Self-Determination and the Call for Unity

by nielskunze on June 28, 2016

Sovereign Will

Sovereign Will

Sometimes I get asked to write more political commentary because, apparently, I have a knack for cutting through much of the bullshit. But to me, whether I’m writing something political, something spiritual, or something philosophical, it’s really all the same to me. Feel free to regard this article as ‘political’ if you so desire.

The main problem in politics, as I see it, is that the nature of the political game has long abandoned anything at all to do with principles. It is exceedingly rare to witness any politician stand clear and firm on any principle. Instead, we are witness to endless polemic based around Band-aids and knee-jerk reactions. No one seems interested much in the root of issues– or, the basic principles involved; rather, we are encouraged to argue the impotent poles of endless false dichotomies. What results from this is unending blather about societal remedies that have no longterm viability… if they have any substance at all.

For me, it all boils down to a singular issue: self-determination. Self-determination is the right for individuals and self-defined groups (including nation-states) to determine their own fate, and thereby realize their own growth potential… or not. (We must be free to fail in order to find our own way to ultimate success.)

“We have to come together.”

Have you heard this refrain? It circles endlessly through politics and spirituality, but in-and-of-itself does not constitute much of a philosophy. Most of us would agree that we are a deeply divided species and that coming together sounds like a great solution to the current ills in our world. But ‘come together’ around or under what exactly? This is an important question– nay, it is THE question!

Should we come together under the Devil’s own umbrella just for the sake of coming together? Or should we choose to come together around a principled, well-defined core of understanding?

The principle of self-determination is the central rallying cry for me.

Rights belong to individuals. It is the very exercising of personal rights in a self-determined manner which defines individuals. If we regard the human being as a well of infinite potential, that potential can only be realized through individual self-expression of one’s unique talents, aptitudes and gifts. Any collectivist philosophy which does not recognize the supremacy of the realized human individual necessarily fails to actualize any such infinite human potential.

Beware the collectivists who would sacrifice any aspect of the individual for the purported greater good of the collective. And here I must clearly state that the individual’s right to self-determination extends precisely as far as to where it does not infringe on the self-determination of others. Collectivism and the argument of the greater good is often used shamelessly to bully individuals and minority groups into sacrificing their own rights to self-expression and personal development. This can only lead to a weakened society.

To illustrate this I will employ an analogy. Societies can be likened to buildings, and individuals are the bricks from which societies are constructed. It doesn’t really matter if you employ the finest architects in the world; if you are intending to use shoddy bricks for your construction project, no matter how fancy and well-thought out the design, it is doomed to crumble to dust in short order. Nor can you afford to accept that most of the bricks are sound and only a few of them are faulty. No, in order to build an enduring structure, all of the bricks must be functionally sound. (I recognize that my analogy breaks down in that ideally bricks should be identical, whereas humans are individually unique. However, I believe the point is valid.) A sane and strong society is structured around the integrity of the human individual.

As far as I can tell, self-determination is the key factor in realizing full human potential. Conversely, living according to the dictates of others is bound to leave vast areas of potential unexplored and underdeveloped. Self-determination is the basis for all true growth and exceptionalism.

So whether I’m viewing the recent Brexit referendum, or whether I’m considering the Lucifer Rebellion in the Urantia Revelation, self-determination is the lens through which I view them in order to find my proper individual relationship with each. Therefore I must view Brexit as a step in the right direction merely because it provides the opportunity for greater autonomy. And perhaps not surprisingly, when it comes to the cosmic drama, I side and identify with the ultimate rebel insofar as he represents self-determination; I’ll take Lucifer’s spontaneity and novelty over the ascension bureaucracy and its hierarchical entrenchment every time. Heaven seems dreadfully boring to me.

When we recognize the principles involved, it’s pretty easy to cut the shit, no matter what the brainwashing and propaganda say.

I will live in harmony with those who choose to rally around the founding principle of self-determination and the right to make our own mistakes. And we will comprise a formidable unity. And those who like to be told what to do and what to think can fuck off to their pathetic eventual demise… trying to build unity from dust.

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