Horned Prog: Set 7: Quirky Jerky

by nielskunze on March 13, 2019

It’s hard to precisely put my finger on what exactly makes a song “quirky” in my mind. Even though they’re musically sound, they’re hard to take seriously.

As the Horned Prog endeavour progressed I seemed to amass a long list of songs which I considered quirky– but worthy. Eventually I decided I’d have to dedicate a whole set to the expression of this aural weirdness. And this is it!

A song like “I Talk to the Wind” may seem anything but quirky… until we view it from a historic perspective. The rendition featured here is one which predates the famous version that would appear on the eponymous 1969 album which seemed to define the prog genre thereafter. (I’ll let you figure out what album I might be referring to.)

Horned Prog 7-A Quirky Jerky


  • Locomotive Breath -Jethro Tull
  • Digging My Lawn/Little Children -Giles Giles & Fripp
  • Mom and Dad/Oh No -Ed Palermo Big Band
  • Rose Garden -3rd Avenue Blues Band
  • Aquarius (Let the Sunshine In) -5th Dimension
  • I Talk to the Wind -Giles Giles & Fripp
  • Crazy Daisy -East of Eden
  • Spring Theme-Summer Theme -Dr. Dopo Jam
  • Sabre Dance -Ekseption
  • Maudie James -Samurai
  • Look at the Animals -Jethro Tull
  • Iguana -Iguana
  • Tapeworm -Creative Rock


  • The Dog Breath Variations -Ed Palermo Big Band
  • The News -Window
  • New Religion -Trifle
  • Reverend T. McKinnon -The Web
  • Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting -Trifle
  • Spiritual Rebate for the Stoned Zen Pimp -Peter Berkow & Friends
  • Aquaman -Fungkus
  • Robin the Boy Wonder -The Marketts
  • 5 Degree Ocean -Christian Boule
  • Too Loose to Get Tight -Sod
  • Pass the Pencil -Daddy Cool & the Groove Bug
  • Lady Pig -Creative Rock
  • America Drinks and Goes Home -Ed Palermo Big Band
  • Why You Bustin’ My Balls? -Ed Palermo

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