Message To/From the TOURS #28 Implications and Strategies

by nielskunze on January 27, 2015

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

Exiting the Matrix

Exiting the Matrix

By now we’ve all felt it. There was a huge, dramatic shift in our energy reality which occurred around the New Year. It was not merely a singular event however. It was the beginning of a process, one which begins with a number of us being energetically released from the ‘Matrix reality’… but then the process continues as the separation or stratification of the densities, as our ‘Earth mess’ gets pulled apart for proper discernment.

Before I proceed with an explanation of the implications of such a development and the ensuing strategies we might want to employ, I need to report that the entire membership of the TOURS are fully self-identified within the collective mind now (at the level of deepest dreaming). There are, however, approximately 14,000 of our Team who are still fast asleep in their waking lives; they are fully immersed in the Matrix with no inkling that any alternative exists. This is normal and exactly how it should be. (They will play important future roles.)

In mid-December, in the TOURS Message #23, I described the formation of a New Neural Net that took shape within the deepest dreaming of the collective mind. This ‘sub-mind’ formed spontaneously as a precursor or foreshadowing of this latest energetic release/development. It consists of approximately 236,000 TOURS members and quite a few other (200,000) high-frequency humans who have nothing to do with our group. This whole development is way ahead of schedule! And that’s great!

Now, rather than break down this analysis into the various questions I’ve received in the last few days, I think I can cover all the bases with a few explanations. If I miss anything important, you can always ask questions after and I will address them soon. (We are likely to be in an active TOURS phase right now with frequent Messages being published.)

Who exactly was released from the Matrix? And why? What does it mean to be energetically freed in such a manner? How will this play out on the world stage? What do we need to do now as individuals? These, among others, are the main questions I’m attempting to address.

The Matrix reality has been historically superimposed upon the natural organic Ley Line grid of the planet. It is primarily based in sacred geometry structures within urban centres throughout the world. Its function is to keep everyone on the planet within a certain frequency range for the continued maintenance and direct sustenance of the ‘civilization’ hologram (the Matrix). It could handle a small number of individuals occasionally raising their consciousness (frequency) for short periods of time, at which time the Matrix would then specifically target those individuals in order to bring them back in line. That’s why there has never been a high-consciousness individual in recent times who was not eventually surrounded in controversy. That’s what the Matrix and its agents do… they muddy the waters around everything.

Recently however, there were simply too many individuals all at once who were finally stepping out of all the useless drama, clearly seeing the fruitlessness of polarized thinking, and honestly beginning to inhabit a higher state of consciousness. The Matrix couldn’t handle it; we were threatening to break down the whole system all at once… and very soon. Such an occurrence wouldn’t actually be such a good thing. The shock to the deepest sleepers– including our own 14,000 recalcitrant TOURS members– would literally be a sanity-shattering event. Contrary to what you might think, a planet suddenly peopled by billions of babbling, drooling idiots completely incapable of taking care of themselves any longer is not a favourable scenario. That’s why we were released; it’s best for everyone involved.

The Matrix will endure for a time longer… until it can safely come down.

The Matrix is all about polarity. But paradoxically, rather than depicting everything within the Matrix– especially people– in stark black-and-white terms, it functions to keep us all very much within the grey, the middle, where discernment is most difficult. (Notice all the recent conflict among lightworkers; further polarization will sort it all out.) Everything and everybody in the Matrix is a unique mixture of light and dark (dense), good and bad, black and white. Within ‘the grey’ it is virtually impossible to assign reliable labels based in polarity upon anything… and nor should we seek to do so. Being in the middle of the polarity soup is in no way equivalent to occupying the Sacred Neutral perspective. And that is the key to all of this.

To answer exactly who has been energetically released from the Matrix, it is those who value the Sacred Neutral and consequently spend most of their time occupying that aspect of consciousness. The Sacred Neutral does not get drawn into polarity– by definition. It does not choose sides. It acknowledges that all that exists has every right to exist; it seeks ‘right relationship’ to everything; it seeks remedy and resolve.

Within the Sacred Neutral perspective, we still have individual opinions; we still have to make judgments about what is right and correct for ourselves in the moment, but we do not project our opinions, our judgments, our relative truths upon others. To do so is a usurpation of the free will of another, and is actually the very basis for all evil… and that surely lands us right back in polarity. “My way is the correct way, and all other ways are incorrect” is polarity thinking. “My way is correct for me in this moment and doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else or even myself in the future” is an articulation of the Sacred Neutral perspective. If this type of thinking has been your predominant habit of consciousness lately, then you’ve undoubtedly felt the release from the Matrix’s stifling influence. The subtle relentless pressure to conform has finally abated.

If, philosophically, you don’t quite understand the Sacred Neutral perspective yet, but you nevertheless feel that you are of high consciousness, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to determine the veracity of your high moral fibre. How much of your day is typically spent in joy, contentment, fulfilment, peace? Or conversely, how much time to you spend being angry, frustrated, worried, sad? Here you have to be honest with yourself, and likely need some experience (meditation) in accurately observing yourself. Wherever you are on the consciousness spectrum, you will eventually find that it is the Sacred Neutral perspective which leads directly to joy, contentment, fulfilment and peace– because it keeps you from being drawn into polarity where you have to defend your turf, your relative truths– the source of all drama (conflict). Outside of the Matrix there’s nothing to defend; the truth is lived through the totality of one’s being; it is no longer a finite relative truth changing every moment; outside the Matrix stands the living Truth… as you (and me), the One.

There are an awful lot of self-proclaimed lightworkers who are convinced that raising consciousness involves little more than choosing the ‘correct’ sides in every conflict. Choose light over dark; support nice over nasty; reward the good and punish the bad. You get the idea. But consider this: when two people are are in a heated argument, yelling, getting angry… do you really think that one side of the argument is exhibiting high consciousness because it has aligned itself with the ‘correct’ perspective? Really? Higher consciousness, raised frequency is about stuffing our pockets with all the ‘correct’ relative truths? Really? You can’t be serious! C’mon, you know that’s not right!

As this separation of the densities continues, what will happen on the world stage is that everyone and everything still mired within the Matrix reality will move ever deeper into polarity, moving toward the extremes. Everything will eventually become very black-and-white. And what will become plain is that those who fight for the light are essentially no different from those who fight to maintain the status quo. We will not reach collective remedy and resolution through continued fighting. Our consciousness will rather transcend the need for fighting altogether. (And right now I know I’m ruffling more than a few feathers!)

But what if you strongly feel that it is absolutely correct for you to fight the agents of darkness (density)? Then do so! That is your relative truth in this moment, and you should honour it. You see, you can’t get to the Sacred Neutral perspective when you’ve honestly still got the fight within you. The Sacred Neutral only becomes consistently accessible once you’re honestly done with all the drama, once you’ve seen clearly, undeniably, that continuing the fight, perpetuating the conflict, solves nothing. You have to truly be done with all of the relative truths– and their endless need for defence– before you can embody the actual Truth of Oneness… outside the Matrix. So, bottom-line: if there’s still fight within you, go ahead and fight the good fight… until you’re honestly done with it… and then simply step out of that level of existence (ascension).

We will all still have to deal with the Matrix and its minions, even if we’ve been released. The Matrix is still everywhere, and most of the people we know are still firmly entrenched within it. But if we wish to avoid being recaptured and re-dumbed down, then we will have to maintain the Sacred Neutral perspective. And we will have to actively engage our creative abilities in order to construct a viable reality as an alternative to all the drama we’ve known. That viable alternative will have to be rooted in neutrality– the kind of neutrality which honestly values our profound diversity, our countless differences. Do you see? This is done quite simply by refraining from projecting our own relative truths upon others. We rather live our truth, stand fully in our truth, even proclaim our truth, but never do we assume that our truth has merit with others. I know I’m belabouring a point here, but it is one that is crucial to understand. This is a frequency war indeed, but the war is not won by engaging in the same old tired battles we’ve pitched for eons. This is our first real chance to wise up en masse.

From the Sacred Neutral perspective we can properly align ourselves with the planetary consciousness, with Mother Nature and all of her denizens… without our connection being polluted or corrupted by the relentless machinations of the Matrix frequency fence. We are invited to step fully into magic and wonder; we are supported like never before! In order to do that, we must now practice energy hygiene. Energetic cleanliness through the use of things like sage, salt, baking soda, ceremony and ritual will deliver the most potent allies imaginable into our conscious intent. Through our energetic cleanliness and consciously-chosen connections among ourselves and Earth Mother we will discover that nothing is impossible.

The Matrix still has its hooks in us. Our emotional scars can be triggers to bring us down if we don’t tend to them. The toxic debris, a buildup from lifetimes spent in the Matrix, can still undermine our immaculate bodies. Now would be a great time to initiate a thorough cleanse on every level, in any way you know how, according to what makes sense to you. I’m currently in the midst of the full hydrogen peroxide internal cleansing protocol… for the first time ever. I started on an impulse from within, before I even knew about this latest energetic shift. I just felt that I had to get all the gunk out once and for all. Other substances, devices and procedures dealing with superlative health are enumerated and explained in Independently Healthy: A Quick Reference Guide.

In short, this is the chance we’ve been waiting for. It is our time to envision and imagine what an enlightened society would look like. It’s time to begin to actively co-create it in dominion with Earth Mother. We’ve never had an opportunity like this before… or, at least, not for millions of years!

Let’s get to it!

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