My Outgoing Call…

by nielskunze on February 12, 2016

My Outgoing Call...

My Outgoing Call…

I call to thee, Sacred Other,
In all your faces, personalities, concerns…
And ask so very little.
It is not my desire to wring wisdom
From the meat of your generational thought.
No, instead hold space for me;
Give me pause, allow me breath,
That I may turn to my own storied quietude.
Help me to hold that creative inner space
Where I have known you since eternity began.

If you counter-propose a will to control me,
Provide for me, coddle me…
Into what should have been my adulthood,
Then I must turn away, in this moment…
Even as you starve.
Would it not be better for us all, right now,
To come together in choice and collaboration,
Than tomorrow, crying at the feet of mercy?
Come on now, you’ve nothing to lose!
This false bravado, this superiority–
Claiming to know better what is best for me–
Is unsustainable and only leads to starvation.
Must your falsity be so painfully proven again and again?

Just give me this tiny space, without interference,
This island in our shared chaos,
And let me put together the pieces
Of the whole universe within me.
I am a creator; it is not within me to destroy you.
Trust me, finally, as I say unto you
That all– yea verily, all– shall be resolved
In the space created where I can learn
To simply trust myself.

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