Podcast: Healing Fundamentals #1 The Redox Revolution Part 1 Re-Establishing Inner Knowing

by nielskunze on March 13, 2018

Niels: March 11/18

(Healing Fundamentals Podcast March 13/18; music excerpts: Superman’s Song – Crash Test Dummies; Superman – The Kinks; Ludwig & Sverker – Beardfish)

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Redox Universe
“Dear human, you are an ecosystem. You are not an entity. You are not alone; you are a community.

You are a capable steward of the environment: first, within, fostering care for your own bio-terrain; then, without, tending to the urgent needs of a planet fallen into confusion, isolation— discommunicated.

Nevertheless, we are here together, finding resolution.”

Restoring the Biome
“We carry a representation of the world in our bellies. We have to, or we wouldn’t be able to meaningfully interact with it. The lining of our gastrointestinal tract is our primary interface with the world around us. The very necessary microbes that make their home in our gut must closely resemble the microbes which reside in and on our daily food and the living soil in which it grows. They have to, or we wouldn’t be able to digest it. For everything which Nature builds, she also provides the means to break it down again— mostly via microbes.”

The Real Magic of Redox Signalling
“How free radicals are handled within the body is an intricate, carefully choreographed dance involving complex and elegant chemistry… and molecular signalling.”

Molecular Hydrogen: The One True God Particle
“It appears that hydrogen is another important molecule in the redox universe, essential for maintaining optimal health. This shouldn’t be surprising since it figured prominently in the formation of the early universe, the genesis of life on Earth, and was a major constituent of Earth’s early atmosphere. It naturally follows that the presence of hydrogen gas in the human gut would foster microbial diversity and be implicated in numerous positive gene expressions. It is perhaps somewhat surprising that H2 should have such positive impact upon all of the body’s systems through mechanisms that are not readily understood… yet. The far distant past, it seems, cannot be discarded in regards to this ancient elemental god. Hydrogen will not be denied its role, and we would be wise to embrace it.”

A New Introduction To Health
“Our conscious minds are ill-suited to intervening in— let alone, supervising— complex systems we don’t adequately understand. Can you imagine if the healing of a little cut on your finger required your conscious attention and direction every step of the process? Would any of us really have a clue what is required at the microscopic or even molecular level to take place… and in what precise order? Fortunately, we’re not required to consciously know and think our way back to health. Our bodies already know the way.”

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