Obama: The Ultimate Puppet

by nielskunze on September 1, 2013

Yeah, it’s time again for another one of these “Obama posts.” I just can’t figure this guy out. The New Age channellers are still insisting that he’s a highly-evolved over-lighted being with superlative leadership skills. Um… why does he keep coming across as a total conscienceless idiot then?

I love to grant the benefit of the doubt, and the current president has challenged my ability to do so every step of the way. Okay, so here’s my latest take.

Imagine the ultimate puppet… not one of the type where you just shove your hand up its backside, but a super detailed and skilled marionette with many many strings. Now imagine that each string has a different controller… and as time goes by, the string-pullers begin to disagree more and more how the puppet should perform. They pull him in every conceivable direction. Such a puppet would appear very foolish… and inconsistent… and confusing on stage.

Is that not how Obama appears? Has he taken on the mission of showing to the entire world in no uncertain terms that the office of the president of the United States is a total farce? Is he showing the undeniable impotence of being president in these modern times? It’s the only consistent narrative I can come up with to explain his endless buffoonery. I know it’s a stretch, but that’s all I got. The alternative is that he’s just pure unmitigated evil and a little bit stupid. Take your pick.

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