Horned Prog: Set 5: Pop Rocks & Other Unsavoury Snacks

by nielskunze on March 12, 2019

This one has been a Snickelfrizz favourite ever since it was first posted a few months ago. It’s poppy; it’s catchy. But first, it’s classy.

In keeping with the piano intro tradition, this time I excerpted a true classic, Keith Jarrett. On the 24th of January of 1975, jazz history was made at the Köln Opera House in Germany.

As legend has it, the show very nearly never happened. Due to a miscommunication, the baby grand provided to Jarrett for the performance was clearly the wrong one. When Keith arrived, it was out of tune and the pedals didn’t work properly. It was the old practice piano for the opera singers’ rehearsals.

The world-renowned jazz pianist was clearly accustomed to a much higher standard. Keith was road weary. His back was terribly sore. The show was scheduled to begin shortly before midnight– after the local opera performance. It was too late to get another piano.

But the show was sold out. The concert promoter, a young German girl, allegedly begged and pleaded and even shed a few tears, until the good-natured Jarrett agreed to “make do.”

As he explained afterward, his playing that night– strictly improvisational– was affected by the limitations presented by the subpar baby grand. He worked his magic within the limitations he was given. They did manage to properly tune it up, but the pedals couldn’t be fixed in time. The result?

The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett has sold nearly four million copies, making it the single best-selling jazz soloist album of all time! How’s that for making the most of a bad situation!

Horned Prog 5-A

(This video has restricted visibility due to copyright claims– although every individual track can be found on Youtube. We’re trying to be compliant here. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it’s not my call.)


  • Köln Concert excerpt -Keith Jarrett (Blocked worldwide due to copyright restrictions!)
  • What’s This World Coming To? (rehearsal) -Chicago
  • Sunny Days -Lighthouse
  • Time For Thinking -The Ides of March
  • She’s Learning -Brainchild
  • I’m Not More Than a Sign -Mr. Albert Show
  • Symphony For Eleanor -The Ides of March
  • Freedom Sweet -The Ides of March
  • Free -Chicago
  • One Fine Morning -Lighthouse
  • Superman -The Ides of March
  • Spinning Wheel -Blood Sweat & Tears
  • Dance Through a Storm -Window
  • Drageur -Syncope
Horned Prog 5-B


  • Sing Sing Sing -Lighthouse
  • Giddy-Up Ride Me -The Ides of March
  • The Country Song -Lighthouse
  • Belladonna Moonshine -Audience
  • Skillet -Galliard
  • Conquistador -Procol Harum & Edmonton Symphony
  • White Buffalo -Lighthouse
  • The Time Is Near -The Keef Hartley Band
  • Mister Hero -Birth Control
  • The Sky Is Falling -The Ides of March
  • Fly My Airplane -Lighthouse
  • Set the Stage -Lighthouse
  • The Approaching Storm -Chicago
  • An Hour in the Shower -Chicago (Terry Kath rehearsal)

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