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Independently Healthy: Just a Few Reminders

by nielskunze on January 21, 2014

Several of my longtime readers have expressed frustration that I’m no longer issuing my monthly health missives now that the Newsletter is dedicated solely to the completion of the Muse Trilogy. I had thought that I might be able to (…)

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Unfollow Me!

by nielskunze on January 21, 2013

(Author Narration with musical accompaniment: Paralee Sleeps -Lives of the Saints) Fuck off! You can’t follow me, so quit trying. Yes, I’m headed in the right direction… for me. There are infinite directions, and one of them is right for (…)

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The Right to Make The Wrong Decision

by nielskunze on March 28, 2012

Why is freedom important? Is it? Freedom is only important to those who believe that a human being is capable of personal growth. Only if it’s possible to learn from our mistakes, is it then imperative that we are allowed (…)

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Love, Fear and the Fear of Love

by nielskunze on February 13, 2012

Existence is made from love. Or to put it differently, everything in existence is an expression of love. If not for love, nothing exists. Love is the primary condition of existence. It has no opposite… except non-existence (whatever that is). (…)

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The Tides of Inevitability

by nielskunze on January 19, 2012

Inexorably… we are moving toward something… something wonderful. The changes that we are about to see in the world and ourselves are going to challenge us like never before. How well we adjust to the shattering of our longest held (…)

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The “Cancer Paradigm” as a Social Blunder

by nielskunze on January 5, 2012

As above, so below… and in the middle too. Or, in other words, our individual challenges are mirrored in society and the cosmos at large… as well as microscopically. What I refer to here as the “cancer paradigm” is the (…)

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Ginger Beef Jerky

by nielskunze on January 5, 2012

I was recently asked to contribute one of my favourite recipes for an extended family recipe book this Christmas. Even though I knew that several of the recipients of this book were vegetarians, I chose to offer a meat dish. (…)

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My Post-Workout Smoothie

by nielskunze on November 3, 2011

Ingredients: 12oz. Super-Tonic Tea – simmered for about a day in an enamel pot on my wood stove, containing the following herbs: Cat’s Claw bark, Gynostemma, Tulsi, Chinese Red Jujubes, Chanca Piedra, Pau D’Arco, Powdered Reishi Mushroom (homegrown), Powdered Chaga (…)

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A List of My Favourite Foods

by nielskunze on October 24, 2011

This list includes many food items which I try to ingest on a daily basis. They are not strictly conventional, and some, perhaps, will be unknown to most readers. Therefore, I have included nutritional profiles and descriptions where appropriate. 1. (…)

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Longevity and the Evolutionary Self

by nielskunze on September 16, 2011

Preface:The term the “evolutionary self” is borrowed from a talk given by Craig Hamilton to which this author was privy. ________________________________ “How is it that you never seem to age?” As I’ve been asked this question countless times by my (…)

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