The Real Magic of Redox Signalling

by nielskunze on January 18, 2018

Let me begin this next episode of New Paradigm thinking by pointing out that I’m not trying to be a “salesman.” The important thing to remember throughout this series is to look to the consciousness behind these products and modalities. In everything that I write, it’s always about consciousness— not money, things or convenience.

Please also note that in the previous essay (Restoring the Biome) I have added an addendum briefly touting the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, for those who are on a restrictive budget.


Think differently.

It is no coincidence that my blog has always been called The Free Radical.

Even the most accomplished healer may only assist the body in healing itself.

Suppress the acute, invite the chronic.


Before: A clear need for detox. After: All clear.

This essay is about ASEA, the other half of the redox signalling story. Where Restore provides the ‘liquid motherboard’ for detailed communication among and between the non-human microbiome and this human organism, ASEA provides the balanced medium for cell signalling, gene expression and systems regulation originating within and around our human cells. The two together form the foundation for a comprehensive molecular communication network, one that’s critical for restoring and maintaining superlative health.

The redox signalling molecules in ASEA are completely native to the body, to our cells. Every living cell produces them, along with the ‘messages’ they contain. In this way, they represent a continuous ‘status report’ issued among the uncountable players in this living human tapestry. ASEA is nearly identical to the basic medium in which life arises, thrives and evolves— a mild saline solution.

So it’s just salt water?

No. ASEA is derived from sodium chloride (salt) and water, but it holds normally highly reactive molecules in perfect balance in a stable form. It contains reductants along with oxidants— many of the same ones produced by the mitochondria in our cells, free radicals and antioxidants— but holds them in an atomically stabilized matrix, in perfect balance.

ASEA is 100% non-toxic. It will do no harm. And perhaps surprisingly, it holds the potential for facilitating tremendous good.

Non-Linearity and the Butterfly Effect

The human body’s complexity is non-linear, non-binary. A single cause will almost assuredly initiate a cascade of effects. For decades, our common understanding of oxidative stress and, in particular, free radical damage, has been overly simplistic. Highly reactive oxidants, like the hydroxyl radical (OH) for instance, just require adequate antioxidants to be present in order to neutralize them, right? Just dump enough antioxidants into the body and free radical damage will cease. As continued research is now clearly showing, it’s not quite so simple as this.

Free radicals are actually vital to our functioning; they’re not just waste products, ‘smoke’ or ‘exhaust.’ For example, nitric oxide is a well known free radical… and it plays a key role in our moment-to-moment physiology. There are currently many methods, procedures and good reasons for increasing nitric oxide in our bloodstreams which fitness buffs are exploring and incorporating into their workout routines. The idea that all free radicals are always bad is a quaint and outdated notion.

How free radicals are handled within the body is an intricate, carefully choreographed dance involving complex and elegant chemistry… and molecular signalling.

If we try to think of ASEA in the old linear/binary way, it won’t really make much sense. ASEA contains a balance of both oxidants and reductants, and if we apply it to the interior of our cellular biology according to the old thinking, where the reductants (antioxidants) are used to neutralize the typical overabundance of oxidants produced in our cells, well that would leave the oxidants in ASEA to fall out of balance as the reductants are depleted, and there would be no net gain. This kind of linear thinking doesn’t really get us anywhere.

Redox signalling is a relatively new science. Although already well accepted scientifically, research into redox signalling is still very much in its infancy. How exactly a product like ASEA achieves positive results is still a bit of a mystery. However, THAT it achieves positive results is irrefutably provable.

What we can say— supported by the research so far— is that ASEA upregulates the master antioxidants like glutathione produced within the cells, increasing their efficiency up to 8 times. It influences gene expression with positive specificity. It aids in the detoxification process, like helping to mitigate lactic acid buildup in the muscles. It makes more energy available within the body and cells, despite not being any sort of fuel source. In essence, ASEA makes everything more efficient, more intelligent.

A little nudge in the right direction shifts everything toward healing, repair and replacement— rejuvenation.

And that’s a really good thing.

My Personal Experience with ASEA

I’m about 3 months into continuous use of ASEA— both the original ‘water’ for internal consumption and Renu 28 for topical application. They are both essentially the same product, Renu 28 being a concentrated gel version of the original.

From the very first moment ASEA touched my lips, my intuition said “Yes!” It tasted like the water from a just-cleaned swimming pool— a little bit salty and slightly chlorinated. And right from the very first application of the gel on my skin, I could see and feel its undeniable efficacy almost immediately.

For about 6 months prior I had been battling a first-ever stubborn flare-up of psoriasis on the palm of my hand. Virtually the whole palm was inflamed with a red and crusty itchiness. Whatever I had tried couldn’t seem to stop its inexorable spread… until I tried the ASEA redox gel. It immediately began to look better and to FEEL better. But that was just the beginning.

Incomplete Healing and Aging

I’m in my fifties now. Since I’ve been using the two premiere redox signalling products, Restore and ASEA, I’ve come to a new understanding of the aging process— an understanding back-engineered from the healing process itself.

It seems to me that my experience of aging has been a slow accumulation of health challenges throughout my lifetime which never completely resolved themselves at the time they first presented. These would include things like old injuries, subclinical infections (sinuses), susceptibility to cold sores (herpes), skin outbreaks (pimples, boils, rashes, etc), stiffening joints (shoulders and knees), intestinal gas, lower back pain, mild tension headaches, unexplained muscle soreness… the list goes on and on. These types of things would flare up from time to time and then die down again, but I could always tell that they hadn’t been completely healed even when the symptoms would diminish to a tolerable level.

All of these things together have a cumulative effect, placing a growing burden upon the immune system. My immune system has done a remarkable job of coping with each and every challenge to the best of its ability. However, in each and every one of these instances, as the immune system fails to return my body back to perfect balance, homeostasis— even though I may be symptom-free for a time— there is a cumulative burden placed upon my immunities which eventually becomes overwhelming. We call that “the common signs of aging.”

In particular, it seems to me that in trying to cope with so many things at once, the clear signals which are required for complete and perfect healing are increasingly lost in the static and noise of increasing toxicity and stress. After time, the immune system’s ability to sort out all of the myriad distress signals and its ability to marshal appropriate intelligent responses becomes critically compromised. The result is a cascading deterioration presenting as more and more ‘visible’ symptoms— some familiar, some not.

Just by consistently providing the means for significantly improved internal communication (redox signalling), our overburdened immune systems gain the opportunity for sorting it all out and respond accordingly. That has been my personal experience.

The Healing Journey

Every symptom we experience is a direct communication from our bodies about what is going on— going ‘wrong’— inside. Symptoms are our bodies’ response to imbalances and a breakdown of the delicate communications needed to completely resolve them. This 3-month long experience (so far) with redox signalling molecules has been very much like a recapitulation of my entire medical history, as every little thing, in its turn gets addressed— or redressed… and thankfully, resolved.

It’s been like the peeling away of the layers of an onion— layers of mild yet significant dysfunction. As one-by-one the old symptoms would be expressed, I could quickly, intuitively and empirically observe their resolution. Intuitively, it felt like a ‘movement of resolution’ beginning in the centre of my being and moving outwardly through phases of expression, pushing outward. I don’t pretend to understand all of what’s going on inside of my body, within its complex systems, but I can assuredly feel when the processes underway are to my overall benefit.

In this process, the Renu 28 topical gel has been a marvellous tool for bringing me through this in a relatively pain-free manner. If there was a flare-up of gout in my big toe, I would apply the gel, and within an hour it would completely subside. If I developed a mild tension headache originating in my neck, I would apply the gel to the back of my neck and the tension would be gone in minutes. As old subclinical infections in my sinuses began to clear, cold sores would threaten to break out here and there, but just a few dabs of Renu 28 gel and they would never have the chance to visibly manifest. There are way too many little things which have cropped up during this healing journey to list them all, but frequent and consistent application of redox signalling molecules to the affected area— whether of the skin or deeper— has in every case resolved the discomfort quickly. And the psoriasis I mentioned at the beginning— it’s very nearly completely gone!

It seems almost magical, too good to be true, but once we understand that what redox signalling products like ASEA are doing is re-establishing a fundamental communication pathway involving all of the living agents in this human frame, including DNA, we can see why once-elusive healing becomes suddenly possible and everything within our functionality becomes more efficient, more effective. It is a uniquely wonderful tool.

A True Health Product

If you provide a healthy person with a pharmaceutical drug, it will very likely make them sick. If you provide a healthy person with ASEA, it is most likely to help them to become even healthier, more vital, more alive. That’s what a true health product does. ASEA may very well be the very best adaptogen.

ASEA works holistically, systemically. The body will use the redox signalling molecules wherever they can be used for the greatest overall benefit. This means that if a person begins using Renu 28 topically for a condition like psoriasis, for instance, the body’s innate intelligence may decide to divert the bulk of the redox signalling potential entering the bloodstream to more significant or pressing matters elsewhere. This is perhaps the most common complaint with a systemic remedy such as this: you begin to use it for a specific purpose which your conscious mind finds particularly troublesome, and that complaint doesn’t seem to resolve in a timely manner. But in the meantime, some other half-forgotten health challenge does find resolution while you’re busy thinking “Hey, this stuff isn’t working.”

(Side note: Heart disease is still the reigning champion in terms of the leading cause of death in the western world. Recent research has shown that, contrary to what is still widely believed, the cause of heart attacks is NOT arterial blockages in about 80% of cases. In only 41% of heart attacks are there accompanying arterial blockages, and half of these occur AFTER the heart attack, and so cannot be the main causative factor. So what causes heart attacks? Lactic acid buildup in the heart muscle. Just like your muscles will get sore and even unusable after a strenuous workout, the heart too— being a muscle— is susceptible to the very same dysfunction. Many athletes use ASEA for working out because they report better muscle performance and reduced recovery time. Now, I can’t claim that ASEA prevents, cures or diagnoses any disease, but I invite you to connect the dots yourself.)

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing ASEA and Restore and actively encouraging their use among friends and family in addition to using them myself. One thing that has been completely consistent among my contacts is that everyone has effortlessly begun to move in the direction of their ideal weight. I, myself, have lost about 15 pounds over the past 3 months… without even forming the intention to do so. I gave up beer; I gave up scotch; I eliminated wheat from my diet; I’ve reduced my sugar consumption by about 80%; I’m eating less, generally. I didn’t really consciously ‘decide’ to do any of these things. They just naturally ‘happened.’

Our bodies don’t want to be fat. As I have now come to understand it, many of our cravings, especially those for unhealthy indulgences, don’t originate with our innate body intelligence. Rather, it’s as though various ‘factions’ of internal imbalances are ‘whispering’ into our internal ears “Feed me. I want sugar… alcohol will do in a pinch…” As these internal factions— candida, for example— return to a state of balance within our internal microbiome and cellular physiology, those unhelpful whispers diminish and eventually disappear. It’s remarkable and wonderful!

A Comment on Price

At first blush, ASEA looks to be pretty expensive, at least that’s what I thought. However, in its reliable aspect of tuning my physiology to becoming noticeably more efficient, and especially in its resolution of longstanding health dysfunctions, my opinion now is that it’s rather cheap. Just in the elimination of certain vices and aspects of my diet like beer, scotch and sugar, I’ve found that I’m not really spending any more money than I was before. Many people find too that they can reduce or eliminate expensive supplements as all nutrients seem to experience better absorption and utilization when redox signalling is functioning optimally. With the aid of redox signalling, your body seems to know better what to do with every nutrient coming in.

It’s much like a fuel additive that pays for itself by providing better mileage. (I’m currently using 4 bottles of ASEA ‘water’ and 1 tube of Renu 28 per month— which is about $250 Canadian. That’s right about the recommended dosage.)

ASEA is also a multi-level marketing company, which normally I find annoying or distasteful, but when you truly believe in the virtues of the product, it provides a unique business opportunity instead.

Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that I’ve been using DMSO in conjunction with the Renu 28 gel— which is not an authorized combination, but one which I intend to continue due to its efficacy. First, I apply a generous dab of Renu 28 to clean skin, rub it in, and then I follow that immediately with a similar amount of DMSO to drive it deep into the tissue. (I think I’ll write a whole separate essay in this series about the marvel that is dimethyl sulfoxide— DMSO.) I have also been employing daily doses of Carbon 60, molecular hydrogen and sporadic use of Cannabis oil. Essays on each of those are yet forthcoming.

Not For Dabblers

ASEA is for people who are serious about turning their health around. If your plan is to employ ASEA so that you can continue with unhealthy vices and lifestyle choices in hopes of putting off the consequences of doing so, I strongly suspect that ASEA will not adequately support such an intent. As it reorganizes your physiology and metabolism toward greater health, expect ASEA to similarly reorganize your mind toward the same goal.

If you’re serious and you’re willing to make changes, I would suggest making a 90-day commitment to trying redox signalling technology for yourself. If after such a time you find no significant benefit from ASEA and/or Restore— both of which I hold to be the foundation upon which to build a new abode of superlative health— then I apologize for having led you astray. I definitely believe in the power and ‘magic’ of redox signalling molecules.

I never ask others to believe me. Rather, I encourage you to look into these things for yourself, and please try them if you feel so inspired.

(Note: ASEA and Restore should be taken at least 30 minutes apart. Taking them together can reduce the efficacy of each as they may interact with each other.)

This one’s a bit of an infomercial, but still valid.

Looking to Try ASEA?

Anyone interested in trying the ASEA product line or even becoming an Associate in order to distribute these health essentials yourself can find much more information at my personal ASEA Associate website: You can contact me personally through the site or explore product info, further scientific research, company profile and business opportunities. For any other general inquiries not directly related to ASEA, you can email me at

It’s way past time for a worldwide health revolution, don’t you think? So please come join me and my team… and let’s get the world to a healthier place together!

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