“I Do Not Consent” Is an Empty Statement

by nielskunze on March 11, 2016

The Whole of the Lesson Is Herein Contained

The Whole of the Lesson Is Herein Contained

In terms of its action in the universe and its power to fundamentally change my experience, “I do not consent” is an empty, meaningless statement.

Conversely, “I withdraw my consent” is an active statement of intent, empowering me to fundamentally change my experience.

Now, let’s look at this subtle difference, and see how profound it really is.

Intent is a positive force, initiating all actions of free will. Without intent, free will cannot express. Intent is active; it summons action.

From the above, it should be clear that the statement “I do not consent” is bereft of intent. It elicits no action. It is a passive statement of position. On its own, it has no power to change anything. It is a statement of disharmony with one’s perception. As such, it can only serve to reinforce that disharmony, offering nothing to displace it.

However, the ever-so-slightly altered statement “I withdraw my consent” addresses both the true situation and its desired remedy. First, it acknowledges that consent has already been given– tacitly, unconsciously. I can only perceive that which I have agreed to experience. If it is in my awareness, it is there by my invitation… in this free will universe. And secondly, if I don’t like it, I can withdraw my consent– which itself is an action– internally, by the movement of consent from the unconscious to my conscious mind… which in turn demands that the external reality must now confirm that internal ‘movement’ by conforming my new perception to the removal of the relevant concession. How my perception changes as a result of withdrawing consent for a particular item is the completion of the movement from unconscious to conscious (this can take any amount of time). The perceived change in the external is the reflection of that internal movement.

Action begets action… in a chain-reactive universe. Every intent ripples through the entire fabric of reality– inner and outer.

Withdrawing consent is a potentially powerful action.

Whereas, any statement that begins with “I do not…”, by definition, cannot– will not– initiate action, which is required for change. Intent cannot participate in that which we do not do. What we do not do… cannot do anything.

Consent is yours… to do with as you please. But by merely “not consenting”, its power is negated. Consent is to be wielded like a sword, boldly carving the parameters of our desired reality. Thrust, parry and WITHDRAW… as we dance atop these fences.

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