Humanity Incorporated: From Conception To Birth To… Shh, She’s Sleeping…

by nielskunze on March 15, 2013

(This is an excerpt from the January 2013 Newsletter. I’m a bit feisty, a bit defensive… but just trying to be honest.)

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I’d like to tell you about my third child.

When I was very young, I had concluded early on that the “civilized” world was a ridiculous place. Society, as I understood it, was a slobbering imbecilic devourer of worlds. Nevertheless, my parents’ generation– and likely many before them– insisted that their children must become productive, contributing members of that drooling moron known as civilization. After all, there were sovereign nations that needed “re-alignment,” peoples to be exploited, hearts and spirits to be denigrated and crushed, wildlife and pristine places needing the safe and quiet domestication of total annihilation, and anything that stood in the way could be quickly buried and paved over– and still, the parking, it ain’t free! So shut up, get a hair-cut and get a job!

Um, no.

For a very long time I was convinced that western society was what it was due mostly to rampant uncaring incompetence. The general public was simply too stupid to do any better or to even know that anything better was required. Clearly, I surmised, education will be the remedy. That was, right up until the moment I had completed mine, at which point I concluded that what passes for modern education is perhaps the most important cog in the whole Idiot-Producing Machine. Shit! And I thought I wanted to be a teacher!

Incompetence by design– at first it was just an idea. Maybe the systems were intentionally designed to produce just such lackluster results. But then… that would produce an unstable world of mindless consumers willing to easily go to war for the right to shop for outrageous bargains on any given Sunday… And who would possibly benefit from that?

No conspiracies required. Just connect a handful of the dots and it becomes painfully clear to anyone having escaped the deep throat dogmatism of our cultural indoctrination that indeed there are those few elite who benefit assuredly from our fractured egoic inconsistencies. Hierarchical structures absolutely depend upon the foundational masses never conceiving the possibility to pluck the eye from the top of the pyramid– to claim that power as our own.

Loyalties can be purchased in a consumerist’s dream. Key allies can be strategically placed alongside special trusts, donations and grants. Business agreements establishing cartels (monopolies) are routinely arrived-at outside of the public’s scrutiny. Whoops, I seem to be sliding into the conspiratorial quagmire known as blatantly-obvious-reality. Oh well, deniers are gonna deny. Fuck ‘em.

The problem with the world of conspiracies is that we “little people” haven’t really a clue as to which outrageous conspiracies have merit and which ones are crafted distractions or just twisted fantasies. And once a person takes on the onerous task of investigating such things, it quickly takes its toll on all aspects of a researcher’s health. It is a very deep and unfriendly rabbit hole, not recommended for the faint of heart.

My own foray into the dark underworld of conspiracy theorizing found me closely following the work of David Icke. The sheer volume of material David has been presenting over the past twenty years is overwhelming enough without us even considering the details contained within and the implications of it all for our society and ourselves. As I began assimilating David’s findings and sharing them with others, one question became disquietingly obvious and was often repeated: “So even if all of this is true, what the heck are we supposed to do about it?” And for the longest time no one– myself included– could come up with a satisfactory answer that went beyond the usual “Step One: inform as many people as possible as to what’s going on.” Many many people have done just that, so that now millions upon millions of people are painfully aware of how hopelessly we’re all screwed… as we await Step Two.

Step One is/was about elucidating the problem, accepting the fact that there is something very wrong in the world. Personally, I accepted that at an impossibly young age; that’s why my first word was “Duh!” Step Two is all about what we’re going to do to solve the problem. At first, like everyone, I was stumped. What can little ol’ me possibly do in the face of such a momentous monstrosity? I can’t even prove if any of that shit is true! But then I began to look deeper at the underlying principles involved.

Assuming the worst of the globalist conspiracies to be true, how was such complete world domination achieved covertly? Although the answer is of course far more complex, I focused in on two key principles: centralization and secrecy. Centralization of all aspects of society within a rigidly hierarchical structure is how control is secured. Secrecy is the way to quietly go about it so that in the end the masses don’t even know who holds the reigns of control. It’s impossible to fight an enemy if you can’t even identify who the enemy is. The opposite of these two key principles is logically then the means to undo the whole mess. I began to ponder the ramifications that decentralization and transparency might have in positively transforming our society.

Oh happy thought! The more I pondered, the more I felt true power flowing back into my life, and potentially back into the lives of everyone. And from there, my two key principles were further distilled into one core theme: power. In a nutshell, this formed the complete basis for my third book, Humanity Incorporated: A SAFE Solution to the Corporate Enslavement of Earth’s Biosphere. An overt unity of the masses based upon an honest appreciation of our profound diversity could easily and instantly defeat any nefarious scheme for world domination. Yay, problem solved!

So I wrote the book. Here, finally, was a foolproof blueprint for humanity’s emancipation. Once the masses became adequately fed up with the status quo, they would logically band together to solve all the problems our asinine leaders never intended– and only pretended– to address. Ultimately, it had to be up to us… otherwise we might as well just wait around for that flying unicorn named Jesus I keep mentioning to come and save us.

I presented the solution in the context of a business proposal– quite a departure from my usual manuscription. I reasoned that the main activity in our industrial world was commerce. In one way or another everyone was engaged in some form of commerce. Our lives were already invariably pointed in that direction, so to place the solution directly upon the same path seemed like a most obvious choice, even though I, myself, am a terrible businessman.

It didn’t matter. I contracted with myself to simply present an idea– or even less than that– the seed of an idea. It would be up to others to recognize the seed for its potential, to tend it, to nurture it, to enable it to grow. I was just trying to get the ball rolling. So, although the Humanity Incorporated project in its potential scope is outrageously huge, my task was relatively simple: present a small rough sketch on the huge, mostly-blank canvas of humanity’s collective imagination. I’ve done that. So where are we now?

After the manuscript was completed, it was my Dad’s initial comments which have proven to be the most poignant. He said that he liked and agreed with much of what was presented– ideologically– but complained that there was “nothing to account for the Devil.” You have to understand that my Dad is in no way religious, and I understood immediately what he meant. The pettiness, the baseness, the crassness and downright rudeness of the average world citizen was a major impediment to Humanity Incorporated ever establishing a meaningful discussion on any matter of import. My Dad feared that stupid ego games would dominate. His fears were well founded.

Since its publication, I have sent out dozens of free copies of Humanity Incorporated to friends, influential persons and global organizations, humbly asking merely for constructive criticism in return. Half of the “good” friends to whom I sent it never responded in any way. They managed to completely ignore it even though they requested copies when I made the initial offer. This was a little disheartening and very surprising, especially since I even wrote in the book that I would much prefer critics to clearly tell me that I’m an idiot and exactly why I’m an idiot to simply remaining silent and offering nothing. The time for “polite” silence was over in my estimation.

Also immediately following its publication, I joined several Facebook groups and routinely monitored various discussion groups, as well as frequented the comments sections of relevant websites. From those activities I saw very clearly that stupid ego games eventually come to dominate nearly every discussion. Online conversations rarely yield much else than a tirade of ceaseless insults. Apparently, the average human cannot allow some perfectly anonymous commentator from some undisclosed location to issue a personal insult without going completely insane and regressing into a foul-mouthed four-year-old themselves. I have to ask: In what meaningful way does it matter one iota whether someone you’ve never met, and are unlikely to ever meet, insults or offends you? The absurdity of it is staggering!

“Excuse me, sir? The countryside is ablaze; people are dying in the streets; rioting and looting are getting completely out of control…”
“Not now! I’m dealing with much more pressing matters! Someone called me a nincompoop!”
“I haven’t a clue, but that’s not the point!”

So what is the point? Egos bruise easily, softer than bananas really. I think we would all be better off realizing right at the outset that “there are people who disagree with me; some of them dislike me for my opinions; some will go so far as to personally insult me; and a few might even want to do me some personal harm. Is this my problem?” No, it is strictly theirs! None of that has the slightest effect on me… unless I choose to allow it to. That’s the power thing from the book I was referring to earlier. If we refuse to understand the basis of personal power, we cannot ever hope to wield it. Yes, it’s that simple, and forty-six years of life experience have taught me that the vast majority of my fellow humans have not even begun to examine the basis of personal power… and that’s precisely why their egos are so ridiculously fragile, rendering them completely useless at implementing meaningful reform.

And yet my optimism persists. Though I realize that little of what I say has any real and immediate effect on my readers, I can trust wholeheartedly that life itself will eventually bring everyone to the necessary realizations to prerequisite our Golden Age. Life will provide the impetus, and my work is merely to provide a small contextual basis for beginning to understand the vital lessons therein contained. It’s just a matter of time. How bad must it get before business-as-usual becomes unacceptable to the majority?

I’ve been asking this question for a very very long time. I’ve been writing about the “Slow Apocalypse” for twenty years now. And I will gleefully admit that we have come a long long way in that time. At first, when I embarked upon my life’s mission, I felt very isolated and alone. I saw myself as profoundly different from everyone around me, my own family included. I questioned my sanity daily whenever I wasn’t busy convincing myself that it was the rest of the world who was insane and I was perfectly normal. This past year especially has taught me unequivocally that I do in fact share much common ground with millions of people worldwide. That has been a huge relief.

Humanity Incorporated, my third child, was established in order to give anyone and everyone an alternative to the status quo– something to invest in that would be good for all, an alternative to fatalistic selfishness. So far it has not been embraced to any significant degree– my poor unloved daughter! And honestly, I suck at self-promotion, so this is not wholly unexpected.

Yes, there is still a Humanity Incorporated film currently in production. And no, I will not tell you how much it costs to hire a professional film crew and their fancy cameras to film about 4 terabytes of raw footage in 6 days. If I told you, you would undoubtedly conclude that I am indeed hopelessly insane. But the way I look at it, what am I going to spend my money on? On something I wholeheartedly believe in– the fruits of my own creativity? Or on endless toys to distract and compensate for my obviously inadequate genitalia? If I evaluate the situation from an investment-and-return-on-investment basis, I am clearly the worst investor in the civilized world… ever! And still I persist… cheerfully.

I’m not actively seeking to be the martyr, but I have to go with what I believe in. I believe in this child of mine. I believe in humanity. I believe in conspiracies of enslavement; and I believe in our inevitable emancipation therefrom. I’m very clear as to the goals I’m working toward, and they do not at all fall within the parameters commonly defined as normal. I believe in our evolutionary potential; I believe in the human spirit; and I believe in love. It’s enough.

When I began this monthly newsletter a little over a year ago, I conceived of it as primarily a supporting platform for Humanity Incorporated. I thought I might get the chance to lead some of the discussion. Without further input from others, at this point I’ve pretty much said all I can. I have been mostly outside my comfort zone anyway. I’m not an essay writer or a journalist. It seems my perspective is so far outside of the mainstream that even my most rational arguments appear as fiction to many of my readers. Fine. I’m a fiction writer; that’s how I’ve labelled myself for the past twenty years anyway. Slowly, I will transition back into a fiction writer again. By fictionalizing these precious topics, I will feel far less defensive and argumentative. And my readers will feel absolutely no pressure to take anything I say seriously. The most thoughtful among you will easily accept my stories as food for thought. And for the rest, they will not be an affront to your precious beliefs– rather, just another narrative for your entertainment… filling that pathological void that incessantly screams “Amuse me! For I am empty!”

I shall do my best. I promise.

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