The Positive Aspect of Divide & Conquer: Prerequisite To the Collaborative Mind

by nielskunze on August 1, 2016

Love in Action

Love in Action

(Chameleon’s Teardrop… Makes a Rainbow by my band Missing Peace from our 1996 album Tense Moments. “What about the poetry of union; what of the Collaborative Mind?” This song is available as a free download at my website— scroll down.)

“We have to come together! We have to come together!”

The alarm is being sounded, shrill and desperate. And although the imperative of coming together does represent an inevitable victory for all that is in living balance (The Good), it is not at all desirable to arrange ourselves thusly prematurely. Before we come together in our ‘victory formation,’ there are certain prerequisites that must be in place in order for our ‘togetherness’ to be viable or remotely functional.

I have long termed this coming together in sovereign choice as the formation of the Collaborative Mind. Such a formation, highly desirable in my estimation, must include individuals firmly rooted in integrity, versed in true sovereignty, exercising free will, and who are healthy and whole.

At this juncture in our collective development, we are seeing it time and again: groups that come together, comprised of unhealed, fractured individuals– groups that come together for any other purpose than facilitating personal healing– such groups are inevitably destined to fall apart.

The Collaborative Mind cannot include ‘broken’ individuals. (But the power of personal healing– wholeness– is within everyone’s grasp.) It is not an elitist mindset which excludes the unhealed. It is the very definition of the Collaborative Mind which bars the way.

Those who undertake the arduous– but infinitely rewarding– journey of self-healing would be fools to subsequently realign themselves with dependents and hangers-on who would unintentionally sabotage, undermine and ultimately destroy the great potential of the Collaborative Mind. Such a mixed bag of haphazard association would necessarily succumb to division and defeat. Ultimately, no one can be completely healed by another, and wholeness must be claimed from the inside out, individually.

There is much consternation and hand-wringing in the alternative community right now over the ‘success’ of the divide-and-conquer methodology which we habitually attribute solely to the dark forces. Fact: unhealed (traumatized) individuals are vulnerable and easily conquerable. Fact: any group including unhealed individuals which exists for purposes beyond the healing of all individuals within the group is likewise vulnerable and easily conquerable.

Individual healing, living integrity, claimed sovereignty… MUST precede our coming together IF our coming together is to ever serve any further cause.

When our unity is rooted in the mere arithmetic strength in numbers, we are coming from a hive-mind mob mentality. Such an association may be adequate for the destruction of perceived ills in our society, but it cannot function as the basis for the creation of what might replace those longstanding ills.

We are in a spiritual war for the future of our collective reality. And we need warriors who are fundamentally whole and invulnerable, for only such warriors are able to consistently operate from a place of creative love in action. The true Collaborative Mind can only include such individuals, and as such, is then utterly invincible.

So let’s not get too bent out of shape over the divisions and the calling out of individuals in the alternative community. Until each one is willing and able to accept full responsibility for their own healing (wholeness), such individuals are temporarily useless to the cause. They simply cannot be accepted into the Collaborative Mind– although there is always an implicit standing invitation for once these preconditions are met.

In the way of example I would point to my frequent panel discussion cohorts– Lily, Christine, Claudia, Randy and Shane– as examples of integrated beings. Not only would I trust my life to any or all of these people, I would and DO trust my soul in their keeping. And that is no small thing.

It is my firm belief that the true essence of the Collaborative Mind is often glimpsed and expressed during our recent discussions. And it’s not that any one of us claims to be utterly whole, that our healing journey is completely finished; it is simply that I know in my deepest knowing that each of these people is fully committed to that trajectory. They already stand in their integrity and fully understand what’s at stake.

So at times it may seem that we are contributing to the divide-and-conquer strategy which has so consistently been used against humanity as a whole. But each and every step in the Sacred Journey is as necessary as any other. At times, separation still serves the greater good.

If we’re going to do this thing, let’s get it right.

And if I sound like an arrogant prick for expressing this necessity, so be it. Sometimes it takes a little prick to finally wake us up to the real work that has to be done.

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