Independently Healthy – Cleansing: A Personal Account

by nielskunze on March 16, 2015

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I took full responsibility for my own health about twenty years ago now. That means that my personal health outcomes are within my own hands. And although I may still solicit advice from ‘experts,’ I wouldn’t have it any other way; there’s no one ever to blame. (Blame is a silly game we play with ourselves in order to shirk responsibility.)

In recent months, I’ve advised my regular readers to engage a cleansing protocol in their lives, especially for the gut– where the third brain resides, home of the organic dream-body. There are nearly limitless products and procedures available for intestinal cleansing; finding what’s right for you can be a major victory in itself. The focus of this article will be to describe my experience of recent months during which I’ve actively cleansed. There is absolutely no suggestion that what I have found to work well for me is in any way appropriate for anyone else. What I regard as courageous and efficient may very well be deemed to be stupid and dangerous to others. I’m offering my own experience here as an example and guide, but not as a strict template to be followed. (You’ve probably gathered that I’m not too keen on followers anyway.)

The goal is to eliminate or significantly reduce the buildup of mucoid plaque in the gastrointestinal tract. It is not merely the accumulation of dangerous, health-damaging physical toxins we are attempting to depose however, but also the ‘dense energies’ which accumulate alongside the physical debris which interferes with our proper dreaming. We’ve all heard of various parasites that may live in our gut; well, let’s not forget to add demonic and/or archontic entities to that list. If we give them a suitable home, you can be sure that they will take up residence.

About nine weeks ago, I decided, for the first time, to do a full hydrogen peroxide cleansing protocol. By mass, the human body is about 65% oxygen. Oxygen is by far the most prevalent element in our bodies. It stands to reason that when oxygen is deficient, human health will likely be commensurately deficient too. That’s why I chose an active-oxygen cleanse.

Briefly, the peroxide protocol goes something like this:

Day 1: add 3 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a glass of water and drink, 3 times per day.
Day 2: add 4 drops… 3 times a day…
Day 3: add 5 drops… 3 times a day…
Increase by one drop each day until the dosage of 25 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water, 3 times a day is achieved. (In case you don’t know, that is a huge amount of active oxygen to be putting through one’s physical system. Remember that 35% peroxide is almost 12 times stronger than the 3% you can typically purchase at the drug store for topical applications for preventing infection of cuts and abrasions.)
Stay at the maximum dosage for two weeks or as long as deemed necessary.
Then, begin descending dosages, adding one less drop per day to each glass– still taken 3 times per day… until the dosage tapers back down to the beginning amount of 3 drops per glass, 3 times per day… and end.
The whole procedure takes approximately 8 weeks to complete in its basic form.

Hydrogen peroxide must be taken on an empty stomach, as it will react with many common foods. It should be taken a half hour before eating or a full hour after eating.

At any point during the protocol the dosage can be suspended and maintained for a few days or weeks at a particular level according to individual body reactions such as nausea, rashes, acne, or other cleansing reactions.

The hydrogen peroxide protocol is NOT recommended for individuals maintaining a very poor diet just prior to initiating the protocol. It is especially important that high quality fats including proper ratios of essential fatty acids are included in the diet for at least 6 months prior to initiating the protocol. Cell membranes throughout the body are primarily composed of lipids. When these fats are of poor quality, the cells are vulnerable to oxidation. Peroxide cleansing is an oxidative procedure that will destroy cells having compromised membranes. A few sources of high quality fats are: hemp seeds, sacha inchi seeds, krill oil, salmon oil, etc.

Throughout the procedure, I use my tongue as my primary diagnostic tool for determining how the cleanse is proceeding. The human tongue is a fractal map along the lines of common reflexology for indicating where toxins are built up, stored, and mobilized for elimination. Sometimes it gets pretty gross as to what actually exudes from my tongue on a daily basis as I proceed through a cleanse. I brush my teeth (and tongue) much more frequently during cleanses– primarily with soap and baking soda. (I haven’t used toothpaste in over 15 years.)

In addition to the basic peroxide cleanse, there are other substances which I employ as needed as the ordeal progresses. For instance, it is not uncommon for old injury sites to become sore and inflamed during a heavy-duty cleanse. My left knee which suffered an ACL tear about 15 years ago got extremely sore for a couple of days recently for no apparent reason (other than the loosening of toxins stored at the old injury site). It even made it difficult to just walk or stand comfortably at times. Fortunately, I always keep a supply of systemic enzymes on hand for just such occasions. The special blend of well-formulated systemic enzymes (Wobenzym, for example) when taken on an empty stomach, will reduce inflammation throughout the body, reducing swelling and pain for many hours. Enzymes are also generally considered as cleansing products in their own right, breaking down denatured proteins and scar tissue as well as helping to eliminate undigested food from the gut and bloodstream.

I also make a point to drink my whole-lemon lemonade as often as possible during a cleanse. Lemonade (or limeade, if you prefer) when made with the peel and pith included contains hundreds of cleansing and healing factors. A new addition I discovered during this cleanse was to add about a half teaspoon of baking soda to my lemonade to turn it into a fizzy drink which made it more fun and even more cleansing. (Baking soda is another excellent internal body cleanser and neutralizer.)

I have also employed the colon cleanser Colosan a few times during this cleanse. It is comprised of various magnesium oxides which directly break down and liquefy the mucoid plaque in the gut.

I am also careful to take very nutrient dense substances into my body daily throughout an intense cleanse. These might include: marine phytoplankton, spirulina, chlorella, pine pollen, nascent iodine, moringa leaf powder, etc. By eating these substances every day, I am sure that I am getting all the nutrition I need in an easy manner to digest and absorb, so that my body can concentrate exclusively on elimination. (For a complete list of useful substances consult my Quick Reference Guide— to which I am still adding individual descriptions.)

One product which deserves special mention is Panaseed’s cold-pressed coriander oil. A dropper-full of this magical liquid twice daily helps ensure efficient cleansing of heavy metals and markedly increased absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. I intend continuing taking coriander oil daily even after the cleanse is officially ended. I am thoroughly convinced of its value.

As I stated earlier, I am already 9 weeks into this peroxide cleanse. I lingered at the full 25-drop dosage for an extra week, as my tongue indicated that something significant was being purged from my stomach. Now I have paused at the 17-drop level on the descending side of the protocol too, as my tongue indicates that there is a great deal of debris now exiting my intestinal tract. The 17-drop level is convenient because that’s how many drops are in a single dropper-full, so it makes measuring very quick and easy.

One significant result of this cleanse so far is that I was recently compelled to eliminate all of the old cobwebs and accumulations of dust from my living space. While I was carrying a huge toxic burden, I hardly noticed all of the winter-accumulated filth in my living space. Once I had significantly cleaned myself out, I could no longer stand to reside in the same toxic environment. I have also placed bags of dead sea salts strategically throughout my place in order to neutralize dense energies, as well as cleaning with baking soda to cleanse my environment.

I anticipate being done with this major cleanse in about another 3 weeks. At that time I will report any significant developments or results.

Happy spring cleaning!

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