Why I Won’t Be Voting Today

by nielskunze on October 19, 2015

Ceramic Sculpture

Ceramic Sculpture

Today, October 19, 2015, is federal elections day in Canada. We are tasked with selecting– from among scoundrels, criminals, posers and dullards– a new Canadian federal government. Despite having voted in the last three federal elections, this time I have very consciously, very deliberately decided to refrain from participating in this ongoing farce. I will not vote today.

I understand fully that I am very likely to suffer the wrath of the most vociferous members of the herd for my contrariness in this regard. I honestly don’t expect many to understand my decision. Rest assured, however, that this personal decision is not made lightly, and is certainly not made from a place of apathy, laziness or defeat. This is a most conscientious decision.

If I were to go along with the herd today and cast my vote into the tight little ballot box of choiceless choice, I would be granting my tacit consent to the whole toothless process, and lending legitimacy– based in my own personal power– to whatever monstrous entity ends up taking control of the tiller steering Canada’s part in the World Devouring Machine we stupidly call ‘civilized democracy.’ For how many generations are we to allow the status quo to pay asinine lip service to ‘real change’ before we do something of actual significance in affecting real change ourselves?

I refuse to believe that any change in government faces, facades, appearances will do anything to address the concerns we currently face individually and collectively as a People, as a species. More than ever, I am convinced that we require a significant break from business-as-usual non-solutions. We need to engage our imaginations, to assert our personal sovereign power as creative human beings in order to come to a place of sustainable prosperity for ourselves and future generations.

I cannot, in good conscience, pretend that my vote will affect one iota of positive change in a world careening headlong into certain disaster. The system is corrupt beyond repair; it has proven itself again and again to be utterly useless and totally ineffectual in representing my personal concerns and the collective concerns of the majority of people in this nation… or the legitimate concerns of a dying world. My refusal to participate is putting a stop to the farce on a personal level, freeing myself energetically and spiritually from the consent the power-brokers so desperately covet. I will give you nothing more!

Instead, I pledge my imagination, all of my creative abilities, and my honest effort to finding true, sustainable ways forward. When has real positive change ever come from the top down? Never! (despite what the propaganda might have you believe.) It is at the grassroots level where true understanding and determination begins to finally culminate in reforms that truly serve the greater good. It’s up to us… and we KNOW it!

I hold out no desire for anyone else to follow me in this decision. Conscious, thinking, caring, creative persons will arrive at similar conclusions themselves… once they’ve seen clearly that our democracies are a complete sham. We will stand in our power only when we truly believe in that power and refuse to so easily and casually give it away in this corrupt ritual sacrifice called voting.

Have a nice day!

(As The World by Echolyn)

“Shake your head as the world just nods away!”

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