There’s Nothing Automatic About the Truth… Here

by nielskunze on October 26, 2016

When Journeying Down the Rabbit Hole...

When Journeying Down the Rabbit Hole…

Truth seekers are a peculiar lot. Their peculiarities stem from fundamental misunderstandings of the ‘object’ they seek.

Truth isn’t what you think it is… ever; it is beyond the thinker.

Truth is absolute and objective… but should not be thought of as such. Truth underpins the entire universe of our experience… but remains unfathomably mysterious to the one who experiences.

We are now in the time of the Great Revealing. But what is being revealed? Truth? No! Quite the contrary, what is being revealed is deception.

Deceptions are outing themselves… because of new agreements within the collective consciousness of humanity (the noosphere). Deception simply won’t work like it used to. Just ask your grifter friends how they’re faring lately. The cons are collapsing… even for the pros.

Now, does that mean that truth naturally arises where deception falls away? Not at all.

There are many layers to the World Onion. And once they’re all peeled away, all that’s generally left are watery eyes and stinky fingers.

You see, truth seekers, truth can’t be found. It can’t be bought… or sold. It can’t be traded or stolen. But it can be lived… embodied… demonstrated.

Truth isn’t a thing… with properties and attributes. And yet, it is discernible, identifiable. It’s not an object, and yet it’s the only worthy objective life has to offer.

Truth is the eternity standing behind God The Manifest. It is the Quantum Field of All Possibility, the Godhead, Brahmin, Undifferentiated Consciousness… the Everything And Nothing. It is a peerless mystery.

Truth seekers, my friends, so many get lost in the happy dream of dreaming themselves awake. It is a misunderstanding of truth. If you think it is a destination, it is impossible to arrive.

Each of us, as holographic fractals of the whole expression of truth, has a unique subjective relationship with truth. This is what we have to work with… eternally. Once you think you’ve ‘got it,’ you’ve missed it entirely. You ARE it… if you can get out of your own way.

So what is written here? Very important nonsense! Love the Mystery as you love yourself, knowing that the Eternal Mystery is unsolvable and that it is your task to solve it nevertheless.

It’s true.

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