What Happened That Day: Addendum

by nielskunze on May 22, 2015

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In the fullness of time, and in the light of new information, we are tacitly invited into retrospection– beyond mere reverie– for the reinterpretation of past events. It had always niggled at me, that absurd pantomime Jake had enacted with me mere moments before he had plunged into the river, claiming his death. His actions– grabbing me by the hair, pulling me close to stare insistently into my eyes, and then suddenly laying back against the cliff with sunglasses re-donned… to laugh maniacally– those actions were so very uncharacteristic of the young man I’d known.

Jake had always been the soft-spoken, calm, intellectual type. There was really nothing in-your-face about him. As soon as his odd behaviour had been demonstrated– not just once, but twice– I had immediately resolved to ask him as soon as we got home “What the hell was that all about?” Of course, one of us never came home… and my niggling question remained unanswered… a mystery filed away in the back of my consciousness… forming the core of my bigger question: What really happened that day?

The piece of the puzzle that had always been missing was to be found, I believe, in the distinction between Spirit and Soul– which I’ve recently explained in the TOURS Message #34 about Terminology. For further background on what I’m about to explain, one could look into the work of Steve Richards developer and practitioner– over the last forty years– of Holographic Kinetics.

Commonly, Earth humans have compromised (traumatized) Spirits, which as a result, leaves the Spirit unable or unwilling to fully inhabit the body, unable to be the sole driver of the physical vehicle. Programs belonging to the Soul can activate or empower thought-forms, belief systems and entities to usurp the rightful place of the Spirit, influencing our biology in ways that do not serve our growth and integration… do not serve Life.

With this in mind, as I look back to that May afternoon in 2001, I now believe that the entity grabbing my hair and boring deeply into my eyes with its gaze, followed by its maniacal laughter behind shades– that entity was not Jake. It was nothing like him; that’s why it always seemed so perplexing. Under the influence of the ayahuasca, without the guidance and protection from an experienced shaman, some entity or program was able to usurp full control of Jake’s body– hence the laughter; that was triumph! Additionally, Jake’s Will– his I AM Presence– must have been tricked or coerced into leaving his body when the usurping entity suddenly decided to fly out through the top of Jake’s head, taking ‘Jake’ with it.

When first ‘he’ surfaced, a moment after falling into the river, head and shoulders comfortably above the waves, ‘he’ wasn’t all there. His body certainly looked alive as it rushed past, but it lacked any semblance of volition; he was neither fully unconscious, nor fully conscious. He looked stuck in a dysfunctional dream… and for a time, I with him…

I had always been saying that Jake’s spirit flew out through the top of his head. But rather, his Soul and that part of his consciousness responsible for making decisions flew out through the top of his head. His Spirit was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Eventually, downriver, it was forced to vacate the body completely… and Jake died.

Perhaps at first glance it may appear that I’ve complicated things here, but for me it is the resolution of long-standing mysteries. The cognitive model I’ve overlaid on this perplexing experience now fits… rather well.

Now, it seems, the last has been resolved.

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