Message To/From the TOURS #37: Developments Within the Collective

by nielskunze on May 20, 2016

Eyeless and Headless in the Bright Sunshine

Eyeless and Headless in the Bright Sunshine

Okay, I’m back.

Sorry if you felt somewhat abandoned… but these external dependencies, these addictions, we have to move past them– inwardly. I’m still the fucking heretic who threw you to the wolves; there’s no denying it. And if you got eaten– if you got taken in by any aspect of the dream/delusion– then I guess you’re just a pile of wolf poop now… and this message isn’t for you.

But, if on the other hand (and both hands are equally yours), if you find yourself still standing, holding your ground… and you’re probably going through moments of feeling terribly alone… if you’ve endured thus far, harken to good tidings! An important shift within the Collective has occurred– nay, more than a shift, a reorientation. I’ll try to explain as succinctly as I can.

The true human is a creator being. All of reality comes through you and I. In the recent past, we have been like filters or lenses in our action as a Collective. The world of our perception was projected through us; we were being led by manipulative forces from behind, in the shadows, being led into a blind alley. We created the blind alley, the dead end… because those who were pushing the Collective from behind wished nothing more than to contain us. And for a time they did.

But creator beings cannot abide in stagnation for long. And in the extreme darkness of the blind alley, many began to examine themselves, for there was naught else to do. It was primarily among the longstanding members of the Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns (TOURS) that the very definition of sovereignty was sought. There had been a pervasive feeling of not settling for the same-old, same-old again– climbing upon the rungs of infinite hierarchy. This trip to Earth wasn’t just another deja vu. It was our supreme creatorship which was discovered in the darkness. We were the ones… we are the One.

Those who foisted this dead-end reality upon us from behind are trying everything to keep us in their bind, in the blind alley. They will never show us the way out… but now as we begin to see exactly where we are and who we are, we can’t help but to create the path to our own emancipation. And the only recourse left to them is to hijack that path, to twist it and turn it around into just another bind.

You see, in the recent past, we were being led through manipulation to create a reality not serving our own best interest… and we were content to do so for a time. But that time has run its natural course, and now it is over. Now we are the leaders– truly. And the manipulators frantically follow us on the path of liberation, trying desperately to throw fresh untruths ahead of us. But there are enough now among the Collective who see so easily through their ridiculous ploys to try and reinstate our old dependencies and addictions. We have seen ourselves as the true creator beings… and such a thing cannot be unseen!

Consider the implications. We are marching to freedom… toward the unknown… and they (all) can do naught but follow. Even those who would most vehemently deny and oppose our freedom can do nothing but follow us there… or be left in the blind alleys of their own creation to stagnate. We could never defeat them– finally– by fighting them; we could only liberate ourselves from their choiceless grasp… and so bring back choice– freedom– to all once again.

Do you see the perfection? The inevitability? How could it be otherwise?

So this is merely the announcement of an unavoidable milestone; we were always destined to be here.


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