‘this’ over ‘that.’ Fear has no hold over those who identify with Source.

In the meantime, all those who cling to dualistic judgment as the means to navigating the illusion remain steeped in heavy karma. We see it playing out everywhere! The only way to overcome fear is through facing it head-on, experiencing it. Everyone is being stripped bare… until they realize sovereignty on their own, until they choose neutrality, until they realize the absolute verity of unity… an identity with Source.

We are all one. Deny it all you like… and remain in the time-bound illusion. Act from a position of neutrality in every moment and unity consciousness will pretty much assemble itself. That is the nature of consciousness… and here we are.

Message To/From the TOURS #17 Presence and Identity… And the Jenna Mae Initiative

by nielskunze on September 9, 2014

Ego tends to look upon the world as a problem to be solved.
There is a mystery, certainly, begging to be explored…
But there is no problem.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.07.53 AM

As above… so below.

There’s a direct correlation/reflection between how identity (ego) relates to Presence (soul/psyche) and how the “objective universe” (consensus) relates to All That Is (totality).

Yikes! Sorry about the preceding sentence; there’s an awful lot packed into it… but I guess that’s what the space below is for– unpacking. But before we even get there, I’ll point out one more similar correlation and that is the relationship between our active DNA and the vast repository of so-called “junk” DNA. Okay, here we go!

Identity Versus Presence

Youth is all about trying to build healthy egos. And yes, there is such a thing as a healthy ego. I have never subscribed to the notion that on the spiritual path egos are strictly taboo or something to be eradicated.

In our youthful lust for ego we tend to get lost in the quest for identity because we so strongly identify with our egos. Have you ever noticed how attached young people tend to be to their preferences and their dislikes? “I absolutely love this… but I hate that… and I always will!” In so doing, youth seeks to define a self that is made up of momentary preferences… and then often regards them mistakenly as eternal and absolute… paving the way for later difficulties.

Ego is a mask; identity is a costume; you have a role to play, and you need to act the part. You’re free to paint the mask however you wish, free to sew whatever costumes suit your fancy, and you can act out those preferences with as much conviction as you desire. But none of that is what you are… in any real sense.

Any label or name-tag you might paste to your chest has no bearing on the essence of what you are. Poor, christian, housewife… whatever– these are all temporary conditions that are overlaid upon your essence… by choice. And there’s no problem with that at all, until you begin to seriously identify with the name-tags. Remember, you are very definitely NOT these things!

You are an infinite Presence, a consciousness behind the countless masks you may choose to wear, the wearer of God’s own wardrobe of costumes, exploring all of the roles that you choose to examine. There is no need to pin your identity down, to stuff it into a tight little box… for the convenience of others. Neatly-packaged identities are too easily dismissed. “Oh, you’re one of those…” Whatever that means.

Consensus Versus All That Is

And just as this is the case for individual human beings, it is the very same for the world at large. In our youthful ignorance as a species, we have liked to say how the world is. “The world is this way… but definitely not that way… and what you’re talking about is just plain impossible!” The very same makeup and finery we’ve used to dress up our egos we’ve then projected upon the world.

There is a consensus. There is an aspect or a portion of this quantum reality which we’ve unconsciously agreed to experience in a uniform manner; it’s the same for everybody. That’s what “Newtonians” refer to as the objective universe. It is, of course, no such “thing.” It is merely our agreement to experience a portion of the infinite quantum potential in a consistent, congruent manner. It is a shared dream. Compared to all that’s available, it is but the tiniest fraction of reality. And that’s no problem at all… until some of us– many of us– decide that that’s all there is, or that’s all there is of any real significance.

Then we get stuck in an unconscious agreement which no longer serves our growth potential. Welcome to the slow apocalypse. We’re breaking down that rigid ego-structure now… for ourselves and the world. Just as is true for ourselves, the world does not need to be pinned down into an unyielding identity, crammed into a box of finite understanding. Yes, the world is these things we’ve discovered… but it’s so very much more as well! The exploration must continue.

The Power to Act

Ego acts in the world according to the rules of the consensus. A person who strongly identifies with the accoutrements of ego is very likely to believe in the absolute– and quite mistaken– reality of an objective universe. As such, their power to act in the world is very limited. Egos are pretty good at filling the gas tank and paying the electrical bill.

Presence acts in the world according to the rules of the heart. A person whose identity is a nebula in the space of infinite potential has the power to recreate the world. Such a person knows that the world is not defined by any absolute “isness.” The quantum field is ever in flux and always available. Presence is always free to redefine its relationship to any aspect of all that is.

Ego is bound; Presence is free.

When attempting to change the world, it is important to operate from a place of Presence rather than ego. Ego tends to stretch itself very thin along the lines of linear time. It flits continuously from past to future, hardly ever alighting upon the only true moment of Now. Presence however, as the name suggests, can only enter reality in the Now… and knows this without question.

As embodied human beings, the breath is our immediate and always-available connection to the Now. As we simply focus our attention upon the breath, our Presence enters the space from which to act.

Allow the breath to be centered in the heart, drawing inhalations from the inward direction. And with each exhalation allow the Presence drawn from the inward direction to expand outwardly, filling one’s aura within the Now. Bring one of the heart virtues (forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, understanding, valor, or humility) to colour the aura according to the task at hand. Feel the virtue as a vibration; this may take some practice. And from there, be prepared to receive inspiration as to exactly how to act in order to “change the world” according to your intent. Just by bringing Presence into the world in such a manner often and consistently will hasten the positive shift we crave.

Jenna Mae’s Initiative

What I’ve so briefly described above is meant to be played with, experimented upon. An excellent suggestion for doing just that was given to me yesterday by one of my friends. I love it when great ideas come from others! Here’s the comment Jenna Mae posted beneath my current Facebook profile pic:

“If I hug a tree in the forest here and you hug a tree in the forest there.. Somewhere between the roots and soil from my tree and the roots and soil from your tree, we connect, right? So it’s like I’m getting a Niels hug from a tree.. Let’s do that. I need a hug today.”

It just so happens that I have a “Hugging Tree” along the path of my daily walk. Incidentally, Jenna has been introduced to it. I live in British Columbia and Jenna lives in Saskatchewan. We’re about a nine-hour drive apart. I completed the hug today on my daily walk in the Forest… or rather, my Presence completed it.

My further suggestion is that we can all do likewise wherever we are on the planet in order to share a group hug with each other daily. The trees are quite happy to be our intermediaries in this endeavour. I will make a point to continue the practice everyday. I welcome and encourage everyone– whether a TOURS member or not– to get in on the action. As we practice, we may even get some startling glimpses into the special perception of Unity Consciousness.

Happy hugging!

The Daily Forest Report September 8, 2014 Sacred Space

by nielskunze on September 8, 2014

For many, the challenge of these times has been to ‘hold space’ for transformational energies to bring about change.


(Labyrinth by Happy The Man from their 3rd album “Better Late…” recorded at “the band house” in 1979 and released on CD in 1989)

Like air rushing into a vacuum, magick rushes in to fill the unspoken and irresistible invitation created by sacred space. And we all want a little magick in our lives.


If you designate or otherwise create sacred space, magick can’t help but attend that space… and the very nature of magick is to enchant and delight.

Now, following up from the last Forest Report, I need to clarify that Sitka definitely did NOT kill the beaver whose tail I received. Even the intrepid Munkie Dunky couldn’t possibly kill an adult beaver and remove its tail without sustaining a scratch or getting covered in blood. No, Sitka is just an opportunist whose forte is scavenging. I don’t know what befell the beaver’s fate.

The ‘gift’ has already proven itself magickally… as a navigation device in the DreamRealms. Yesterday, as we returned to the place at the Purple Cliff where Sitka presented me with Beaver’s gift, I made some permanent arrangements to place it within safe-keeping forevermore.


This is the Purple Cliff… by the river.


And this is the talisman as I left it the day before. The carrion beetles are amazingly efficient at sniffing such things out and properly dealing with them. (Carrion beetles must be German, I think.)


For the past week or more, Raven has been gently harassing us, but I hadn’t figured out what he was talking about.


Now that I’ve buried the beaver tail along with the ‘oiled quill’ from Raven, the Forest’s sensibilities seem to be satisfied. They now reside permanently beneath the Purple Cliff… and my forays into the Dreamtime are exquisitely guided and clear. I anticipate that there will be much to report on this front in the coming days and months.


The Mesa is sacred space by default– it was created that way. It is my task to maintain it as such… and share it with the world. The upcoming event, the Concert for Bigsquatch, is the establishment and sharing of just that.


These additional views from the Mesa are intended as inspiration. Please consider joining me on the night of September 23rd– the Libra new moon. All are welcome.


The sacredness of the space on the Mesa will be reinforced with a salt-line perimeter and a sacred heart-fire at its centre. I will audio and video record the event for everyone. My twelve-string guitar will be tuned to A=432 Hz. I will spend the night physically grounded to the Earth via a buried grounding rod and an earthing pad.

We will attempt to link the Jenna Mae Initiative (the tree-hugging network) to the sacred Dreamtime. Everyday, as I commune with the Hugging Tree, I am pleasantly astounded at the level of ‘heart-melt energy’ that is building through our combined efforts. We are sharing sacred space with each other.

The goal is to eventually reclaim the entire planet as Sacred Space!

(And just one final note: I know it’s pretty cool having a beaver tail as a Dreamtime navigation tool and talisman, but please do not go out and try to procure such a device for yourself. There was a confluence of very unlikely circumstances which brought this one into my possession. To go out and deliberately kill a beaver for its magickal tail would render the gift ineffectual and offensive!)

Simply go about creating your own sacred space in any manner that suits you… and the magick will undoubtedly fulfill its obligation to bless you abundantly. Any space can be made sacred… and especially that space around you which you carry with you everywhere you go. Fill out the light of your aura from your heart and you will always walk in sacredness… and magick will be your constant companion!

I hope to see you on the 23rd.