Unfollow Me!

by nielskunze on January 21, 2013

UnFollow Me

UnFollow Me

(Author Narration with musical accompaniment: Paralee Sleeps -Lives of the Saints)

Fuck off!

You can’t follow me, so quit trying. Yes, I’m headed in the right direction… for me. There are infinite directions, and one of them is right for you… and only you… because you create it. That is the One Way.

When you put together a puzzle– even an impossibly huge one– you don’t bend the corners or break off the bits of the pieces which don’t seem to fit. No, you search– attentively; you seek– eternally; you journey on– joyously… because you KNOW there’s a perfect fit– unique and singular.

Have you memorized the brilliant speech of another? Sang along to a song not your own? Have you copied and pasted together the script for a life imitating life… imitating life… imitating life… when all that is needed is for you to live it?

There’s no one who can certify that you are qualified to be you… so none can deny it; you ARE. I can’t validate your dreams if you leave them rusting in my parking lot… Race you to the exit!

It’s funny how we all need the very same basic things, but can’t agree at all how to get them! Eventually we all ask the same questions, but are only satisfied with very different answers. Don’t fight it; make room for it; infinity needs places to grow.

Do you pray according to someone else’s design? Are your meditations guided by the visions of others? …Why? At the very best, such practices can only lead to a perfect position for kissing someone else’s ass! Ever wondered why it’s impossible to kiss your own? Could it just be that we’re not meant to be ass-kissers?

Yes, we are here to share, to inspire each other, to lend a helping hand… to set you on your feet… your feet. And then it’s up to you to dance– not the way you were taught or told, but like the freaked-out whacko you truly are!

How did we get to this place where we’re so afraid to be who we are? Is it really better to dress ourselves in drab, insipid lies just to blend in… into what? A tasteless, vapid human soup that even the homeless would find lacking? Rather, be that morsel of “What the fuck is that!” that gets lodged between life’s molars, driving love’s tongue bat-shit crazy.

You are irreplaceable. Grok that! It’s important; you’re important. There are no substitutions. We are all originals– perfectly original. If you’re weary of being you, it’s a sure sign that you’ve been struggling to be someone else. Stop it; it can’t work!

Only authenticity can find the authentic… and you are the author of everything that’s real. If there’s currently no word to describe your deepest trusolessence, then make one up… It’s not that hard… and let the grammar nazis be.

I love you… I love you because you’re not me. I already got one of those! You are my third eye, the divine perspective. We are the context for each other’s sacred words. I will never understand you fully… and that’s why love is eternal… and exciting. And you will never understand me completely, no matter how I blather on…

We will all come together soon enough in the silence of God’s organic smile… but in the meantime, he dares us all to punch him in the mouth! Bam!

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