Message To/From the TOURS #36 The Heretic

by nielskunze on September 1, 2015

Yes… Hello

Yes… Hello

The ‘tour’ stops here.

Welcome to Earth, planet of bio-regenesis, the path home, the return to Source, awakening… enlightenment.

The imprint of our souls is the history of our individual delusions; it is the record of our journey through a dream. It is the record of our own expertise in falsehood.

This is more a personal statement– a stance– than it is a message for the Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns. You may wish to burn me at the stake at its conclusion. I understand; I accept.

For more than twenty years, in living with this wondrous planet, it has been the theory of enlightenment– of true awakening– which has consistently resonated most deeply with me.

Enlightenment is anathema to everything else. (Take your time with this statement; it’s a big one.)

Enlightenment is truth-realization.

Illusion, the dream, Maya, the amusement park… the lie spans all time, all dimensions. It is the framework for every experience we have ever had. And nowhere, through all the eons of experience, is there a shred of truth to be found within it. Truth is wholly transcendent of this experience.

The TOURS was conceived ages ago; we’re talking billions of years. Its function has purportedly been to facilitate the ascension of individuals and worlds in all the places where evolution had stalled. It has been supremely successful in this regard.

Ascension is central to the lie. The TOURS mission was always sanctioned by Maya– the architect of dreams; it served the perpetuation of the lie flawlessly.

Ascension is the sleight-of-hand substitution for the real deal of enlightenment– truth realization, awakening from the dream.

We are here to awaken. What keeps us most firmly asleep is the mistaken notion that we are already awake. We have dreamed that we have awoken; we have not.

We are not here to merely take our ‘rightful’ place in the dream’s hierarchy… to slumber on indefinitely in the machinery of delusion. The true mission has always been to awaken– the price of which is everything. Let me reiterate: there is no shred of truth to be found anywhere in delusion– not even in a truth-realized being, for he will be the first to tell us that the truth-realized being of our perception is just as false as all the rest.

What I have said here is hard– nay, impossible– to accept, I know. All that I can offer in the way of proof is the complete modern handbook of enlightenment by Jed McKenna: Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing. (Page 224 of the PDF is missing.) Read it… and please send me your refutations. Show me the flaw in anything which Jed writes.

Most will blithely accept that ultimately we are to return to Source. What can that possibly mean other than to realize the truth of undifferentiated consciousness? We are sourced in truth, and all of our experience is in separation from it– in delusion. It seems so devastatingly obvious to me now!

This revolution is so deep within us that we must finally turn ourselves outside-in.

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