Whitman’s Gauntlet

by nielskunze on September 9, 2011

We’re currently trying to procure the source tapes from this recording so we can remix it. The vocals are a bit thin with lots of ssssss’s. We know the originals are good; they just need to be tweaked and toggled.

Whitman’s Gauntlet

A century or more divides us
Words they come down just the same
Absolution guides the poet
His choice of words will guard his name

The prophecy was more than certain
The poets filled the loving cup
And boldly cast was Whitman’s gauntlet 
Generations passed it up

We have come to know your musings
We can see what it means to be alive
A million years of being human
Has all but shut our retrospective eyes

My love is our connections
My love is our connections…

I sing my love out to the cosmos
And claim your truth just as my own
Ages swirl in Whitman’s gauntlet
A universe can’t be alone

Our times are fraught with anger
Children lost the thread of truth
Brother treads upon his brother
Our hope still lies within our youth

The future is at best uncertain
The poets fill the loving cup
Boldly cast was Whitman’s gauntlet
Desperation picks it up!

This song first appeared in my “novel” The Thousand-Petalled Lotus: The Flower of Human Consciousness.

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