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by nielskunze on December 9, 2020

“Shut up!”Mooed the crowd, in fits and spasms.“And put your muzzle back on!”They agreed, uncowed, hardly passive…This herd has been weaponized, thought I,Looking to the warning eyes,Nervous above the bullhorn:“Tyranny requires your compliance!And genocide your righteous zeal!”And the only escape… (…)

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Imagine What It Means to Come Together

by nielskunze on January 27, 2017

Imagine what it really means to come together. When we are each filled with illusions, pouring our energy into misunderstandings, planting ourselves in cul-de-sacs of thought leading nowhere… we can only come together as a milling crowd, a mob of (…)

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There’s Nothing Automatic About the Truth… Here

by nielskunze on October 26, 2016

Truth seekers are a peculiar lot. Their peculiarities stem from fundamental misunderstandings of the ‘object’ they seek. Truth isn’t what you think it is… ever; it is beyond the thinker. Truth is absolute and objective… but should not be thought (…)

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Clinton Shits on Washington! Press Eats It Up

by nielskunze on October 26, 2016

Grounds Security Officers responded this afternoon to an incident on the White House lawn involving a plump elderly woman dressed like Kim Jong-un. Security officers were acting on a tip that she had at least 200 pounds of crack in (…)

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The Consent to Self-Irrelevance

by nielskunze on October 15, 2016

“Sorry kids, I had to destroy the world in order to keep you well fed.” “I shall indenture myself to the slave-master most likely to release me from bondage.” #SaveTheParasites #TapewormLivesMatter “Be sure to adequately infect the children!” I desperately (…)

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Election Results November 9th, 2016

by nielskunze on October 4, 2016

He won??? He fucking won?! Dean was sitting in front of the computer, slack-jawed and drooling, the spittle of naive incredulity plummeting to his pajamaed lap. It was November 9th, 2016 and the morning’s coffee was brewing in the kitchen (…)

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Shake Your Head As the World Just Nods Away…

by nielskunze on August 7, 2016

(As the World by Echolyn) “As the World” Lyrics by Brett Kull and Ray Weston I’m stretching my ears they’re open and not withstanding To rhythmic syncopation, harmonic dissonance I move to a groove that will never stop swinging And (…)

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The Smallest Denominations We Call Change: And We Can’t Be Bothered

by nielskunze on July 29, 2016

Money seduction is so pervasive… so insidious… and seemingly, so easily tolerated. Money is a tool– a potential tool of convenience for its users engaged in commerce, and as a tool of control by its creators, as it has evolved. (…)

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Originality As an Expression of Free Will

by nielskunze on July 6, 2016

A man goes to a party and has a good time. He drinks too much, gets drunk, and passes out. While he is unconscious he is moved into the guest bedroom. The next morning he awakes, takes stock of his (…)

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The Questionable Ethics of Love & Light

by nielskunze on July 4, 2016

What does authentic spiritual practice look like? Is it our prerogative to surround any of the dark minions or our personal enemies with a shroud of love and light? Is it wise to pray for any old thing we might (…)

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