Preventative Medicine As a Statement of Intent

by nielskunze on January 10, 2016

Here’s a slightly different angle to a message I’ve already delivered many times.

It has been my pleasure and good fortune to enjoy exceptionally good health for all of my adult life. As an adult, I have consulted a doctor only twice– to no positive outcome… and have visited a dentist not even once; I’ve never had a cavity or any other dental complaint. I don’t subscribe to the conventional medical paradigm– at all– choosing rather a strategy of applied preventative medicine, to an astoundingly consistent positive effect. I take full responsibility for my own health.

In this brief essay, I wish to explore the merits of employing daily preventative health strategies from the perspective of definitive intention. Intent is the primary tool of creators. Anyone whose belief is rooted in ‘being the creator of your own reality’ is wise to recognize the supremacy of intent– or personal will. Our experience in this lifetime is the living out of our intentions, whether consciously or otherwise.

A note about intent: In Law-of-Attraction-type philosophies, intent is often generally regarded as an external force which roams the universe, drawing the attractions of our desires to us. Indeed, in Castaneda’s espousal, don Juan referred to intent as a universal force not intrinsic to man; and as such, a human being is required to ‘call’ intent into one’s sphere of influence through elaborate invitations– until he can reliably make it his bitch evermore. I, however, regard intent as an internal tool of creation. Intent– like the universe– originates within us. Creativity cannot occur without a seed-origin sown within our own internal intention. The external universe does indeed mirror our inner intent as an operable force in creation, but its true origin lies solely within.

I have a daily preventative medicine routine. It has been defined and refined over the last twenty years according to what my own experience has taught me. Every year– especially during winter– I watch despairingly as nearly all those around me fall ill, as an acceptance of normality and expectation. Everyone gets sick at least once every year, right? Nope… at least, not me. My pattern has been to contract a mild cold lasting 3 to 5 days every three years or so. The only exception to this is my having the flu once in 2012 which lasted fully two weeks– and why I got sick in this instance is no mystery to me; it was an inevitable outcome of the extreme stress I had placed myself under at the time. It’s now 2016; I guess I’m about due for another bout of something… or have I finally refined my methods to the point where sickness is a thing of the past?

It is my pattern to address all of my daily nutritional requirements early in the morning each day before I really do anything of consequence. It is my habit to ingest, on an empty stomach, some of the most nutrient-dense natural foods currently available. Incredibly tiny amounts of these substances provide all of the daily nutrition I require and desire, without any issues of bioavailability or digestibility. Allow me to iterate these substances one by one.

The first magical elixir I employ is a dropperful of cold-pressed coriander seed oil. I usually hold it under my tongue for a minute before swallowing, to allow medicinal aspects to be absorbed directly into my bloodstream through the mucus membranes of my mouth. Coriander seed is a powerful detoxifying agent, especially efficacious against accumulations of heavy metals. After swallowing, within the digestive tract, the oil conditions the gut by favouring the beneficial gut bacteria, which in turn increases the nutrient absorption rate of nearly all subsequent nutritionals. In the year or so that I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that my bowel movements are consistently more complete and often smell decidedly metallic. I assume this to be the result of the removal of metals from my tissues and organs. (I shit nano-tech robots and their entourage of invasive substances!)

The next miraculous potion I take daily is the most nutrient-dense and complete food I am aware of. It is Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. This is a thick green sludge that tastes strongly of exactly how the ocean (beach) smells. I dilute a dropperful of this in a small glass of water… and then use that to wash down a few other choice substances. Marine phytoplankton is the basis for all life in the ocean, containing literally hundreds of nutritional components, including more than 70 trace minerals, and is a cutting-edge research tool in the ongoing study for superlative human nutrition. I’m a believer– due to my own experience.

Three natural substances I wash down with my green ocean elixir are MSM (organic sulfur), camu camu berry (vitamin C complex) and diatomaceous earth (silica). These are not necessarily daily essentials at all times for everybody, but I’ve incorporated them since beginning a program of utilizing magnesium spray which draws inorganic calcium from the aging tissues of my body. The three aforementioned supplements are positively implicated in the formation of healthy connective tissue. As the (Ease) magnesium spray (applied topically) draws unwanted calcium from my body through ionic interplay, the tissues from which it is being drawn out need to rebuild their strength and integrity from the substances which ensure good collagen production. Adequate sulfur, vitamin C and silica are essential in this regard. (And the magnesium performs hundreds of other beneficial metabolic feats as well.)

And this year I have taken to establishing a stock pot on my wood stove in which I prepare bone broths. The special nutrients derived from boiling bones for more than 36 hours work in harmony with the ones listed above for the proper formation of connective tissue. Sometimes I will prepare fancy soups from the bone broth base, but every day I will have at least a few spoons of this traditional standard in rural homes from a century ago.

The Bone Broth Cauldron & Humidifier

The Bone Broth Cauldron & Humidifier

Next in my morning regimen comes Black Cumin Seed Oil. I take perhaps a teaspoon daily of this well-proven, immune-boosting, whole-body health panacea. Black cumin’s consistent health benefits have been well documented for thousands of years. In addition to taking it internally, I also add a small fraction of the oil to my homemade body butter– consisting of raw organic cacao butter and coconut oil– to soften it up for easier application. (Never put anything on your skin that you’re not willing to eat– except perhaps your clothes.)

In winter months, when the sun’s intensity is radically reduced, I supplement Vitamin D with a dermal patch from Living Nutritionals. I replace the patch every other day. It contains 5,000 IU of D3 along with appropriate amounts of Vitamin K2 and magnesium for proper absorption and utilization. So I’m getting about 2,500 IU daily of vitamin D– which is a touch on the low side. But if I feel even the slightest indication of sickness coming on, I won’t hesitate to pop a 5,000 IU capsule orally (not the patch!) as a booster. Vitamin D is absolutely essential for proper immune function. Without adequate amounts, robust immunity is virtually impossible.

A very knowledgeable online friend recently suggested that adequate amounts of Vitamin A are also needed for proper vitamin D metabolism. And that’s where Moringa Leaf Powder comes in. Moringa is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tropical tree that has perhaps the most nutritious leaves of any botanical. In just a teaspoon of the dried leaf, I’m getting my full daily requirement of vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Riboflavin, and half the RDA of vitamin C, along with a long list of other significant nutrients. There isn’t a single popular multi-vitamin that I could ever recommend… because I believe that none of them are any better than plain old powdered moringa leaf– nutrition the body knows how to process and assimilate. It doesn’t taste too bad either.

This next one tastes great! Pine Pollen tastes just like coniferous forests smell. This is the semen of the forest; it is very nutritionally dense. Like moringa leaf above, pine pollen has a long list of vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, but unlike moringa, its significant protein content is that of a complete protein containing all eight essential amino acids and more than twenty amino acids in total. Its plant sterols provide the precursors to our own hormones. Pine pollen specifically raises testosterone levels through nutritive factors. It is adoptogenic. Again, just a teaspoon a day is all that’s needed to reap its myriad benefits.

The next class of nutrients my regimen addresses is the Essential Fatty Acids. I take about a gram of Krill Oil a day to meet these essential requirements. Although not strictly a part of the daily morning regimen, I also find occasion to eat tablespoons of Hemp Hearts every few days– which is a good plant source of EFAs.

And finally, I take 100mg of Ubiquinol each day. This is the reduced version of CoQ10, the mitochondrial and essential heart nutrient. It serves to regulate energy availability at the cellular level.

It seems like a ton of stuff… and it is, nutritionally… but when you put all of these items together each morning, it doesn’t amount to more than a couple of tablespoons at most. And most of these foods don’t require much in the way of digestion. By taking them on an empty stomach, I ensure rapid and complete assimilation of the superlative nutrition provided. So before I go on my daily morning walk through the forest, I’ve already satisfied all of my nutritional needs– not just because the labels and the literature tell me so, but because my experience tells me so every day. I eat my first– and only– proper meal of the day around 6:00 pm. Before then, I’m not particularly hungry… and I have plenty of energy for physical or creative endeavours. I have found that for me, personally, I function the best in nearly every regard on an empty stomach– but I am grateful for the full-spectrum nutrition I receive from my morning superfoods too.

In addition to physical nutritional requirements, I must include in my daily regimen the many benefits derived from hours spent in the woods. In 2015, I only missed eight days– on which I didn’t delight in 2 to 4 hours of hiking through mountainous woodlands. This serves as my daily minimum exercise, my meditative/contemplative time, and reaffirming my connection to the self-regulating, living, natural world. It is also a wonderful stress regulator if not outright eliminator. Things like yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation can also serve in these regards– all of which I have previously utilized– but a simple walk in the woods seems to most efficiently kill several birds with one stone. (Don’t worry; I don’t kill any birds… and I’m even really nice to the stones.)

And then there’s just one more thing which needs to be included on the preventative medicine list… and it’s kind of an abstract one; it’s called Learning. They say you learn something new every day… but I find that to be true only among the youthful– the youthful of any age. Taking on a fluid perspective which is founded on a stance of lifelong learning is, in my opinion, the single-most important factor in maintaining health and achieving functional longevity. The plasticity and adaptability of a mind poised to learn and relearn as experience and curiosity require is a healthy one. Stagnation is ever associated with death and dysfunction; Life is associated with growth and adaptation. The willingness to learn is life-affirming in every regard; it is a powerful statement of intent– the intent to live and live well.

These are the things which I have found to be the best for me, as an individual. There are many other viable alternatives… requiring only your own explorations and personal experiences. (See: A Quick Reference Guide)

And the mere act of assembling one’s own preventative medicine routine conditions one to focus attention and awareness inwardly, consistently… in order to then proceed with utmost confidence in all aspects of life.

Now, as we consider the aggregate of the items assembled here as constituting preventative medicine, then the sum of their daily execution can only be interpreted as an unmistakeable statement of similar intent– to be immaculately healthy in order to pursue the widest experience available– the healthier I am, the wider the spectrum of my potential experience, the more things I can do. My body– and its extension, my psyche– cannot possibly mistake my intent toward my health with the execution of this daily regimen. It is true that I also indulge in behaviours that are commonly regarded as unhealthy, like drinking scotch and smoking pot. But these indulgences are purely enjoyments… and even explorations in themselves. And they only ever come on the heels of everything espoused above. First I take care of all of my requirements… and then I enjoy myself. The meal I take in the evenings is eaten mainly for pleasure (but not cake and ice cream– very often). This is the formula that works for me.

Every single day I demonstrate to myself that I wish to continue to live and to grow… and that I am willing to fearlessly take responsibility for my own experience. This is communicated to my totality in my daily actions. I am actively creating my own quality of experience, day to day. And the whole of it is my pleasure.

I share these strategies in the sincere hope (intent) that those around me, and all those with whom I have contact, develop a similar system for themselves where their daily actions and behaviours make an unmistakeable declaration of intent for a vibrant life. From another wise online friend, I recently learned the word ‘mudita.’ It’s borrowed from buddhist terminology… but only because there’s no english equivalent. Essentially, it is the opposite of envy or jealousy. Where envy has us feeling bad because of the good fortune of others, mudita has us feeling good because all those around us are feeling good. (In hippie circles we used to call this a contact high.) Mudita is the sole basis for my own morality or code of ethics. I have realized the truth of it for myself– that I feel my authentic best when all those with whom I come into contact are also feeling great.

We really are in this together… may we journey in joy.

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