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by nielskunze on March 2, 2018


Information flows with the movement of energy.

All physical communication is the exchange of electrical potential.

“Moreover, modulation of optimum REDOX signalling through aqueous delivery systems could be the future of global healthcare.” – Narain Naidu PhD. (Medicine)


Dear human, you are an ecosystem. You are not an entity. You are not alone; you are a community.

You are a capable steward of the environment: first, within, fostering care for your own bio-terrain; then, without, tending to the urgent needs of a planet fallen into confusion, isolation— discommunicated.

Nevertheless, we are here together, finding resolution.

First Language

Reduction and oxidation, the give-and-take of electron flow, constitute the base pairs of the primal language, the first orderings of a physical world, the first stirrings of life. The whole history of universes is written in electrical charge and discharge, creating a map of energy transfer— soft words whispered in the ear of entropy, speaking of complexity.

Even in dire chaos, order remains exquisite, recognized in beauty, symmetry… in the indefatigable desire for life and love. We listen; we respond; we heal, become whole.

Math is hard. Chemistry is complicated. But everything speaks… to everything else… through countless numbers of reactions. And we don’t even have to learn the language ourselves, but just recognize that it exists— has always existed— and allow it to be spoken… freely, again.

Complex systems cannot be effectively managed from the top down. Nature knows this. Evolution allows systems to be self-organizing, and selects those which are successful, to perpetuate a burgeoning complexity in the face of pending (heat)-death.

Your Health (Wholeness)

We are mired in the midst of a health revolution. Why mired? Because it can all be so damn confusing! “Should I be taking more copper or less copper? Is calcium missing in my diet or is it slowly killing me? Do fats make me fat? Really…?”

Taking a strictly intellectual approach to self-healing can be daunting, to say the least… and perhaps, next to impossible. How do we figure out what’s really going on inside? Or, do we even have to?

Our insides already know what’s going on inside… or at least they should.

The internal imbalances which we commonly experience as symptoms and disease are the time-tested perfected responses to the environment we’ve fostered, created. If we have parasites, they’re there to clean up our messes. If our immune systems are attacking our cells, it’s because the once well-defined barriers between self and other have been compromised— at the cellular level we are confused.

There are countless remedies for every ailment we can name. There are chemical agents to carpet-bomb candida, or restrictive diets to starve it out. But what’s the use, really, if we never honestly address the habits, choices and behaviours which created the perfect environment to invite them in and to flourish in the first place?

We are not at war… at least, we shouldn’t be.

We’ve lost the critical skill of listening. Most alternative health gurus will urge you to “Listen to your body.” But how do you distinguish between the small still voice of your innate body intelligence and the bellicose ravings of a yeast overgrowth whispering in your inner ear “Feed me! Sugar please… or a beer will do,” like some invisible devil perched upon your shoulder? Just like our immune systems get confused in distinguishing self from other, so too does the intellect get easily lost in a cacophony of voices screaming for precious resources.

Primarily, first and foremost, it’s a breakdown in communication. Signals are getting lost and crossed. And in the spiral of deepening degradation, it gets more complicated, confusing and seemingly hopeless as we age. But if only we could restore clear and precise communication to all of our trillions of cells… and all their constituent parts… and among all of the quadrillions of non-human microbes participating in this human community being. We can! Rather easily…

Through the unique language of redox signalling, we can receive— internally— clear and precise instructions on how to effortlessly drop our bad habits, curb our damaging behaviours, and learn the moment-to-moment protocols of nurturance and self care. We don’t have to figure everything out with our heads… as to what might have gone wrong in our bellies. Given the right tools, our bellies know how to heal, how to bring us back to wholeness.

We don’t have to guess at the right diet that’s exactly right for us today— but maybe not tomorrow. When the voices of cravings from our internal imbalances are hushed, we will simply know— without even thinking about it— what is precisely the right thing to have and to do in every moment. We shouldn’t be agonizing over information overload. Certainly, we can still satisfy our intellectual curiosity and expose ourselves to all manner of helpful healing tools and strategies, but these should be secondary— confirmations of what we already know from within. At least, that has been my experience… on this healing journey.

Specific Tools

The science of redox signalling as it pertains to medicine is still young. And as with most new sciences, the experts have loudly proclaimed that it is impossible to develop viable tools for therapeutic benefit from and for such a delicate and innately volatile language spoken in atoms and milliseconds. But tell the humans that something can’t be done… and it’s just a matter of time…

As I’ve already detailed in previous essays, Restore, ASEA and Molecular Hydrogen have already been developed for great and unprecedented therapeutic benefit. Derived from the living motherboard of soil-organism-redox-signalling contained in pristine and vibrant soil from the diverse life of 50 million years ago, Dr. Zach Bush created a simple but effective ‘dirt tea’ to foster diversity and balance within the gut microbiome. And then with ASEA, Dr. Gary Samuelson figured out how to stabilize the various redox metabolites produced in our own cells’ mitochondria in a balanced aqueous solution, re-providing the stable background for clear and precise intracellular and extracellular communication. And finally, the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation is aggregating the burgeoning research of the critical role that hydrogen gas (H2) plays in our communal physiology as a very specific signalling molecule affecting gene expression, all body systems, as well as microbial health and diversity in the microbiome… and of course the various ways to obtain that tricky and pesky hydrogen gas.

These three, the triumvirate of REDOX life, give back to the body— and its innate intelligence— the pre-eminent tool for re-establishing health, homeostasis, wholeness: the ability to effectively communicate. Restore allows all of the various microbes— the bacteria, the fungi, the molds, yeasts and viruses— to talk to each other in a dialogue seeking balance rooted in diverse inclusion, and to send clear signals from the microbiome to the host human cells, while ASEA allows the organelles like the mitochondria to speak to their host cells, and then among their neighbours, and finally back to the microbiome to complete the circle. Finally, hydrogen— that wily and uncontainable god— inserts its own soothing voice to bring reassurance and the reminders of far distant origins in the pressing of key biological buttons and markers. And the body-voice is restored…

The clear knell of my own body-voice restored and intoned has made all the difference. With deepest sincerity I want to share it with you, with everybody. Please understand that seeking the countless remedies to ‘combat’ our ailments is a strategy doomed to failure if we don’t first seek to correct our own damaging behaviour, to curb our lifestyle choices and finally stop the relentless onslaught placing our bodies in perpetual repair-deficit, in coping mode, in survival, in fear. We MUST change the conditions which brought on the various ailments in the first place.

Change is hard… when it relies solely upon the action and power of headstrong will. But change is easy when it is directed moment-to-moment by the clear guidance of the healer within. That has been my experience… and my pleasure.

Uh-Oh Here Comes the Sales Pitch!

Yes, it’s true. I have something to promote. My agenda is your perfect health. And I know it’s achievable.

In many ways, I’m a selfish prick. And I’ve grown very weary of living among seven billion lunatics harbouring dangerous amounts of pain and fear. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can heal ourselves; we can heal our world. The triumvirate of REDOX life is the beginning, the foundation, the first step. (I consider Restore and ASEA to be essential in re-establishing full communication, and molecular hydrogen is rather more optional— but perhaps critical for some.)

Restore can be found at (I have no affiliation; I just believe very strongly in the product).

Oodles of information about ASEA and their full product line can be accessed through my personal ASEA website at

Yes, this is a multi-level marketing company— and that’s a good thing! The health revolution can fund itself. I very much want to spearhead a true health revolution and I’m going to need lots of help. There’s a real opportunity here for anyone who has any networking skill and believes in the product. If what I am outlining here can really transform your health (like it has mine), then why wouldn’t you want to share that with everyone? I too was hesitant at first, but now I clearly see it as a win-win-win… for me, you and the world. You can contact me through the website or through my email at (the commissions are very generous).

The various sources of Molecular Hydrogen are thoroughly enumerated and discussed at the

Together we can do this!

Be well.

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