Horned Prog: Set 2: “Sometimes the Horns Are Implied,” said the Prog

by nielskunze on March 11, 2019

Defining a new genre is always risky business. “Push the limits early,” is my best strategy. It looks like the Horned Prog progect will come in upwards of thirty hours in total. That’s a big progect! And even at that enormity, it barely scratches the surface of what’s available!

So what is “Horned Prog” anyway?

Brass rock? Jazz rock? Fusion? Progressive rock? Anything featuring wind instruments? Or just a certain vibe?

Yes! All of these.

In these mixes, I deliberately chose songs which weren’t obviously horny… along with ones that obviously were. I don’t like to paint myself into corners. And I don’t take kindly to rules in general. It is my hope that the listener will be able to discern a particular vibe running through all of the songs within the Horned Prog sub-genre, even if they don’t feature horns or other wind instruments. And keep in mind that the human voice is the horniest and windiest of them all!

Just as a quirky thing peculiar to just me, I’ve started all of the Sets (the odd numbered hours) with an acoustic piano introduction. This is in keeping with the song which kicked off Set 1: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Chicago. On the album, there’s a piano intro. On the radio, no one ever played the piano intro, so most folks don’t know it exists. By following through on this newly minted “tradition”, I’m drawing attention to the long lost piano intro.

Horned Prog 2-A


  • Pie -Ekseption
  • Zaragoza -Good God
  • Tusk -Fleetwood Mac
  • Show Me the Way to the War -Sweet Smoke
  • Moondance -Van Morrison
  • Baby Night -Sweet Smoke
  • I Cannot Understand -Ginhouse
  • Just Another Empty Dream -Sweet Smoke
  • Feelin’ Alright -Traffic
  • Dreams of Glass and Sand -Mogul Thrash
  • Coloured Armageddon -Grannie
Horned Prog 2-B


  • Believe Me My Friends -Sweet Smoke
  • Mittelstreifen/Anima/Bear’s Banquet excerpt/Opossum Novum -Opossum
  • The Peruvian Flute -Ekseption
  • The House -Ginhouse
  • House on the Hill -Audience
  • Banquet -Audience
  • Saga of the Sad Jester -Grannie
  • Waterfall -If
  • Living in the Past -Jethro Tull
  • Grasshopper -Spin
  • Borrowed Time -If
  • What’s This I Hear? -Mogul Thrash

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