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Podcast: Healing Fundamentals #1 The Redox Revolution Part 1 Re-Establishing Inner Knowing

by nielskunze on March 13, 2018

(Healing Fundamentals Podcast March 13/18; music excerpts: Superman’s Song – Crash Test Dummies; Superman – The Kinks; Ludwig & Sverker – Beardfish) Restore products at: ASEA products & info at: Niels D Kunze Team ASEA Molecular Hydrogen info at: (…)

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Fat Magick

by nielskunze on March 6, 2018

Fat Magick Wind whipped and whistled through the naked branches of larch boughs gone bare in the sunset of seasons. Blustery autumn music crashed against a sky smudged grey like ashes on the elder shaman’s face before performing funeral rites (…)

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Redox Universe

by nielskunze on March 2, 2018

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Information flows with the movement of energy. All physical communication is the exchange of electrical potential. “Moreover, modulation of optimum REDOX signalling through aqueous delivery systems could be the future of global healthcare.” – Narain Naidu PhD. (Medicine) _____________________________________________________________________________________ (…)

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Molecular Hydrogen: The One True God Particle

by nielskunze on February 22, 2018

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Unrecognized errors get compounded… until they become recognizable… and then they are corrected… as we change direction. Health is a state of high electron flow (information/communication). Disease is a state of low electron flow (isolation/ignorance/stagnation). Poor digestion is far (…)

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Forced Catharsis… And A Little Help from a Friend

by nielskunze on January 31, 2018

This is a New Paradigm Papers supplement, not part of the main series. Typically, catharsis refers to an emotional purgation only. In the relation of this incident, I am using it as something much more holistic and encompassing, including a (…)

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The Real Magic of Redox Signalling

by nielskunze on January 18, 2018

Let me begin this next episode of New Paradigm thinking by pointing out that I’m not trying to be a “salesman.” The important thing to remember throughout this series is to look to the consciousness behind these products and modalities. (…)

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Restoring the Biome… And Our Place Within It

by nielskunze on December 14, 2017

________________________________________________________________ In determining Self from Other, context is everything. Word. Healthy, living tissue cannot be infected. _________________________________________________________________ Restoring the Biome… And Our Place Within It “Don’t eat poop!” That’s probably the most oft-heard refrain during my forest walks with the (…)

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The New Paradigm Papers: A New Introduction to Health

by nielskunze on November 22, 2017

_____________________________________________________________________________________ As above, so below. As within, so without. Universal Law: The law is one… and reciprocal… …or, we’re all in this together. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Among our contemporaries, philosophy is not compelling. Abstract thought is not persuasive. We have lost the (…)

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Preventative Medicine As a Statement of Intent

by nielskunze on January 10, 2016

Here’s a slightly different angle to a message I’ve already delivered many times. It has been my pleasure and good fortune to enjoy exceptionally good health for all of my adult life. As an adult, I have consulted a doctor (…)

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Pertinent Secrets of Cannabis Use and Cultivation

by nielskunze on August 13, 2015

Disclaimer: Nothing here is true; even the words have been photoshopped. Over the years, I’ve been asked numerous times why I haven’t written an article on cannabis cultivation. My answer has always been that there is plenty of engaging material (…)

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