The Bottom Line of the Money Con

by nielskunze on May 25, 2016

…as confidence wanes…

The Money Deception

The Money Deception

The world of money, economics and finance is made to look ridiculously complicated. That’s how a good con works.

There’s many layers, fallback positions, contingencies… built into any good long con. As the long con unravels, lies are revealed… but they were always MEANT to be revealed, eventually. The ‘coming clean’ aspect of the long con is the final obfuscation keeping the central secret hidden– at all costs.

It will appear that great concessions are being made; the fraud is being exposed; the con artists are being eliminated; the system is being corrected… but all the while the core nugget upon which the entire scheme rests remains safely out of view.

That’s where we’re at… with all of this renewed fervor over the Global Currency Revaluation and the startup of the new global financial system– this time gold-backed. La-di-fucking-da!

Money is a tool.

Money has become a tool of control.

Money, in the modern world, has become a dependency. Economics has become such that nothing can be accomplished in the world without adequate money– at the scale of the individual to the scale of nation states. (In even the worst of economic times, there’s always plenty of work that needs doing; there’s plenty of laborers desperate to work; there’s plenty of natural resources available, just as in boom times, to facilitate the work… but everything comes to a grinding halt because “I’m sorry, there just isn’t enough money in the public coffers. There’s nothing we can do… until conditions improve.”)

Whoever controls the issuance of currency wields the ultimate tool of control– over individuals… over nation states.

Every national government has legislative provisions for issuing their own currency through their own national (government) banks, interest free, backed by the nation’s GDP… but they don’t; they choose not to… except for in places like Libya– oops, not anymore; now they’ve had a privately-owned-and-run central bank foisted upon them too. Go figure. (Who benefits?)

Why is money loaned at interest– with COMPOUND interest attached? To make lending money profitable… to make the issuance of currency (through debt instruments) profitable for private lenders– that’s why. Why would borrowers agree to such a thing, especially entire nations? Because they’ve been duped into thinking that they don’t have a choice! (Or the right officials have been adequately bribed.)

That’s the nugget at the base of the long con.

With all of the hoopla about the new-and-improved financial system that’s waiting just around the corner at the crossroads of Soon Avenue and Imminent Street, the most basic way in which money enters into circulation– the real reform– will never be discussed.

It will be glossed over with talk of asset-backing, Basel-3 compliance, and central economic planning agencies. But that’s all just smoke.

Meanwhile, the fire burns in the interest– compound interest– owed to private interests. Get the picture?

Let’s be clear: money can be issued interest-free by our own national governments through our own nationalized banks; the very idea of a ‘national debt’ should not even exist. But such a state of affairs would not continue to serve the elite…

Get the picture?

The issuance of money in private hands, with compound interest attached, is a VERY powerful tool. You may have heard it argued that money is a convenience, a necessity to facilitate the smooth flow and growth of commerce and industry. In public hands, it could very well be exactly that; in private hands, it is a limitation, a means of steering public opinion, of crafting special-interest legislation, of bringing the world to its knees. Isn’t it blatantly obvious enough yet?

Have you ever heard yourself say– or perhaps think– “I can’t do that; there’s no money in it”…? Perhaps there’s something you’re truly passionate about, but you just can’t figure out how to make any real money at it… so you forget about it and settle for doing something you can barely tolerate instead… and that’s how you SPEND your life.

Money has become a dependency which shapes our everyday decisions, our life decisions, our destiny… our lack of soul growth. We gave away the most powerful tool.

We can get excited about financial reform and the freeing of the collateral accounts all we want, but if we don’t begin to understand the basics of the system– the long con– then it won’t make a bit of difference to our children, who will suffer under the very same illusions which have fooled us for generations.

Can’t we wise up now?

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