Podcast #5 Healing Fundamentals: Our Most Intelligent & Adaptable Organ: The Microbiome

by nielskunze on May 30, 2018

Crying Over Spilled Life

(Podcast #5 May 30, 2018 – Our Most Intelligent & Adaptable Organ: The Microbiome; music excerpts: Chameleon’s Teardrop by my band Missing Peace from our 1996 debut album Tense Moments; Ludvig & Sverker by Beardfish)

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Here’s a partial list of the health personalities I’ve been using as references as mentioned in the podcast:

Dr. Zach Bush
Dr. Gary Samuelson
Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Benjamin Bikman
Dr. Darren Schmidt
Dr. Berg
Nutritionist John Bagnulo PhD
Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Lee Know ND
Dave Asprey
Dr. Jason Fung
Dr. Russell Jaffe
Dr. Thomas Levy
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
The Riordan Clinic
Dr. Dan Nuzum
Dr. Carolyn Dean
Dr. Jerry Tennant
Andrew Saul Phd (doctoryourself.com)
Dr. Robert Cassar
Dr. John Douillard
Thomas DeLauer

And not mentioned in the podcast: Dr. Robert Morse, Mark James Gordon

Here’s Dr. Nuzum on the general framework for the Healing Journey:

The above two videos provide the basis for the point-form Healing Template I’m currently working on with resource links. I’ll post it here when the first draft is complete.

Getting started on Lymphatic system cleansing:

Comprehensive movement for energy/lymph clearing and cleaning by Niels (as taught by Carlos Castaneda):

Zach, very briefly, speaking on hydration and electrical potential:

Thomas DeLauer on the importance of glycine (collagen) for bile production and fat metabolism:

The two supplements which I found to be essential in breaking all of my lifestyle habits are Restore and ASEA, re-establishing the most basic communication between the microbiome, the human cells and even the mitochondria. This was the main part of the First Phase of Healing for my journey: Stabilization.

Restore can be found at restore4life.com and ASEA can be found at my Associate website at Niels D Kunze (ASEA).

Please check back; I may be adding more links over the next few days… in preparation for the next podcast.

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