Horned Prog: Set 4: Proven in the Groovin’

by nielskunze on March 12, 2019

At this point I need to mention the Germans. Germany during the seventies was a hotbed of progressive music. And it seems as though every other band had a sax player– if not a full-blown horn section (pun intended).

Although “krautrock” is a narrowly-defined sub-genre of prog, there’s no denying that those krauts knew how to rock! (For the PC crowd: it’s okay, I’m German. I can say “kraut”.)

Horned Prog 4-A


  • If I Come This Way -Tierra
  • Autobiography -Brainchild
  • Boulevard -Altona
  • Concerto No. 2 -St. Helena
  • Premonition -The Keef Hartley Band
  • Questions 67 & 68 -Chicago
  • Take What’s Yours -Tierra
  • Roundabout -The Keef Hartley Band
  • Clown -The Flock
  • Karmic Delights -Forgas Band Phenomena
  • Healing of the Lunatic Owl -Brainchild
  • Smilin’ -Emergency
Horned Prog 4-B


  • Alive Again -Chicago
  • Open Up Your Mind -Galliard
  • Did You Really Find Somebody? -Mr. Albert Show
  • Tierra -Tierra
  • Microfilm -Randy Pie
  • Can’t Live Without You -Altona
  • 7/4 -Altona
  • Hide Yourself -Altona
  • Weird Song #1/Run Back to Mama -Chase
  • Close Up Tight -Chase
  • Glad -Traffic
  • Watch Time Flow By -Fashion Pink

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