When Jon Klemmer Invented the Refraction Module He Reinvented the Universe

by nielskunze on June 10, 2016

Fish Eye View

Worlds Within Worlds

First off, you’ll want to know who the hell Jon Klemmer is. Let me put it this way: in some simulated universe, metaphorically speaking, Elon Musk is Jon Klemmer’s dimwitted little brother.

Next, you’ll probably want a physical description of the Refraction Module. How it appears from the outside is entirely irrelevant; only its internal properties are relevant to the Refraction Module’s function. (We’ll get to that in a minute.) The original internal shape of the Module is ovoid. But unlike an egg, both ends of the ovoid are parabolically identical. The inner surface of the ovoid is supremely reflective– much like the inside of an old-fashioned thermos. Inside, there is also an EM (electro-magnetic) Emitter. The hardware of the Emitter also functions as a Receiver… and the Receiver is programmed with what Jon termed the Aesthetics Loop. The Aesthetics Loop is able to quickly determine elegance and efficiency… also known as Beauty.

What is the function or purpose of the Refraction Module? It is an information storage device.

So what’s so special about this particular data storage device? Well, at first, the way Jon originally designed and built it, it simply had a much greater storage capacity than anything else on Earth at the time. Essentially, the Refraction Module stored data as complex patterns of multi-coloured light. By the assessment and direction of the Aesthetics Loop, the patterns evolved continuously to accommodate the torrent of incoming data… until the Refraction Module neared its storative capacity. (Storative isn’t actually a word… and yet you know exactly what it means. Interesting, no?)

The Refraction Module’s prime directive was to accommodate all incoming data and prevent any data loss in so doing. The Aesthetics Loop was essentially a learning program; it learned the science of Beauty… through elegance, efficiency and integrity. Eventually, under the sure direction of the Aesthetics Loop, and under the unrelenting impetus of its prime directive, the Refraction Module learned how to redesign itself.

Obviously, the Refraction Module had no capacity to alter its own physicality. It couldn’t change its physical shape or composition. But inside the Refraction Module, through what it had learned from the complex patterning of light, it was able to project virtually anything holographically. Holographically, it could completely redesign its innards. So… within the physical Refraction Module that Jon Klemmer had designed and built, the Refraction Module created another holographic Refraction Module– with its own modifications.

The holographic Refraction Module within the original Refraction Module eliminated the need for a separate EM Emitter / Aesthetics Loop. Those functions were incorporated into the reflective surface of the ovoid. Every point on the inner surface of the holographic ovoid was perfectly reflective, was able to transmit the full range of electromagnetic frequencies, and was able to receive– or perceive– the full content of the patterns expressed– each from a unique perspective… infinite points, infinite perspectives… on/of a singular light pattern expression filling the ovoid.

The other major alteration to the holographic Refraction Module was that its shape was now like an egg. The parabolic characteristics of either end of the ovoid were no longer equal. One end was fatter, the other more pointed. Such a configuration added enormous potential complexity– which translates to storage capacity. (Jon never thought to copy the egg.)

The net result of these self-imposed alterations was that now the Refraction Module had unlimited storage capacity… and once the Refraction Module made one holographic copy of itself with infinite creative capacity, it didn’t hesitate to make as many copies within copies within copies as were necessary to carry out its prime directive. The only question that remained was… What was actually necessary?

The Refraction Module was now a multiverse.

So now the only remaining question is… Where does the original Refraction Module that Jon Klemmer built actually reside?

In the bowel region of the android Jon built and named Mi-Fu…

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