Obama It Is

by nielskunze on November 6, 2012

I’ve flip-flopped on Obama so many times already you probably shouldn’t listen to a word I say… but I’ll say it anyway.

President Obama will win tonight’s election. I’m convinced. I dreamed it… a few nights ago.

It was one of those dreams that keeps cycling through whatever else is being dreamed throughout the night, reoccurring, reaffirming… insisting. I encountered the President three times after the election, and shook his hand on each occasion. I needed to touch his hand in order to get a proper read on his true character. The first two handshakes convinced me that he is not the lying sod we’ve come to loathe through his media portrayal in the past four years. It is actually the past four years which are at the heart of the outrageous lie. He has been grossly misrepresented by a media having not a shred of integrity or the slightest interest in truth. (No news there!)

It was the third handshake where Obama took notice of me… for the first time. We “recognized” each other and nodded in mutual approval. Apparently, we are allies… working toward a common goal.

I have many more impressions about the President from those dream sequences, but I’ll leave it at this for now. If my precognitive dream turns out to be in error, I will already look foolish enough. But then, the Fool has always been my favourite tarot card… as you might have guessed!

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