Do You Remember?

by nielskunze on May 26, 2016



Do you remember when
there was nothing more important
than floating popsicle sticks in mud puddles?
Do you remember saving earthworms?
Do you remember when they told you
that the Earth was impossibly old…
But everything was just so brand new?
Do you remember the first time
you heard about death,
And it didn’t make any sense at all?
Do you remember asking about infinity,
and then trying to picture it…
Knowing that it was true–
but not really meant for thinking?
Do you remember when
dreams were real places to visit?
And waking up was just something you did every day?
Do you remember when the world was still safe
because you carried it so tenderly within you?
Do you remember the first time
you fell in love?
Do you remember looking over your shoulder,
saying “This is from where I’ve just come!”
Do you remember when everything changed?
Did it… or was it just you?
Do you remember…?
There’s nothing more important…!

(I Remember I Believe by Missing Peace, composed by Niels, from our 2016 album Second Thoughts)

“I believe in truth and honey in my tea;
I believe in love that keeps you sane.
I believe in life and petals in the stream;
I believe in your smile retained.”

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