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by nielskunze on June 26, 2015

Standing in the River

Standing in the River

(Author Narration with musical accompaniment: Lament by Gryphon from their 1974 album Red Queen to Gryphon Three)

Twenty years ago, when I first read the work of Carlos Castaneda about his long apprenticeship to the Yaqui shaman-sorcerer Juan Matus, I was in no position to fully appreciate the oddity– and the appropriateness– of the term ‘inorganic beings.’ At the time, I wasn’t even clear as to whom or what don Juan was referring. In the intervening decades I’ve come to appreciate the long list of culprits falling under that righteous designation. Without ambiguity, the term ‘inorganic beings’ fingers any angel, demon, thought-form, guide, ascended master, ghost, spirit, or any other entity not in corporeal embodiment for the primary difference between them and any living creature on Earth; we exist in bodies possessing biological Life, whereas they do not. Don Juan’s point in articulating this stark demarkation was to underscore that this is a highly significant difference. As time passes, I tend to agree more and more.

These human bodies are an organic construction; they are alive and regenerative. As we typically age, however, in this modern era, there is a process of slow accretion, whereby our tissues become calcified– being invaded by the accumulations of inorganic matter. Old injury sites swell with seemingly permanent calcium deposits intermixed with other various toxic debris. Arteries harden with calcified plaque, causing coronary heart disease. Joints swell and ache in ever-increasing arthritic conditions. Even the brain eventually turns to stone as memory and other cognitive functions decline. As you may have already deduced, the main culprit implicated here is calcium… INORGANIC calcium.

There is a difference between organic and inorganic minerals. The iron typically found in spinach is fundamentally different from iron comprising iron filings. We cannot meet our mineral requirements from simply eating handfuls of healthy soil. In fact, for the most part, even plants are largely incapable of directly digesting rocks in order to pull those constituents into their own tissues. Plants rather rely on the actions of various microbes within healthy soil to break down rocks and convert them into bioavailable minerals and other nutrients. Organic minerals are absorbable; inorganic minerals are not– to any significant degree. (Some microbes in the gut perform the same function– but insufficiently for human needs.)

Over time, the inorganic minerals we put through our organic constitutions begin to accumulate in the places of our greatest vulnerabilities, when our elimination pathways are overburdened or even blocked. We get sand in the gears of our biological mechanism, so to speak. These accumulations have the potential to cause numerous– nearly endless– symptomatic havoc.

Since writing my recent essay on Elemental Repletion and The Master Mineral Magnesium, I have already learned through personal experience the incredible– almost magical– function of having adequate magnesium at the disposal of our 100 trillion cells. You see, one of the main biological functions of magnesium in the body is to regulate calcium uptake and elimination. When magnesium is deficient, calcium begins to overwhelm our living tissues, causing all sorts of trouble. Calcium is rather ubiquitous, and easily finds its way into our bodies; and without adequate magnesium to usher it out, it finds many annoying little places to settle in… often permanently. At the risk of oversimplifying, it could be argued that aging is really just this slow process of calcification (discounting the role of telomere shortening in cell replication).

The transdermal magnesium spray (EASE) which I’ve had the pleasure of using daily these past weeks has shown me just what’s possible when the Master Mineral is applied in its bioavailable form in what can only be termed massive amounts. I’m very encouraged by the initial results, and especially their implications.

As a teenager and avid street-hockey enthusiast, I sprained my left ankle– always the left– at least a couple of times. Although always being functionally adequate, the ankle ever since has sported a deformity; there’s just more ankle than there should be. In an x-ray it showed up as bone… plenty of it. I’ve lived with it ever since, hardly ever thinking about it.

Then I tore out the ACL on my left knee– always the left! I was scheduled for reconstructive surgery and placed on an eight-month waiting list. There were two things the renowned doctor said that niggled in the back of my mind. He explained that he was required to tell me prior to surgery that for one out of every five patients undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, the surgery doesn’t help. And then he went on to say something to the effect of “Well, one thing’s for sure, a knee like that won’t ever heal on its own.” Those two statements, juxtaposed like that, encouraged me to cancel my surgery altogether when the clinic phoned to reschedule my date. I’ve lived with the consequences of allowing my left knee to “heal on its own.” It’s about 95% of what it once was, but it’s been that way for a few years now. And I didn’t have to submit to a general anesthetic.

The magnesium is mobilizing the old calcium deposits at those injury sites– especially since that’s where I apply it the most, directly to the calcified tissues. Now there’s quite often lots of other toxic nasties mixed in with the calcium, so when it ‘dissolves’ it releases old garbage that may have been deposited there when the injury was most vulnerable. Magnesium is essential to many detoxification pathways in the body. Additionally, I maintain several other detox strategies on a semi-daily basis: whole-lemon lemonade with baking soda, spirulina, chlorella, peroxide, diatomaceous earth… clay when needed.

Inorganic beings seem to really like Earth; they seem intrigued. They want to be a part of the game of Life– our Game. Generally, inorganic beings resonate with inorganic matter. It’s like a hook in me– barbed– and I want it out. I want every molecule of my body to be Alive… inSpirited.

Magnesium is essential to blood-sugar regulation; candida overgrowth is regulated in the presence of adequate magnesium; arteries may be unclogged, joints restored to full function, proper and thorough elimination facilitated– all by restoring adequate magnesium. The process is admittedly an uncomfortable one, but in my opinion, the potential benefits are well worth the pain.

Magnesium ‘dissolves’ old accumulations… and the energies (programs) associated with those deposits. (Clear Intent and a strong connection to the planet are also essential.)

On the physical level, magnesium is prescribed for the removal of all the ‘hooks’ that provide ingress for inorganic players to play our Game. In order to fully inhabit every cell of our physical bodies, Spirit needs them to be cleared of all the accumulated debris of a lifetime– along with the energy, emotions, memories, etc. associated with those deposits.

Another such deposit that exists in nearly every human body on Earth right now is the mucoid plaque lining our intestines. This is a mixture of chemicals, undigested foods, inorganic calcium and mucous. It is a rubbery substance which drastically interferes with nutrient absorption and proper dreaming. We would all be well advised to do whatever we can to clean this gunk out.

And finally, I’d like to share a simple technique that helps tremendously with the removal of negative energies from our bodies (once the calcified deposits have been loosened up.) Submerge the part of the body in question in running water. A stream, creek or river is best– especially if that water is clean; running water from our household taps can help somewhat, but that water is stressed (under constant pressure) and is itself artificially programmed (by chemicals and unnatural flow patterns).

These past days I have been concentrating on my ankle and knee, wading into Dutch Creek daily to have the flow of the river carry away any negative entities, energies, and programs associated with the debris which is physically being ushered out by my magnesium protocol. I talk out loud to the river, asking it to aid me in restoring my body to a pristine condition. The instantaneous relief I experience is nearly miraculous!

I should also mention– since that’s where this essay began– that throughout the Castaneda saga, don Juan made frequent use of natural flowing water to restore Carlos to himself whenever they got into trouble in the inorganic realms. He would dunk Carlos under the water of a river until he came fully back into his body. This is no coincidence. Natural flowing water has an affinity for washing away foreign inorganic energies. Try it; you’ll see what I mean.

The magnesium I’m using is called EASE and is made by Activation Products. I believe it to be the very best currently available. (I have no affiliation with this product or the company.)

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