Coyote’s Call

by nielskunze on September 10, 2011

I am Death... just an entrenched belief

Coyote’s Call (late eighties cassette)

Old man’s dead in a buried ghost town
Flies kick up when the dust settles down
Last six shooter riding away
God winks good-bye on his funeral day

Night crashes down on his weathered kin
Six dirty faces drawn hungry again
Like that day when they closed the tracks
No kinda magic gonna bring him back

Shiver me down in the coyote’s call
Break your spirit and he’ll break them all
Never you worry if tomorrow’ll come
But I don’t know if we’ll see that sun

Trying your eyes while the baby calls
Sleep lies heavy inside those walls
Wind whips curses through your mind
Dig in your heels though you know you’ll die

Empty fields are crowding your door
The tombstone earth that’s beneath your floor
A tired sky yellin’ she don’t care
Heart beats strong but your bones grow bare


Grasp their looks when their eyes despair
No kinda hope; just decay in there
Not even dreams when the visions are gone
And you start to wonder if you’ve lived too long

Visions of smiles turn to circling crows
Six wax skeletons, their faces froze
You waste time each moment brings
Your fears unite; the coyote sings…


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