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Update on the Slow Apocalypse

by nielskunze on August 8, 2012

Wow! It’s been a month since I last posted on my blog! What happened? A shift… in focus/perception is what happened. It all suddenly became much more personal. In November of last year, when David Wilcock began his “Financial Tyranny” (…)

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Our Freedom Lies Buried With the Truth

by nielskunze on July 5, 2012

There is not a human being on the planet who knows exactly what is going on here on Earth right now. Nor is there a “Galactic” in the higher dimensions or in the space around the Earth who knows the (…)

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What If Drake Is a Tactical Sacrifice?

by nielskunze on June 30, 2012

Yes, what if…? Well, let’s face the possibility now… and move past it. In this moment we are being given the opportunity to clarify our intentions. Drake has wished and worked for the true will of the People to be (…)

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The “Untouchables” Are Getting Ready to Be Groped and Probed

by nielskunze on June 29, 2012

Less than a year ago it looked as though that those who were primarily responsible for the crash of the world’s economy would never face the public scrutiny they obviously deserved. The bankers and financiers in their ivory towers have (…)

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Despite Drake’s HUGE Tactical Error…

by nielskunze on June 7, 2012

Last night was Drake’s latest weekly radio broadcast bringing us up to date on The Plan to remove the Dark Cabal from the highest ranks of our society. It was a total circus with a raucous carnival going on in (…)

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What does Tim Thomas Know That the Average Hockey Fan Is Wholly Unprepared to Accept?

by nielskunze on June 3, 2012

So it’s Saturday night and I’m watching the hockey game. Okay, actually the game was just on in the background whilst I was bashing away on my guitar trying to break in the new strings I had just tuned, retuned (…)

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The Root of All Evil

by nielskunze on May 18, 2012

Money is the root of all evil, or so we have been told. It is not… but that is an easy mistake to make. We are all struggling. Whether we’re just trying to “get ahead” by staying a step ahead (…)

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Worlds Within Worlds… Plans Within Plans

by nielskunze on May 7, 2012

Okay, I’m all in. The evidentiary freight train has gathered enough momentum that it can’t be stopped. We are precariously balanced upon the tipping point now, awaiting the revelatory avalanche of truth to sweep us into the New Earth and (…)

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The Fed is on the Ropes!

by nielskunze on April 21, 2012

Just a quick look at the news this past week reveals more progress in the battle to end financial tyranny. First, I would like to offer this YouTube excerpt of a recent Drake interview from April 15, 2012 in which (…)

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Interesting… But Completely Unsubstantiated

by nielskunze on April 16, 2012

The following was posted in the comments section on beneath the Drake Interview Transcript by “Nancy”: “I had this information last week, and the following this morning (3/15) [4/15? Comment was posted April 15] from a Canadian source. It (…)

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