The Consent to Self-Irrelevance

by nielskunze on October 15, 2016

“Sorry kids, I had to destroy the world in order to keep you well fed.”

“I shall indenture myself to the slave-master most likely to release me from bondage.”

#SaveTheParasites #TapewormLivesMatter

“Be sure to adequately infect the children!”

Lipstick on a Pig

Lipstick on a Pig

I desperately wish to live among self-empowered, intelligent, thoughtful people… you know, adults. But alas, I live among delicate snowflakes destined to become just so much dirty meltwater.

What happened to the human Spirit?

What happened to the human Heart?

What happened to the human Mind?

They are all tightly bundled into that Holy Grail/False Prophet called the right to vote.

The right to vote is forcibly marketed to us, relentlessly, as the system’s greatest lever for individual and collective self-expression… with the sure promise that our participation will be amply rewarded. But that is wholly predicated upon the assumption that the system is functional, that it is coherent, that it is honest, that it is sane.

It is not! How can anyone any longer doubt that?

It’s called representational democracy. (Yes, I know asshole, it’s a constitutional republic– in the USA. We all know that it’s nothing of the sort in actuality, so shut the fuck up.) Does anyone feel well-represented by this cycle’s crop of bloviating rot?

Do these cabbage heads really represent a cogent response to your deepest concerns for the future? For the future of your children? Really?

And this has been my favourite, most persistent question of all: Is this the best we can do?

Holy bananaless republics, Batman! I sure the fuck hope not!

Let’s get down to basics. (This will be strictly for review purposes only, as I’ve covered this at length previously.)

NONE of us currently lives in a functional democracy. This is verifiable and irrefutable. (I’m trying to discontinue using the word ‘undeniable’ because I’ve found that the delicate snowflakes shaped like human beings in this world are frustratingly still able to deny anything, despite its obvious irrefutability.)

A democracy– any kind of democracy, asshole– which claims to derive its power solely from the People (by the People, of the People, for the People blah blah blah) necessarily relies upon an informed electorate. In simplest terms, if the People are not accurately and completely informed of their government’s policies and actions domestically and abroad, then it is simply– irrefutably— impossible for such a ‘democracy’ to be functional or to have integrity. Period.

When there is any faction of government which operates without meaningful public oversight, when any government agency operates outside or above the law, proper democracy is impossible… and covert tyranny takes its place. This is perhaps the most unrecognized fact of western ‘civilization’– the true nature of the World-Devouring Machine.

We ALL reside in covert tyrannies. We are irrefutably manipulated into consenting to a world condition not of our conscious considered choosing. How can this be cogently argued?

I have long ago learned the complete futility of trying to present anything with even the tiniest whiff of conspiracy to the delicate snowflake crowd. For snowflakes, a snowstorm (snow-job) is the only conspiracy possible. So let’s take a peek at the irrefutable proof of our non-existent democracies.

It would be easy to misconstrue the reason why I included this brief video clip. Hint: it’s not because I wish to demonstrate Hillary’s obvious ineligibility for holding public office. The point of this essay, after all, is that it doesn’t much matter who holds the office of president. Presidents don’t write the script. They are merely paid actors belonging to an agenda beyond their control and comprehension.

The video clip introduces, for the first time into public awareness and discourse, the existence of ORCON classified intelligence. As mentioned during the hearing, ORCON refers to ‘originator controlled.’ Looking further into what this actually means, we find that this classification of intelligence report stands above any and all grades or categories of standard security clearance. In fact, there is no one within the elected governmental structure who holds a security clearance ranking high enough to oversee ORCON materials. Such a ranking simply does not exist anywhere within the governmental system. Only the originator of the classified material may decide who has permission to be ‘read into’ the contents of such materials. What this means is that the originator of such intelligence can effectively tell the president to “Fuck off” should he or she ask to see such materials. By the very definition of ORCON classified material, it is impossible for there to be any meaningful oversight by elected officials of projects and operations designated as ORCON.

The public is tacitly asked to simply trust that whatever these projects and operations entail they are in and for the best interests of the electorate. I have to grant that it is possible that such black-ops are really in the public’s interest, but the probability of such would entail quite the astonishing level of naïvety that I am forced to regard it as virtually impossible.

Presidents themselves have repeatedly informed the public of the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Hidden Hand, etc. Woodrow Wilson in his memoirs lamented ceding control of American economic affairs to the privately-owned banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act. Eisenhower, upon leaving office, felt compelled to warn the public about the pernicious and avaricious nature of the Military-Industrial Complex, who were already in the 1950s used to calling their own shots (pun intended) with little to no meaningful opposition or oversight. Then Kennedy, following quickly on the heels of Eisenhower, delivered a speech at The Press Club about a “far-reaching conspiracy” that he was determined to take on, expose and uproot before the end of his presidency. Well, we all know how that turned out. (Delicate snowflakes will cling to the lone-gunman narrative like a child clinging to the ‘reality’ of Santa Claus in an irrational refusal to grow up.)

Maybe presidents are all actually comedians; they like to joke about the usurpation of democratic principles and the resulting societal dysfunction. Fucking hilarious! Good one, guys! In addition though, there have actually been numerous congressmen and senators who have seen fit to similarly go on record exposing the very same reality of the democratic sham perpetrated and maintained by the Deep State. I invite you to look further into it.

Elections are very bad theatre… for ugly people, as the saying goes. But it still serves a vital societal purpose. And that purpose is to acquire the consent of the governed.

And now we’re getting to the crux of the matter.

Every ‘democratic’ election is a covert referendum. The question being asked in the referendum is: Do you consent to be governed by the existing system? Anyone who shows up to register their vote– regardless of the candidate(s) selected– is casting a Yes-vote. “Yes, I consent to being governed by the existing system… at least until the next time I am offered the opportunity to vote again.” A No-vote is ‘registered’ by simply refusing to vote, thus withdrawing one’s consent from the farcical system. Even if you write in a selection outside of the candidates officially offered, you are still giving clear and binding consent to being obedient/subservient to the misrepresentational system.

Ironically, and in blatant contradiction to the obvious truth, agreeing to participate by casting our vote is aggressively marketed as ‘raising our voices,’ or ‘standing up’ for something or other, or– my favourite– ‘making a difference.’ By thusly granting consent to the inept, secretive and corrupted system we are effectively giving away our personal power to innovate, to rectify, to heal our broken societies ourselves (the ONLY way such may be accomplished… you know grassroots, common understanding, and all that). Even Bernie Sanders during his recent campaigning explained that ultimately it didn’t matter who the People voted into the White House, for if grassroots support for fundamental change wasn’t prevalent, vociferous and relentless, then even he, Bernie Sanders, would be utterly powerless to affect such desired change solely through the agency of the presidency.

Presidents are far less important than self-empowered, clear-headed individuals.

“A house divided against itself cannot long stand”… or something like that. If you’re an activist, gunning for systemic reform, how in the world can you register your vote in a grossly dysfunctional system, granting it your clear– albeit tacit– consent, and then waste your energy railing against the very system you’ve just openly supported– and ever hope to succeed? It’s a schizophrenic strategy at best!

And that’s really my point. The system is masterful at divide-and-conquer. Everywhere we look in our modern society we see it in action. Our very systems of law and governance are deeply adversarial. Economics are fiercely competitive, and education serves the purposes of perpetuating the strife– attempting to give youngsters a trifling competitive edge… so they don’t end up being hopeless losers like me! But the primary division, the one that fundamentally causes all the rest, is the division within ourselves. If we maintain a shred of individual moral conscience, and yet delegate our most sacred right for self-determination to inept bureaucracies, we are fundamentally divided against ourselves and our own best interests. How can anyone still pretend that our elected officials have the best interests of the world’s peoples at heart? Do they even have hearts? (Ask the Afghanis, Syrians, the Iraqis, the people of Libya, Yemen, etc.)

Intention is a real thing… well, I guess only if you believe that your own mind is real. (Beyond the sacredness of their own pathetic comfort zones, I really don’t know what snowflakes believe.) Intention is the creative force behind choice– the choice to determine the future world we’d like to live in and leave to our children. Consent is secondary to intent; in the absence of one’s own creative force called intent, consent takes its place, and we are bound by that to which we agree… a binding contract written in our own subconscious.

Perhaps this is all a bit too Castanedian for your tastes, but it’s not just woo-woo spirituality or speculative philosophy; it’s verifiable basic psychology. It’s the way it works, and I implore you to check it out for yourself. If our collective goal is to create a better, saner, sustainable world culture, then such would require the full force and power of each individual’s clear intent to be claimed and exercised in such a direction unfettered. Those who currently hold the reins of ‘power’ will not grant the plebes the opportunity to vote for even a slight diminishment of their inordinately centralized power. To believe otherwise is painfully naïve, hopelessly foolish and downright stupid. If you can’t see it, and I recognize that many still cannot, all I ask is that you keep your eyes, your hearts, and your minds open, bringing all of the awareness and intelligence you can muster to bear on the world situation as it continues to spiral out of control in blatant disregard for your and my better judgment.

If you could just summon the courage to stop supporting the ugly tragic comedy that is called democracy– but is irrefutably nothing of the sort– then I would be proud to stand beside you shoulder-to-shoulder, rolling up our sleeves to finally tackle the challenges before us in the only way possible: as free-thinking, caring individuals.

Casting your vote for who should become president is nothing more than deciding the shade of lipstick to be applied to the pig being trotted out to an exceedingly gullible public.

Freedom can be terrifying indeed, but it’s also commensurately rewarding… and your children will thank you for your courage and fortitude.


I do realize that encouraging others to refrain from voting goes directly against all of our societal conditioning and programming. I further realize that hardly anyone will heed my advice in this regard. But you know the phrase ‘the right side of history’…? Well, in generations hence– if we in fact survive this tumultuous time– the retrospective eyes and considerations of our children’s children, I am confident, will not look unfavourably upon one such as myself who encouraged extricating ourselves from an obviously failed system during the painful decline of empire, to initiate grassroots solutions based in common understanding and individual moral conscience, over apathetically acquiescing to an obvious fraud. Those who currently maintain confidence in the system’s ability to self-correct will be shown to have lacked even the most basic understanding of the challenges we face as living human beings.

(And BTW, I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m Canadian, but everything I say about the good ol’ USA equally applies to my own country. It’s just that everything is exaggerated to the nth degree in american politics… all part and parcel of being exceptional and indispensable, of course. Canada, like every western democracy, has its own secret factions of government which I am simply not permitted to know anything of significance about. For instance, most Canadians don’t even know that our primary spook network is the CSIS. “Oh c’mon, you aren’t going to tell me that nice polite Canadians are engaged in secret nefarious activities, are you?” Native American genocide anyone? You know, the residential schools thingy. Oh, but former PM Harper had that whole Truth and Reconciliation deal… all out in the open now, right? Yes, of course, the shameful whitewash… many decades after the fact, hardly any witnesses still alive. Had it been left up to regular Canadians do we really believe that we would have consciously chosen to destroy the traditional culture, to break the Spirit of the Indian, to break the hearts of thousands of families, and if any of the little buggers gave us significant trouble it was alright to take ‘em out back and put a bullet in their heads? Would regular folk have so easily approved of the mass graves? No, of course not. We need government for that… and all they need is our consent. Well, I don’t mind one bit saying “Fuck off!”)

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