Horned Prog: Set 11: A Bag of Rocks

by nielskunze on May 15, 2019

Most of the songs on my list are primarily rock oriented… so here’s another batch.

You may notice that I chose to mix Bloodwyn Pig with Bloodwyn Pig– four songs in a row from the same album. It’s a great album! And most bands mix well with themselves.

And I did the same with the little-known band Satisfaction as well, clustering three songs together. Enjoy!

Horned Prog 11-A


  • 24 Famous Piano Licks -Nate Hance
  • My Fixation -Satisfaction
  • Don’t Be Short -Archie Whitewater
  • Dialogue 1 & 2 -Chicago
  • Beginnings -Chicago
  • Cold Summer -Satisfaction
  • Just Like Friends -Satisfaction
  • Go Through Changes -Satisfaction
  • Is It Loud? -Trifle
  • Time Will Change -Missing Link
  • Borderline -Greatest Show On Earth
Horned Prog 11-B


  • Mechelwind -Aera
  • G. Storm -Wilding Bonus
  • Sneezing Bull -Focus
  • Street War 1 & 2 -Rock Workshop
  • Look Upon Me -Hannibal
  • Mister Media -Warm Dust
  • Send You Son to Die -Bloodwyn Pig
  • See My Way -Bloodwyn Pig
  • The Squirreling Must Go On -Bloodwyn Pig
  • Worry -Bloodwyn Pig
  • Take What You Need -East of Eden
  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? -The Graham Bond Organization
  • Time Take My Life -Atomic Rooster

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