The Daily Forest Report July 21, 2013 Nature and Culture

by nielskunze on July 21, 2013

As the wild onions begin now to go to seed, I feast less upon their flowers and seek suitable alternatives. I’m an addict; already I have a 3-daisy-a-day habit to satisfy.

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“You are what you eat.” But sometimes it is also useful to consider this old adage from the other side: “Whatever you’re eating becomes you.” I understood immediately the first part of Daisy’s message: “Thanks for taking me on a human trip.” By eating daisies, I am essentially turning them into me– taking them “on a human trip.” Perhaps the whole affair is more rightly judged as a blending and merging of qualities and energies between myself and the things that I eat. Daisy gets to come along on a human trip, while I adopt the special attributes of “daisyness.”

Purity, innocence, radiance and gentleness are some of the symbolic attributes associated with Daisy. I happily munch down the white petals thinking to myself “Bring it on!” Those are admirable qualities… somewhat lacking in the modern human phenome. And that’s where Daisy’s message begins to get more interesting…

“Please do not continue to mistake human culture for human nature. This fundamental error has become as widespread as the daisies in these fields. Human nature is not petty or mean, greedy or hate-filled; your apparent corruptions are not intrinsic. These are all attributes of your current culture… and it is all learned.

“Your true nature, as you put aside the accruements of culture, is every bit as pure, innocent, radiant and gentle as my yearly presence in these fields. Indeed, as you taste my petals, have you noticed that they taste of nothing? We are the same. If we were so fundamentally different, such differences would press heavily upon your tongue. No, remembrance has so very little flavour.

“I am here in such overwhelming number to remind you of the truer versions of yourselves. The corruptions of culture cannot touch true nature. Remember…”

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‘they seem to have a daisy problem here’
it was her first experience at little ram
hotpools…she was only 5
later in the city she saw a little boy with glasses
on a yellow bike
‘see that boy on the lellow bike…he has a
seeing problem’

by virginia bruce on July 21, 2013 at 11:54 pm. Reply #

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