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Endecay Museladder Jr.

by nielskunze on November 10, 2019

…said the Whispers: “Just give him a chance. He’ll figure it out.”“It’s been fifty-three years!”“So… it’s just the very beginning of the fifth cycle…” Endecay Museladder Jr. A Slightly Schizophrenic Public Autolysis Only that day dawns to which we are (…)

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Endecay Museladder I

by nielskunze on October 9, 2019

…You’re so vain you have no chance of understanding that these writings are about you… Directions For Use:  Apply liberally. Read. Rinse. Repeat. Endecay Museladder I A Great and Varied Scrapbook of Mostly Vampire Selfies We continually forget that there (…)

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