Message To/From the TOURS #25 The Other Side of the Co(i)n

by nielskunze on January 7, 2015

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This brief message is in response to the realization that I had been previously fixated upon an unbalanced view. (Thank you Andrew Bartzis for your thorough presentation on Mystery Schools.)

The timeline which I presented last year that follows an archetypal journey through the major arcana of the traditional tarot lands us in the year of The Devil this 2015. Specifically, I have emphasized that this will be a year focused on unmasking The Devil. The Devil’s keyword is trickery. This is when we get to find out all the wonderful ways in which we’ve been deceived for generations by those who promised to serve our best interests. Personally, my focus has been nearly exclusively placed upon all the unsavory schmutz and drek that needs to be exposed. What I had utterly forgotten was that all of the positive esoteric and occult teachings would be revealed too.

The world has been run from behind the scenes, outside of public scrutiny, by various secret factions for centuries. Specifically, these factions are referred to as mystery schools. All mystery schools contain within their teachings and objectives both the Light and the Dark; it has been impossible for them to be exclusively one or the other; that was their agreement with the planetary Mother– their contract to exist here.

It’s interesting that as the truth comes to light– inevitably– I was so fixated upon only the darkness, as though there was nothing positive to be revealed in the process. I am reminded of a wonderful example of where a centuries-old mystery school was taken from utter secrecy and deposited within the baffled hands of an unsuspecting public. I am referring to the work of Carlos Castaneda, his revelation of the Toltec (not mesoamerican) tradition of ancient sorcery. Here we have a perfect example of mystery school teachings coming fully to light in both their empowerment potential and their dark permutations. With all which stands to be revealed in the coming year and beyond, it will be essential to remember that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can only exist in balance within unveiled truth.

Furthermore, the instruction for the Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns is to consciously focus upon the positive in order to give the world the balance it needs in these challenging times. Most of us have known at least in principle of the nasties soon to be revealed for quite some time already. Our task now is not to sit back and say “I told you so” to a stunned populace– not even once. We are to focus instead upon the knowledge gleaned and employ it in constructive and creative ways. Now is the time for envisioning the future. As the old structures come unglued and begin to crumble, the most progressive among us must step to the fore in order to illustrate the endless opportunities inherent in this crisis. Many have already been doing that. Keep going.

When we build the future, first in our imaginations, based upon all the best of our knowledge and experience, working out how a sane and balanced society might look and function, we are very effectively inserting that vision within the collective mind. So when about two thirds of the world’s population thinks for a moment that it is assuredly witnessing an unstoppable armageddon, the remaining third can calmly say “No, look here. We are merely clearing the way for a better world. Let go of that which is dying, and embrace the magnificence of what now rises in its stead.” We have to have something to show for it– for such seemingly arrogant proclamations.

Now is the time to work out how the New Earth will look. Place yourself within it; it’s already there in your imagination, waiting to be animated by your knowledge and infinite compassion. Don’t be lured in by the death throes of the dark; turn away and build tomorrow right now. It is time.

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