Where Predators Lie

by nielskunze on July 11, 2015



(Author Narration with musical accompaniment: Monroe by Bill Frisell from his 1999 album Good Dog Happy Man)

It is literally
our movements upon the treadmill,
inside the hamster-wheel,
within the Matrix system…
which contract and provide the organic energy
available for harvest.
When we move,
muscles contract– they tighten,
as well as agree to enact the Will’s bidding.
They CONTRACT equally in both meanings of the word.
Whatever physical movements we perform
in service to the Matrix system–
at our jobs, for instance–
They are voluntary (Willed) ritual motions,
keyed into subtle macro-harvesting schemes.
The micro-movements at a computer keypad,
for instance,
open upon huge sophisticated world-devouring machines…
attaching e-motions wherever possible…
(Technology is designed to amplify the ‘meanings’ of our movements…
Quite unknown to us.)
For many, their Will,
and the power of their Spirit–
their Life-Force energy–
are massively dedicated and invested
into performing these contracted movements
to a high degree of precision… virtually every day.
Just by ‘going through the motions’ at our jobs,
we are agreeing
to allow our Life-Force
to be lapped up
for the insatiable benefit of our employers…
and the systems they agree to feed…

Motion is time–
literally, and in all ways.
All separate time-dimensions are created
through the movement of Will–
as a direct physical consequence of such motion.
Our MOVEMENT through the hologram
creates the hologram
at its very base level–
giving it its time-dimension
(and all fractals thereof).

while upright and awake,
is the expansion and contraction of the chest
on the horizontal plane,
In syncopation
with the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm
on the vertical plane.
(At night,
when the body lies down,
the correspondence of the planes
is reversed,
Releasing the Will– potentially–
back into Spirit
and freedom again… dreaming.)
These are the human body movements–
in four directions–
that are ‘contracted’ to create the massive time-dimension
in which predation and dominance
were first programmed
into the soul.
Breathing is literally
the swinging of time’s pendulum
at the biological level…

Breathing holds us,
in a state of potential lack–
the basis of all fear.
With the breath,
We draw life–
but not necessarily Spirit–
into the Matrix…
with the prevailing belief
(time-dimension fractal)
that says life must feed on life.
Spirit has no intrinsic requirement for food
(or breath).
Feeding, predation, dominance, hierarchy–
these belong to EXTERNAL light creation,
where the economy of energy-exchange holds sway.
And Spirit–
and all biological Life–
plays along…
for a time,
breathing Life into the whole tortured scheme.
But Life knows how to thrive,
even in the thrall of predation;
Growth is Life’s gift to the Predator.

The Gods breathed ‘life’ into us… (Oh no they di’n’t!)
to bring THEMSELVES to completion.

in the external light creation
it’s all frequency…
is a binary code,
as well as a complex oscillation
of Will…
Facilitating the multi-layered programs
of the Predator,
of all types of feeding,
to take root in all DNA.
Breathing is a continual feeding,
preying [praying] upon the atmosphere [utmost-fear]!
Yet Life Will find the Balance,
where the pendulum comes to rest…
So that Spirit might embody
Zero Point
Once the frenzy is fed…up.

If you look,
you will find
that linear time
does not exist
in the space
between the breaths;
A whole different quality
of Time
resides there…
Spirit Lives There.

So where do you suppose the Predator lies?

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