Table of Contents – Endecay Museladder

by nielskunze on December 19, 2019

All previous editions of the Endecay Museladder epic are archived HERE.

Endecay Museladder I (The First)
A Great and Varied Scrapbook of Mostly Vampire Selfies

Cold Caterpillar Soup (poem)
Epistemologia 1
Legacy (short prose)
Eagle Food 1: Kill ’em All or The Time I Murdered My Family
Tales from My Crazy Uncle Nilly: Prologue
Chapter 1: The Grey Men Pt. 1: Alexander
Tanking Reality (short prose)
Dark Ocean (poem)
The Park Bench Encounters 1: Personal Responsibility & The World
The Music Archeologist 1: The Wrath of Gord
What’s Wrong with God 1

Endecay Museladder Jr. (The Second)
A Slightly Schizophrenic Public Autolysis

Epistemologia 2
Misanthropiqued: Chapter Zero: Perfidy
Impeccability (poem)
The Park Bench Encounters 2: Dodgeball Betty & The Elusive Now
The Music Archeologist 2: The Black Sun
Eagle Food 2: Other People
Tales From My Crazy Uncle Nilly 2: The Grey Men Pt. 2: Grey’s Apprentice

Endecay Museladder III (The Third)
A Collection of Free, Frightening & Priceless Unrealities

Epistemologia 3
Whole Versus Hole: The Silent Double You (poem)
The Whirlwind World (centrepiece story)
The Park Bench Encounters 3:
Fuel for the Fool’s Fire: Freewill, Will & Intent
Magic Mushroom on a Human Trip (short prose)
Misanthropiqued: Chapter One: Lavington
What’s Wrong with God 2
The Music Archeologist 3: The Beginning of Life & Meaning
Tales from My Crazy Uncle Nilly 3: The Children of Children

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