Message To/From the TOURS #26 More Q & A

by nielskunze on January 19, 2015

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)


Most of this will fall into the category of ‘Review.’ That’s alright; as I’m fond of telling others, my writing is generally just me finding thousands of different ways of imparting the very same message.

Q: Did anything significant happen on December 21, 2012, or was that all just empty hype?

A: Certainly there was a lot of empty hype. Things like this– positive occurrences– tend to get blown all out of proportion. That way, when the event doesn’t live up to the hyped expectation, there’s a great deal of disappointment and frustration, even to the extent that years later some will question whether anything at all actually occurred. *wink*

It WAS a significant milestone. It was the moment we changed the basic agreement for how reality is to manifest within the Earth experience from that point forward. Before the 2012 milestone, humanity’s collective consciousness was in agreement to explore disunity consciousness. For many thousands of years we agreed to live the experience of being separate entities, fundamentally disconnected from each other and our Source, existing in an ‘objective’ realm of distinct objects couched in infinite space and time. That was the collective dream we collectively agreed to dream.

From the beginning, we knew that the dream would have to come to an end; the exploration would inevitably come to completion. Humanity’s collective has experienced the full range of disunity consciousness and all of its implications; we’re done with that. The 2012 milestone was like an alarm clock, set to wake us up. In the deepest subconscious, where our souls naturally entangle, we said “Oh yeah, that was just a temporary condition we placed upon ourselves… and it’s over; now what?” And we then agreed to return to unity consciousness… but from a uniquely informed perspective now.

Unity consciousness is our natural inclination, but we still have to each, individually, overcome the relentless programing of the previous cycle. In disunity consciousness we became reactionary and very conservative; we became creatures of routine and habit. In order to become conscious creators again, we have to break all of our personal and collective addictions– the ones we used to assuage our fears… throughout the nightmare. Approximately a third of the Earth’s human population has pretty much broken and cleared those personal habits and addictions now.

Q: Is what you’re talking about the same as Ascension? I resonated with the TOURS messages early on, but now I feel as lost as ever. Where is this all supposed to be going?

A: First, there is no ‘supposed to be.’ We will go in the direction of our choosing, as we choose it. Right now, this is mainly about reclaiming our free will and discovering what sovereignty really means… but eventually, this will bring us face-to-face with certain paradoxes. (More about those in the near future.)

Until a few years ago, the word ‘ascension’ was pretty much unknown to me. The term I was familiar with was ‘enlightenment.’ I don’t care much for the term ‘ascension.’ Beginning around the 2012 marker, ascension got caught up with some strange notions. Many envisioned ascension to be something like the christian rapture, where those who made the cut would be taken to some other spiritualized realm, while the failures would be left on Earth to perish in a horrible cataclysm. The spaceships aren’t coming to collect us; we’re not going anywhere. The planet is not splitting into two distinct versions– although that one was sold to us rather insistently!

We are learning to embody a new reality, to embody a new/ancient consciousness– right here on Earth, all of us, together.

First, a third of the Earth’s population will begin to have– consistently– an enlightened experience of the Earth reality. Another way of saying this is that the cutting-edge fruit-loops, those who live and breathe outside of the proverbial box– the progressives, those who’ve done their inner work– will begin to anchor 5th-dimensional consciousness. They/we will consistently and easily stay out of reactionary consciousness; no one will be able to push those newly-enlightened buttons any longer.

As this initial third of the world gets comfortable anchoring the new consciousness, the other two thirds will be ‘forced’ to interact in a higher-consciousness manner in their dealings with 5th-dimensional consciousness. When you hold the higher consciousness– the raised frequency– and learn to never abandon it during potential stress and conflict, all those with whom you interact MUST adhere to 5th-dimensional principles in their dealings with you. In this manner, all will eventually raise their consciousness to 5th or better. It is entrainment at play.

Q: Can you talk about karma? Some say that karma is all just a load of crap, while others say it’s universal law. And then others say that karma has fundamentally changed in recent times. What’s the deal with karma?

A: Like all things, there is truth to karma… and there is manipulative embellishment as well. I’ll try to keep this really simple.

Simply put, karma is the consistent universal response to our actions. What we put out we EVENTUALLY get back. Karma is time-based in the old-world arrangement. The lower the collective vibration or frequency of the collective mind, the longer it takes for karma to manifest, due to density. In a world characterized by exploitation, manipulation, greed, etc., there is a considerable time-drag before karmic repercussions become discernible. This is why it often seems that karma doesn’t work in the most deplorable conditions. Criminals appear to prosper, while good people seem to suffer endlessly.

As the collective consciousness raises its aggregate frequency, however, the manifestation of karmic repercussions accelerates. The higher the consciousness, the faster the karmic response appears. At 5th-dimensional consciousness, karma is basically instantaneous– because we have embodied our reality-creating nature in pure understanding. At that point, karma ceases to exist because it has been replaced by our own intentional creations. Our experience at that point is that we know exactly how we create our reality, and therefore karma is no longer needed in order to maintain balance. Reality becomes our complicated child– an extension of ourselves, without the obscuring filter of time. We only use the word karma when there’s a time lag.

Q: How can all the mainstream media outlets be under the thumb of their respective governments the world over? A conspiracy of that scope would be impossible to hide for very long!

A: The easiest way to understand how the media can be consistently complicit in government shenanigans is to realize that the very same people who own all of the western corporate governments also own all of the mainstream media outlets. The media and the government work for the same people, and it’s not you and me! It’s a tight arrangement that doesn’t allow for much freedom and/or investigation. If you’re a really good investigative reporter who’s got the goods on certain bought-and-paid-for politicians, who are you going to sell your story to? The folks who ‘own’ those government officials also ‘own’ your mainstream content editors. As a reporter who wants to remain employed, you learn very quickly what sorts of stories see the light of day and which ones don’t.

The main reason that such huge conspiracies can and do exist is because average people mistakenly assume that there must be thousands upon thousands of people who are ‘in on it,’ and for the conspiracy to be maintained they all have to keep the secret. Such a situation is hard to accept; it just couldn’t happen. But it doesn’t need to. In fact, very few people have to be in on it. The content editors of media outlets don’t have to explain themselves. Their underlings will quickly learn exactly how to craft their stories without any need for a belief in overarching conspiracies. And then, even once enough low-level employees figure that something must be up, what are they going to do about it? They can’t report about it through their own media platform; the only viable alternative is the alternative media. And that’s exactly what many– those having a shred of integrity– have done; they’ve given up their mainstream jobs and joined the alternative media… which brings us directly to our next question…

Q: How do we know who to trust when it comes to all of the different sources throughout the alternative media? For example, the recent disputes between Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett, or Alfred and Michael Tellinger– how do we know who’s telling the truth?

A: “By their fruits you shall know them.” Talk is so cheap it’s nearly worthless. All of these guys talk a good game, but the only criteria by which we can reliably judge them is through their respective accomplishments in the real world. Does their talk produce favourable results? Here, again, it’s a matter of separating the message from the messenger. Michael Tellinger, for example, doesn’t need to be a paragon of moral integrity in order for us to evaluate the merits of ubuntu as he teaches it. The message should be able to stand alone, apart from the messenger who delivers it. Likewise with Kevin Annett; if we see real world results arising from the information he disseminates, that’s all that matters. Whether he’s a womanizer or not is irrelevant. And finally, there’s absolutely no need to rush to judgment. When disputes like these arise, immediately there’s a tendency to pick sides. But there’s nothing wrong with sitting on the fence, watching, scrutinizing, gathering more data. There’s no legitimate need to believe one way or the other until we’re called to act. We really have to remember that it’s okay to say “I don’t know.”

I’m on the fence about all sorts of things… and I rather like it. When it comes to public figures especially, there’s no need to trust the person; we just need to trust the principles and integrity inherent in the message they’re presenting. We don’t build our house upon the architect’s back; we build it according to the blueprints he’s drawn up for us.

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