Message To/From the TOURS #34a Truth on Hooks and Retro-Resonance

by nielskunze on June 19, 2015

Waterlog Falls or The Snag

Waterlog Falls or The Snag

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

(Author Narration with musical accompaniment: Phase III of Voyage 34 by Porcupine Tree)

As we wade into the deep end of this apocalypse (unveiling), all that seeks to deceive is forced to give up more and more of the actual truth in order to remain believable… and relevant.

Eventually, all the narratives converge on the truth… after eons spent circling around it.

We can choose to either live pointing at Truth, or Live at Being Truth… centered.

This recently discussed distinction between– and clear definition of– Spirit and soul has been a revelation. Spirit is the movement of experience from the internal to the external (creative); soul is the movement of experience from the external to the internal (reactive). (Please note that ‘creative’ and ‘reactive’ are simple anagrams of each other.) They are two separate realities converging; these human bodies are the point of convergence– where we choose to integrate Spirit and soul… embodied.

The Spirit is ever-Alive, whereas the soul is more like memory… that gets printed into the cells of our biology– whenever the Spirit is less than fully embodied… when traumatized, for instance.

The soul is our accumulated programming, including our loftiest ideals and most cherished beliefs. Yes, these are programs we have consciously chosen for ourselves, but they are programs determining our behaviour nevertheless. And we experience our souls as a penetrative force coming from outside ourselves; indeed, it is all we have collected from outside and brought in, some by choice, much at ‘gunpoint.’ The soul perspective sees personal experience as originating from without: “I am a product of the universe I perceive around me; I am the convergence and culmination of external forces.”

The Spirit is linked with the Life Force which comes through us internally, through the Living Planet and connects to the Source of all. The perceivable light universe is a single out-breath of Source. The so-called apocalypse is the pause between breaths… just before the inhalation begins… the return journey Home… inwardly… with all of our baggage stowed safely. The Spirit’s perspective knows “I am the creator of all that this embodiment perceives… inside and out; I am the internal creative urge expressing outwardly.” (Although Spirit indeed creates everything in the outer world, the body perceives it according to its cellular programs… until they’re cleared.)

Life (Spirit) is meant to inhabit the body fully.

Beliefs override the Spirit (free will).

Spirit already creates everything anyway…

We’re just trying to delete the most troublesome programs… taking up space-time in our cells… in our souls.

What might Spirit create– free from any programs– when charged with the Intent to fully integrate with the body and the soul?

It could only be one’s own unique Journey Home… our individual return to Source.

Spirit needs our ‘okey-dokey’ to begin integrating the soul’s programs by bringing them to completion… and not just allow them to run amok in the body unchecked.

Everything has a life of its own; every creation does whatever it can to continue existing… eternally. (Only Spirit and Source are eternal.)

In a light universe, every frequency is founded in self-interest.

Spirit becomes the maestro, bringing forth from the cacophony the impossible symphony into Being, eliminating all dis-chord, restoring balance… harmonizing… so as to render the soul… Life-supporting and sustainable.

Our souls have become unsustainable. Not all of the programming– our acquired beliefs, especially– can continue in self-interest, if Time is to move on.

Earth’s incredible biosphere is the Spirit’s resume and indisputable qualifications for Being able to handle such complexity. If we can’t trust Life, wtf can we trust? (Oh yeah, I forgot; all other life is dangerous!)

Beliefs override the Spirit; we share the same Spirit with all life-forms on Earth. (Genuine trust is always a no-brainer.)

Spirit can do anything… when appropriately directed to do so. We must consciously invite the Spirit in; Life enters our lives (and bodies) to the exact degree we’re Willing to Live it… fearlessly. (Programs are sourced and implemented in trauma and fear.)

Time belongs to the decision-maker, whereas to an eternal Spirit time is inconsequential. Fibonacci time is an insurance policy for Spirit. Eventually the decision-maker must turn to the Spirit… to escape the inevitable ravages of circular (Fibonacci) time… and return to Source…

Time for a Few Questions:

Q: On the one hand, you’ve indicated that a major change in understanding and direction has occurred, even going so far as to state that your blog is ‘contaminated,’ and yet I remain unclear as to the exact nature of this profound change. Can you go over it one more time?

A: Yes, one more time… and as many more times as it takes! I have been going at this pivot point very slowly, answering most questions and concerns privately via email. It is both subtle and radical, requiring each individual to come to one’s own personal understanding.

The best place to look for the revolutionary aspect of this shift is in the ascension narrative itself. I now have a completely different view of ascension than I did just a few months ago. Ascension– personal or planetary– is no longer something I seek or covet.

A simple definition of ascension is ‘taking one’s place in the spiritual hierarchy.’ When we ascend, we move from ‘mere’ creaturehood into a highly organized and complex incorporeal evolutionary system that is often referred to as the Divine Plan. As the very word implies, ascension is a movement upward… toward the Most High (top of the pyramid), according to very strict rules, edicts and procedures that have been in place since nearly the literal beginning of time. There is a vast bureaucracy– of angels, archangels, ascended masters, etc.– overseeing the entire scheme. In order to ascend, one must willfully choose to align one’s entire being to the dictates of the Heavenly Plan. In the absence of a viable alternative, ascension seems almost reasonable.

Fortunately, the alternative is more than viable; it’s Alive… and utterly beyond mere reason! Instead of seeking to move upward, to climb the spiritual ladder, Earthlings have the ever-present option to move inward… back to the Source of all… and that is really the original purpose for Earth– the bio-regenesis of the soul, bringing memory to Life… through the Living Body… individually (self) and collaboratively (planetary– All Life)… dreaming.

The internal path is based in creativity– full, conscious, Living expression from within… outwardly. We don’t live our highest good according to any acquired program; we Live our inner good; we create ‘feeling good’– sustainably.

Ascension is a program, a story, a belief system, a philosophy, a teaching… a choice coming at us from the outside… asking us to invite it in, to anchor it through our bodies. When we do that, we accept that program into our cells by the physical and metabolic actions required to service that belief… in our lives… AS our lives. Where that program exists– cellularly– becomes a place in the body where Spirit cannot fully enter… until the belief has been released, as an act of Will… and completion.

Spirit is capable of conducting our bodies quite differently when freed from the external noise, I’m quite sure.

It boils down to the choice of either choosing among established, external, given variables or trusting ourselves to explore the full extent of our creative inner abilities… and begin a new journey into the EverNew– where creativity builds upon its own expressions… in full collaboration with every Living thing on the planet…

…Learning… about your self Livingly… or obediently.

Q: Are you still listening to Matt Con… *ahem… Kahn that is…?

A: Yeah… well… with this new perspective on the most basic underlying meaning of ascension, no, I find I can’t really listen to him anymore. His recent teaching on the path of mastery presented itself as a drone-ish cult, trying to create a hive mind. And the most recent– the one on alignment– that’s the secret: surrender yourself fully to the Divine Plan. What could be better than that?… I only made it through about twenty minutes before deciding that I had better things to do.

Matt regards Earth as an angel academy, wherein the astounding biodiversity on this planet is dismissed as irrelevant. I’m not even sure how he feels about Life. Life doesn’t seem significant to Matt’s ascension schematic.

As I always say, I never believe in anyone 100%, not even myself. (I know I’ve got it wrong… that’s what has spurred the Journey. But ultimately, self-knowledge, -reliance and -responsibility is the goal.)

This inevitably involves something I’ve come to call The Enlightenment Deception. Every spiritual path, and indeed even every secular path, comes to a crisis point– where relative truths are seen for what they are. The spiritual guru calls this a crisis of faith or the moment of surrender. Futzing around in polarity-duality (relative truth) is finally seen as ultimately futile. It is at this point that the spiritual aspirant is urged to completely surrender personal Will to the Divine Plan or Divine Will; ultimately, it is a giving up of the power to choose. The typical guru’s argument is that the aspirant never had the personal Will to choose in the first place– just the illusion of choice– so, ‘really’ nothing is being surrendered.

I happen to think that Free Will– just like Life– does matter. Our freest Will is exercised in originality and creativity.

Interestingly, in science, it is the Quantum Observer Effect which brings the scientific aspirant to the same crisis point. The choice for the secular aspirant is slightly different though. The scientist either chooses to move beyond the confines of relative truth, realizing that it all comes back to him anyway in the creative choices he makes in organizing and presenting reality to his own understanding (it all comes back to YOU)… or else he chooses to stay firmly entrenched in the limited infinity of the relative plane– and continues to receive government funding.

The bottom line is that it either comes down to us taking full responsibility for how reality presents itself to our experience– claiming our creatorship… or surrendering completely to all that already is– that creation is a finished thing… now go find your place!

I contend that the path Home is what yet needs to be created– and that is a choice for– and of– Spirit.

Q: Why all the fuss and the drama? There’s nothing new here! You’ve always said your perspective continually changes. So you changed you mind again… so what? (It just proves that your feminine side is active!)

A: Haha! You’re right, of course, but I guess for me there’s an aspect of Retro-Resonance. That’s when a new piece or packet of information is brought into the body to experience and feel… and it rings true through twenty years of loose definitions and often vague understandings… and brings them into clarity.

This choosing of the Spirit first, as the One who fully inhabits the Body– cellularly and collectively– is in many ways the unifying principle around which much of my writing danced… instinctively, intuitively… for decades. Life HAS to matter; I am convinced of it.

Life is infinitely creative, revealing countless expressions here on Earth. The heavens seem dim and bleak, boring and repetitious… in comparison; there’s a spontaneity to Life that isn’t reflected in the heavens. I’d like to know– just once– what might be created when all Life on Earth is in perfect collaborative balance– and knowing all that we know. What could we do as Creators, from such a place?

That hasn’t been done before, and I think it’s worth doing… exploring.

I know that the typical way perspectives enter the public domain is that a voice– like mine– defines itself in precise terms… and then defends those terms against all who disagree, building a rigid bulwark in the domain of belief. When there are alterations– if ever– they are subtle adjustments to what is already given. Perspectives well-supported in the public domain are not supposed to change significantly; they are to be presented as just another given relative truth– a choice for alignment or rejection (duality).

That has never been my way, and I am very surprised and grateful that so many are willing to follow along with my ‘fluidity of perception.’ (Still a quarter million people a month tuning in!)

Q: How does this all affect the basic TOURS mission of liberating planet Earth from the matrix?

A: This is really the ‘truth on hooks’ part. There will likely be– at some near future point– a collective effort to free all of humanity from our planetary prison. The planetary enslavement matrix– based in all of the institutions comprising what we call civilization– will be exposed and brought down. But that will only happen as a collective endeavour with some form of official sanction once the unseen controllers and manipulators are sure that humanity as a whole will choose to surrender itself to a larger external matrix– i.e. the Divine Plan (the hook). We will be released from the small planetary prison only once we agree to participate willingly in the much larger prison matrix– surrendering our personal Will.

In times past, during previous planetary missions, that was indeed accepted universally as the goal– to ascend and assume a place in the universal hierarchy. It remained the goal of the TOURS because no alternative was known. Earth has changed all that.

The organic Earth timeline has no place in the external hierarchy. That timeline travels (leads) inwardly, and is a co-creation of Spirit– of all Life on Earth– bringing the external light creation Home.

On a personal level, it all hinges on your own belief of whether you are indeed the Creator of your own experience (reality), or whether you believe that reality-creation belongs in the hands of others ‘more qualified.’

It is the ultimate decision… and it belongs to you.

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