Straight Talk: The Expiry of Deception

by nielskunze on December 1, 2016

“The masses are revolting,” she said haughtily, turning up her nose.

“The masses are revolting,” he said with eager anticipation, rolling up his sleeves.


The Expiry of Deception

Once the lie has been accepted– internalized– that which was so OBVIOUS serves to render one as OBLIVIOUS.

Deception is built from lies.

Lies beget more lies whenever they’re challenged… lest the deception collapses altogether. There really is no other way to maintain a longstanding deception than through the compounding of lies– incidentally, much like interest on a debt.

At each fresh challenge to a deception, the placating lies become more tenuous, outlandish, absurd… and unwieldy.

A mass deception is like a vast house of cards, continually under renovation. New lies are inserted periodically in order to prop up the overall deception, but with each new addition the whole structure loses cohesion… credibility… its elegance of original design.

Therefore, even very clever deceptions are bound to erode over time, even under the most taciturn– but unyielding– scrutiny.

We live in a world built from lies. Vastly sprawling and ensnaring deceptions have been layered throughout every institution of western culture. Politics, economics, education, law, and all of their sub-categories have been founded in fundamental deceptions… that have historically lain relatively unchallenged for generations. For verification of this we need but ask whether the People’s needs have been well served by the politics of the day, the economic status quo, the state of our statist education, or the moral injustices of the law. Each must answer for himself.

Collectively, we’ve reached a tipping point, where a critical percentage of our modern generation have grown uncomfortable and unaccepting of the freshest rounds of lies used to maintain the old deceptions. We’re simply not buying it anymore. It seems there’s a limit to how many unanswered questions the average person can hold… before demanding more credible answers.

Hence, we have entered a time of collapse. And it’s likely a big one… and this is very important to remember during these trying times.

We can no longer evaluate world events in isolation and hope to make any sense from them. For instance, politics– like the recent election of Trump– will not make sense in old paradigm (deceptive) terms. The day-to-day politicking for the upcoming year can only make sense in the context of the meta-story– that being the unravelling of longstanding deceptions. Furthermore, the integrated and complex nature of our global community will cause events taking place in one realm of public endeavour bleeding through to other realms of public concern.

The analogy of a vast house of cards will be useful to remember. It is quite unlikely that those who have built and maintained the primary deceptions driving the World-Devouring Machine will voluntarily admit to anything. Their modus operandi so far has been to lie and deny at every turn… with each new lie adding another card to the shaky house of deceit. At the moment of free-fall collapse– coming soon– it will all come down very quickly. Expect there to be plans of distraction and coverup implemented immediately as all is laid bare. And remember that it will likely be very ugly… by all of our old standards.

But crisis is opportunity. The old order MUST collapse before something better may take its place. And it will be up to us to insist upon and implement that which is to follow. Chaos is an opportunity for both the manipulators as well as the manipulated… so stay sane! Your reasonableness and penetrating insight will be sorely needed.

My main point is that this all smacks of inevitability. We are in the final stages of the old game… and the rules themselves are changing, so it may be very difficult to discern exactly what is going on at every move. The overall process is one of revelation. Expect events to proceed according to the adage that whatever needs to be revealed will be revealed. Whose need? Humanity’s.

In decades past, the average person in western society didn’t need to concern himself too much with specific politics, or the day-to-day dealings of the economy, or the general state of education… because for generations we were insulated from the immediate effects of these to a large extent. No matter what we each perceived as being ‘wrong’ with the state of the world, we were nevertheless able to largely ignore it and still continue on with our preferred insular lives and views. This is what’s changed… in particular, the recent US election has clearly demonstrated how the unchallenged ideologies of large sections of the population can and will over time affect the lives of everyone. The ability to shield ourselves from the effects of toxic beliefs has greatly diminished. We are being forced to re-engage with the system– not to fix it, but to see to its expedient and thorough demise.

A critical mass among humanity’s collective are fed up with deceit, obfuscation, misdirection, denial and avoidance. Whether consciously or not, we have collaboratively formed the intent to finally know the truth of the reality of our experience. It is this collective intent which is providing relentless pressure for all of the deceptions to self-destruct and reveal their utter emptiness. We are finally demanding nothing less than the truth.

For those who have long seen this time of collapse coming and have adequately prepared themselves, this year promises to be only slightly scary, rather exhilarating, and quite hilarious. For all those who will be facing these myriad deceptions head on with no foresight or preamble, it will likely just be downright frightening! There should be ample opportunity for helping each other, though. Humans tend to be pretty amazing when they’re really challenged.

Don’t expect Donald Trump to provide much of a reprieve… or conversely, don’t expect him to suddenly turn into a Hitler-esque big-meanie-poopy-pants. The meta-story of what’s really going on will be so much bigger than any one person, government or plan. At best, we can each work to mitigate our own and each other’s suffering during these challenges.

Once the dust settles and the smoke clears, I’ll see you on the other side; we’ll roll up our sleeves amongst the ruins and the rubble… and get to work on the exciting and new.

In the meantime, for this tumultuous year of 2017, please join me in my daily affirmation, prayer, slogan, intent that…


(The next essay in this series will focus on our individual challenges with maintaining some semblance of sanity during insane times– utilizing the template from the previous essay of closed-mindedness versus open-mindedness.)

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