Binary, Trinary (Ternary), Omniary: A Brief Exposition on Terminology

by nielskunze on June 21, 2016



In the consciousness communities, we often encounter the terms ‘binary’ and ‘trinary.’ We understand that binary is the system of two-valued logic underpinning digital systems, like most modern computers. Trinary– or in proper english, ternary– introduces a three-valued logic system which steps beyond the either/or, on/off restrictions inherent in binary. Omniary is a brand new term recently coined by Alfred Lambremont Webre (just giving due credit where credit is due).

I love the term omniary, but in order to properly understand it, we need to place it into a context well beyond computing systems and digital modeling. Let’s approach this from the angle of perception and human growth potential.

Currently, and for some time now, we’ve been hearing a lot about unity consciousness: a new love-based way of experiencing reality. Okay, let’s unpack this a bit.

External reality (light creation) is a dualistic (binary) system. That is its very nature due to the wave form of light. Light of any frequency always oscillates between two points, which defines a wave’s amplitude (its deviation from zero point). It is, however, a static reality without the possibility of evolution until the LIVING observer/participant inserts itself into the system.

And that brings about the possibility for a trinary system… but doesn’t necessarily guarantee one. The observer/participant can choose to eschew its inherent possibility for growth (life) by falling into the trap of polarization. Duality itself is never the problem; polarization quite often is. When an observer/participant merely chooses preferences from among given pairs of opposites– like light/dark or good/bad– the observer/participant is effectively assimilated into the dualistic (binary system)… and becomes as though dead– a static expression of preferences among givens.

The ternary nature of the system is expressed when the observer/participant refrains from making singular choices in duality, recognizes all opposites as the poles of an inseparable whole, and utilizes them to CREATE new choices appropriate for continued growth or evolution… effectively creating a new reality.

Unity consciousness can coalesce in any of these systems, including omniary (which we’ll get to shortly).

Unity consciousness in a binary system coalesces around the preferential choices of the participants in a mono-pole hive mind. Since each of the members of such a hive mind have eschewed their own individual growth, they must be instead locked into a particular station (static position) within a rigid hierarchy, where the hierarchy itself represents the larger ‘self.’ Such individuals are doomed to remain partial, unrealized, fractured beings for as long as the hierarchy persists, as the mono-pole hive mind hierarchy only requires a very limited (non-creative) participation from each of its constituents.

Unity consciousness in a trinary system still tends to express in hierarchical formations, since that is the current habit of consciousness at this time. However, the hierarchy itself is geared toward overall growth; its growth is dependent upon the personal growth of its individual members. Trinary unity consciousness is a collaborative effort aimed at full healing and the actualization of full potential for all involved. It may be regarded as an intermediate or transitional form of unity consciousness on the path of full spiritual maturity.

Omniary unity consciousness is a Collaborative Mind comprised of fully functional actualized beings choosing to come together in a non-hierarchical structure. It may be likened to the shape of a sphere, where all participants are in precise equal standing in relation to the central purpose for such a mind to exist. All contributions are of equal value in creative consideration.

The potential for the omniary collaborative mind to alter reality in the direction of egalitarian growth is unbounded.

(The preceding exposition is my own perspective on these matters and may be considered as a supplemental to a recent panel discussion which will be published shortly. I’ll keep you posted.)

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Wow. From my own experience and with slightly different terminology, I have come to a similar conclusion.
Most of life (nature) experiences “one” consciousness (one with God). Nature does not experience separateness from God. Humanity since the cavemen times has been experiencing dual consciousness in a physical body. Dual (duality) consciousness is one consciousness split in two. Basically it is consciousness pulling out of itself to observe itself (the illusionary observer). Humanity is experiencing the illusion of being a separate individual with illusionary free will and all the consequences of such as pain and fear. Now a new tri (trinary) consciousness in being born in humanity. Tri consciousness embodies both the one consciousness (one with God with no free will) and dual consciousness (separate to God with free will) simultaneously. It is 1+2=3. It is an evolution from being one to polarization of two to a spiral of three. With trinary consciousness there is tremendous growth.
I found your article very enlightening. I would like to read more.

by Michelle de Kwiatkowski on March 5, 2019 at 3:12 pm. Reply #

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