Podcast #4: Healing Fundamentals: Metabolic Flexibility & The Proper Role of Supplements

by nielskunze on April 23, 2018

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(Podcast #4: Healing Fundamentals: Metabolic Flexibility & The Proper Role of Supplements; music: excerpt from studio run-through of Islander by my band Missing Peace; excerpt Ludvig & Sverker by Beardfish)

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Anyone who is interested in approaching their own health concerns from a functional/metabolic/mitochondrial/energetic perspective is encouraged to check out the cellular/microbial (microbiome)/genetic communication essentials of Restore (restore4life.com), ASEA, Molecular Hydrogen (molecularhydrogenfoundation.org)… and now add in Cannabis Oil (whole spectrum)- essay forthcoming.

The above components comprise the basic foundation for reinvigorating the internal communication systems within the body at the molecular/chemical level as expressed in the exchange (flow) of electrons: redox signalling. Only the body (as a complex ecosystem) knows how to heal itself… and will unfailingly do so when provided the proper tools.

To order ASEA, or for more information about products, testimonials, and business opportunities please visit my personal ASEA Associate website: Niels D Kunze Team ASEA.

Here’s a couple of source lectures which I found particularly interesting and informative:

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