Imagine What It Means to Come Together

by nielskunze on January 27, 2017

Transparency (photo by Niels via GoPro)

Imagine what it really means to come together. When we are each filled with illusions, pouring our energy into misunderstandings, planting ourselves in cul-de-sacs of thought leading nowhere… we can only come together as a milling crowd, a mob of weak character. We will find comfort, temporarily, in such an arrangement– this illusion of power-by-numbers– but we will be unable to solve or resolve anything. First, we must be broken, stripped bare of our comforting delusions; we must be taken down to our roots. We will be parsed, pared and pruned… until we are transparent to ourselves, invisible… as only the fertile soil remains as the basis for our commonality. And then the rose will rise up in the Spring, with the dandelions, among the towering conifers– each infinite in its potential. The Forest will breathe with One Life, nurturing each in its quest for the Sun. Imagine what it really means to come togetherā€¦

(Come Together, written by The Beatles, performed by my band Missing Peace, live in Whitehorse, 2001)

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