Bifurcation Tuesday (November 13, 2012)

by nielskunze on November 13, 2012

Today is Bifurcation Tuesday; there’s no need to mark it on the calendar, but you may wish to make a small entry in your diary or a notation in your memoirs. The significance of this day, I believe, will likely only be recognized in retrospect… a historic moment in the making.

Humanity currently stands shoulder-to-shoulder at a crossroads. Collectively, we have already made the decision to provide two pathways through the Forest of Our Discontent. In truth, both pathways have always existed, but the one was so untravelled that it was hardly discernible. That has now changed. The Earth crews and their allies have cleared the “obscure” path. It is beautiful, pristine and ever-so inviting. The old, well-worn path offers familiarity as its only lure.

Collectively, the choice has been provided, but individually we must each choose how we will proceed. The overwhelming majority will choose the new, pristine path– perhaps not right away, as the familiar may still hold sway… but the clear benefits of the new way forward will become more and more apparent as time marches on. Only a small fraction of the proverbial 1% will cling desperately to the status quo– those who are most heavily invested in systems of control. Some of us may tarry in the familiar for a time, but as the old systems fall deeper into disfunction, we will cut a direct path from the old to the new, knowing in confidence that the new pathway has been carefully laid out, and indeed leads somewhere better.

To make it simple, I shall characterize the two pathways in very basic terms. If your own life experience has convinced you that love is indeed the way forward in all situations, and you are prepared to practice it unconditionally, then the new, pristine pathway is definitely for you. If, on the other hand, you have accepted that the universe is primarily predatory, and you must carefully guard yourself in every moment, then the old, worn-out path still holds some key lessons for you. If you honestly don’t know which way to go, you might want to make small forays down each one… testing, experimenting, learning. The lessons will no longer be quite so subtle as they were before. Everything beyond the bifurcation point is rather obvious, and gets more obvious the farther down the road you travel… That is the purpose of the bifurcation point.

In years hence, I predict, you will look back upon this moment– the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse– to have been the most significant turning point in humanity’s history to date. The gates have been flung open; I know where I’m going. I would suggest that you don’t follow me; rather, follow love… and we will all arrive at the destination of our sacred unity.

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