Horned Prog: Set 9: On the Rocks

by nielskunze on March 13, 2019

This one leans to the rock side of prog… with a bit of orchestral fun to begin. The opening song by Renaissance reminds us that the human voice is the ultimate “horn”. Annie Haslam is simply superb!

Hour 18 gets a bit proggy in the middle while still maintaining its rock orientation… a little foreshadowing of things to come…

Horned Prog 9-A


  • Prologue -Renaissance
  • The First Ring Made of Clay -Roger Glover
  • Cemetery Junction 1 & 2 -Room
  • Satisfaction -Collective Consciousness Society
  • Revolution’s Eve -Alquin
  • Just Lay Back and Enjoy It -Satisfaction
  • Mississippi Delta City Blues -Chicago (scratch track)
  • Smutsig Jord -Splash
  • Real Cool World -Greatest Show On Earth
  • Rockin’ Chair -Lighthouse
  • Magic’s in the Dance -Lighthouse
  • Vehicle -The Ides of March
Horned Prog 9-B


  • Genesis -McCully Workshop
  • Kids Hunting -Missing Link
  • Frankenstein -The Edgar Winter Group
  • Blue Space -Window
  • Inter Galactic Cosmic Triolet -Christian Boule
  • Infinity Machine -Passport
  • Naissance -Carpe Diem
  • La Vaca Roja -Bubu
  • Talle -Missus Beastly
  • Pastorale -Galliard
  • Home Again -Trifle
  • Dirty Old Town -Trifle
  • Spectaculum -Ardo Dombec
  • House of the King -Focus

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